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Over the 22 years + that I have been writing on the internet I have been privileged to be a trusted confidante for many people who have needed someone who they could rely upon. For the most part they just want to feel safe, respected, understood, to share their stories and to know that what they tell me will go no further.  I always honour that trust.

Very occasionally survivors and experiencers feel they need their stories to be made public. On my websites I have published some of these accounts; always with their full permission and respecting their anonymity,when it is requested.

I do everything possible to ensure the privacy and safety of everyone who writes to me.

That said:


My apologies for this but after all these years of website presence I’ve found it increasingly necessary.


Standard terms pertaining to all correspondence to this site.
We welcome your letters. Your opinions are both interesting and important.

Objectionable emails will (unless it is under exceptional circumstances) be published. Please see below.

With the exception of authenticated subscribers and bona fide emails from those who wish to share sensitive and trustworthy information privately all communications will be regarded as submissions for publication at the sole discretion of this editor. * Conditions apply. Please see below.

We reserve the right to edit for brevity. Correspondents are encouraged to submit longer letters as a Guest Article.
Please do not ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ any other address, or include any other email address in any address bar. Our email provider’s system almost always blocks such emails and what gets through it mostly sends to the ‘junk’ file – which, in short, means that we will not get to see your email.

The comments, opinions and statements of all contributors to this website are solely those of the writers and correspondents and are not necessarily the views of Ellis C. Taylor or However we do acknowledge and support every individual’s right to freely express them.

Subscriber submissions are opt in – unless they derive from the following correspondents:

Every email, letter, and other message we regard as threatening, abusive or disingenuous  from stalkers, frauds, organisations, cults, societies, their ilk and representative(s), will be published together with the contact details of these senders.

Any objectionable mail, from anyone, will be published together with the contact details of these senders.

We have a private section called – SICKOS AND SADDOS. Here we will document the emails and other communications we receive from people..? who feel the urge to send any of us unwelcome, repulsive material and messages. We will not bother opening the attachments sent with them, instead they will be kept on file, just in case the police forces and intelligence services, who regularly visit this site, want to see them.


Unless previously arranged, please do not send any attachments with your mail. They could end up in the afore-mentioned section.

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3 thoughts on “Conditions for contact

  1. Hi Ellis – Enjoyed the talk last week at New Horizons in St Annes – Even though I didn’t fully understand how it works I got the gist of it & i’ve been seeing numbers everywhere since-even though they’ve always been there, it’s all very prominent now – Who knows maybe the Universe will persuade Camelot to release my ‘Lion’s share’ should I choose the right numbers ;)) All the best – Debera. :))


    • Thanks Debera, glad you enjoyed it. Now wouldn’t that be great! Hopefully the DVD, when it becomes available, will help to explain it a little more. Thnks for dropping by. Ellis


  2. Hello Ellis,
    There is a lot going on in the world at the moment.The past couple of decades have been about transformation which is bound to continue,it seems we are heading towards something at an increasingly fast pace.
    Ellis,have you heard of MIKE HOGGARD, he is not a prophet but simply circumvents the King James bible using biblical numbers,new eyes and a sharp mind. Mike speaks on subjects such as DNA changes and the occult symbolism and significance in this matter.He speaks on rainbows (biblical and occult varieties) but most importantly he exposes the dark hateful spiritual forces that are at work against humanity such as Baphomet (god of transformation), why the true God (the father) was against the keeping of groves (you will never guess),and mixing of seeds to name a few. If you have not looked at these mind blowing videos then take a peek, Iv’e seen lots of others but this guy is unique, to the point of scary, and it all comes from the KJV, I promise he will both enlighten and bless you.


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