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All of life,
including (of course)
the TRAUMATISATION of the informed & Awake
by Evil & its Stupoured abettors.


The invasion! You’re game.

Who is behind your mask?

If you wear a mask just to obey the law, or for a quiet life, why not also wear a card on a lanyard, a hat, or a T-Shirt, stating clearly that you have been bullied into wearing one and adding other wording you feel fits, such as ‘masks are dangerous’ or ‘the test is a fraud’. Add an easy to remember url such as worlddoctorsalliance.com


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22nd August 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

In today’s edition:

Freeform Thursday – Stand and Fight…..
Body Language: AG Barr Epstein Case Update…..
Fukushima: “An Ongoing Global Radiological Catastrophe” & “A Huge Coverup” – Dr. Helen Caldicott…..
Fractals The Hidden Dimension…..
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Bapa…..
Earth Prayer, Inti César Malasquez 1…..
Gayatri Mantra…..
Indian ladies…..
Epstein: The Maxwell Connection (by George Galloway)…..
Inti Cesar Malasquez – Searching for the trail | Chillout/Meditation HD…..
Inti César Malásquez and Philip Martin ‎– The Ancient Future…..

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News and Features

1st August 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Red Alert: Australia About to Lose Right to Use Cash -Activate “The People” [videos]…..

Court Jew…..

King Tut’s DNA is Western European…..

Body Language: Greg Coppola Google Software Engineer…..

5G is the ultimate directed energy weapon system, says particle physicist…..

Bees dying under 5G poles…..

Temples, Megaliths and the Quest for the Otherworld | Freddy Silva | Megalithomania…..

UFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles – A Perspective…..

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News and Features

2nd November 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com


27th NOVEMBER 2018

Mike Freebury

Mike Freebury was born and brought up near Birmingham. In 2000 he began his investigation into the Dartmoor Ponies incident and has continued in this difficult field of research ever since. Mike has given numerous talks on the animal mutilation problem and his book, ‘Killers on the Moor’, is not only his first book, but also the first book to deal exclusively with animal mutilations in the UK. Tonight he will be talking about the strange lights photographed over a mountainside in Mid-Wales.



Swansea UFO Network


Body Language: Travis Walton Alleged UFO Abductee…..
Some Faerie Metaphysics…..
3D Ribcage Indicates Neanderthals Looked Nothing Like We Thought…..
Older than Dracula: In Search of the English Vampire…..
The Evolution of The Medieval Witch – And Why She’s Usually a Woman…..
Ghost girl Picture of Haverfordwest, Sea Monsters, Alien Abduction & More! TPCN…..
Blenheim Palace’s secret tunnels, sunken boats and hidden rooms revealed as centuries old lake drained…..

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News and Features

14th October 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

A Divine Dragon at Strata Florida Abbey – some surprising discoveries…..

Rethinking The History of Humanity…..

How Bad Global Warming Science Hurts the Environmental Movement…..

Body Language: FBI Kavanaugh Investigation & FISA Database FBI Director Wray Hearing…..

Goldfields Girl 2018…..

Goldfields Girl 2018 Week That Was…..

Goldfields Girl…..

Anthony Beckett: An Interview with author Pierre Sabak…..

Mt Etna at risk of ‘catastrophic collapse’…..

Exhibition: Folklore and Fairy Tales…..

EBay’s ability to offer ‘no’ customer service and make money disappear…..

One Giant Hoax for Mankind?…..

The Event May Not Be What You Expect…..

Midnight Oil – The Dead Heart…..

HPANWO Show 302- Chris Turner, Part 2…..

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News and Features

23rd August 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

The Polar Bear Hoax – #PropagandaWatch…..
The Dark World of Real Modern Day Witch Hunters…..
Social Engineering – The War On The Higher Mind Of Humans: Here’s Why You Should Consider Converting Your Music To A=432 Hz…..
Facts and Fiction of the Schumann Resonance…..
The human aura…..
The Libertines NME Award Don’t Look Back Into The Sun…..
Babyshambles Albion NME2006…..
Peter Doherty – Music When The Lights Go Out / Albion – CARDINAL SESSIONS…..
Bray Road 1987, new story…..
A Romanian Poltergeist…..
A Scary Demonic Possession in South Africa…..
Many Historical Atrocities… Were Rituals – James Perloff…..
Military Encounters with Supernatural Demonic Entities…..
The Minnesota Iceman: proof Bigfoot is real?…..
Body Language: Toxic Femininity, Cathy & Tucker Carlson’s Meat…..


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News and Features

16th August 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Body Language: Admiral Byrd Flat Earth Requested Video…..
Stanford’s most successful remote viewer reveals location of four alien bases on Earth…..
Why You Shouldn’t Read The Independent Even If You Want To – #PropagandaWatch…..
Another Casualty in the Censorship War: WordPress Suspends JaysAnalysis – Jay Dyer…..
Human Freedom at the Precipice: The Techno Tyranny Regime has been UNLEASHED…..
Out of nowhere…..
Spacetime Emergence, Panpsychism and the Nature of Consciousness…..
Boy Who Had One Sixth of His Brain Removed Shows Normal Cognitive Function and “Above Average” Reading Level…..
Land of the Image Makers…..
Human Freedom at the Precipice: The Techno Tyranny Regime has been UNLEASHED…..
Body Language: UK Police Silenced By Culture Of Fear…..
Israel to build 20,000 new settler units in occupied Quds…..
Soft Cell : Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (HQ) Live ORS 1982…..
Mark Farnell. A Witness to the Wild Ones…..
Bases 88 part 7 Gridkeeper Explains…..

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