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ReThink HS2

Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Chwyrlïad

The Truth against the whirled

‘Chwyrlïad’: whirled (world) – spun (lies)

– Ellis

‘Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd’

Origin?: http://www.beautiful-britain.com/blog/y-gwir-yn-erbyn-y-byd


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

– Edmund Burke


Nature abhors a vaccine


Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

– Benjamin Franklin

The Infinite observes.

Human Beings huddle in their limbo. Shadows. Wilfully oblivious, they will not wake up, even though a choice has been set before them.

– Ellis


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A proclamation from the Prince of Darkness…..

As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than Regime Change…..
Llanwnda Well…..
Glimpses of otherworlds…..
The Covid Scamdemic World Reset Phase 2…..
Face Masks: Ending the Confusion…..
Uncensored: Dr. Rashid Buttar exposes fake news…..
The Dentistry Madness…..
“He is the Voice of the Lightning as He Speaks in the Thunder. He is the Crackle of the Flames in the Fire.”…..
Respiratory Therapist Exposes the Fake Virus Pandemic…..
Madeleine McCann German Suspect: Sonia Poulton…..
The Stupidities Keep Coming but Lockdowns Are Finished…..
Stop Them Closing Our Loos…..
Phantom Faerie Funerals…..
Diver captures stunning images of ‘underwater aliens’ living in sub-zero conditions 500 feet below the White Sea near Russia…..
How the Hell Did We Get Here?…..
New Law – Everyone Must Now Hop and Wear Galoshes…..
Why we must fight to keep cash…..
Police launch first investigation into coronavirus deaths at care home after it was ordered to close when 15 residents died from Covid-19 following intake of NHS hospital patients…..
Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company…..
The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine turned into laughing stocks as widely-touted hydroxychlorine study found to be based on fabricated data organized by science fiction writer and adult content model…..
Professor Dolores Cahill on LondonReal…..
Something bigger is happening here…..
In Memory of Dave…..
Del Bigtree The Coronavirus Vaccine Agenda – London Real…..
War Is Coming!…..
Why coronavirus lockdown is killing more people than it’s saving…..
German Official Leaks Report Denouncing COVID-19 As “A Global False Alarm”…..
“It’s all Bullsh*t” – 3 Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative…..
Coronavirus: Snitches, sneaks and quislings are killing families, communities and society…..
Couples ‘should wear masks while having sex’ amid coronavirus pandemic, experts advise…..

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