30th March 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Oranges and Sunshine (2011) Movie Trailer HD…..

Oranges and Sunshine sparks class action…..

Bestselling Author’s ‘Anti-Vax’ Post Goes Viral: “I Do Not Consent”…..

Christchurch – How They Did It…..

The Diaries and Recollections of an Alien Abductee…..

Labour’s shadow housing minister Melanie Onn quits to vote against second referendum…..

Boeing to update 737 MAX anti-stall software with three proposed fixes…..

Surviving The Coming Hard Times…..

The Richie Allen Show – Wednesday March 27th 2019…..

Update On LYN THYER’s Appeal Against EXTRADITION to FRANCE…..

The destruction of rural Ireland by industrial wind turbines…..

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News and Features

22nd July 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Phoenix Probe International

15th & 16th Sept 2018
St Alban’s Rd,
Lytham Saint Anne

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Cornwall UFO Research Group

21st UFO Conference

Saturday 13th October 2018
Truro College
Fal Building
(Lecture Theatre)
College Road,
Cornwall TR1 3XX.​

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John Pilger on a hidden history of women who rose up…..
The English Language in 67 Accents & Random Voices…..
Lovely weather to metal detect where it causes damage!…..
How to Reverse Dementia…..
Stonehenge: follow the money – or lack of it?…..
What shadowed me in those bushes? And the Medway Werewolf encounter?…..
Jean Skinner Interview…..
Suspicious Minds: Mingling with wariness and wonder at a conference devoted to “Ancient Aliens.”…..
Who’s destroying England and Western Europe?…..
Diabetes Health Talk…..
How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally…..
David Wilcock leaving GAIA over “LUCIFERIAN” agenda…..
Mike Love on the Secret History of the Beach Boys…..
Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world…..

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