Witness testimonies

Covering the subjects that I do I get to hear about so many wonderful and uplifting private life stories. How in times of someone’s greatest need angels, both heavenly and human, arrive, just at the right moment, bringing blue skies to dark prospects.

Sadly, but just as necessary to hear of, I am told the most harrowing true stories of vicious and sordid treatment by demons, both hellish and in human form. For most of these survivors it began at birth; for many they know it has been generational. What their family did to them was done to their forebears as well. On and on this sick, vile and inhuman parasitic routine will go until we don’t just read about it, say how horrible it is and then tidy it away out of our ordered little lives; we do all that we can to stop it continuing…and we can all do something.

Nearly every survivor I’ve spoken to has related their story to me in confidence. It is a confidence I will not break, come hell or high water. All of them have told me details that they do not want to be made public. I respect that.

Entirely understandably they fear for their safety, and the well-being of their loved ones. They’ve been privy to and suffered the most wicked barbary themselves, and they are fully aware of what can happen. Knowing the reality from their own experiences so many of them have chosen not to have children of their own; but, in many cases, they are not given the choice. Those that do have children do everything possible to protect them.

Some who have managed to escape, lay low living anonymous lives; but their history eats at them. Anything out of the norm in their carefully tended comfort zone alarms them. Their energy depletes, they become very frail and easily succumb to ailments of body and mind. Many distrust the medical profession because their abusers have included doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists – even vets. They have the same reservations and reasons for the clergy.

Often, those whose trust and innocence, hasn’t been shattered by abusers amongst them, approach the police but with alarmingly minor exceptions they are ignored or, even worse, suffer the consequences of doing so. Some, I’ve spoken with, in their despair, have, after being waved away by their country’s finest, even gone to the media.
They soon feel that their plight is hopeless.

Can you imagine what this is like? Can you really put yourself in that place? They don’t, they haven’t; they live with it, every second of every day. It was forced upon them. It has been the demonic score to their lives.

Several years ago a young woman (‘Jane’, an alias) contacted me. She had done all of the above; gone to people she’d always been told she could rely upon (without success, of course) but now circumstances current at the time terrified her with regard to her children’s safety. She’d tried everything. Nobody would listen, it seemed like nobody wanted to know, no one cared.

I interviewed ‘Jane’. At last she could tell her story, and with guaranteed anonymity.

Although the names were changed, the perpetrators, if they read it, knew who they were. If anything happened to her, or her children, then they also knew that I would, with alacrity, make their names public. She felt some comfort in this security.

What I did wasn’t much and whether one or two anonymous stories shake things up enough is unlikely…but, what Jane did resulted in helping lots of other victims to come to terms with their pain, their anguish, their isolation; to stop blaming themselves – even to speak about it, even if only to the few, or one person, they trust. Her exceptional
bravery helped many to begin healing, to become survivors. I know that.


* WARNING There are details in this article that may trigger anxiety. *

The following account is the edited version of an interview I conducted with ‘Jane’. The interview is extremely harrowing and I must warn you in advance that it may be triggering for those who have suffered similar experiences.
Testimony of childhood satanic abuse in Perth, Western Australia


An article from a Medium whose mission is to help the traumatised spirits of people who have passed over in violent circumstances, including ritual murder.
Dark Places 2001


Guest writer, Ernest Principal, recounts his recollections of satanic rites that he was forced to participate in before adult-hood.
Satanic memories


My story takes place in W.A. (Western Australia Ed.) and is a very dark tale too. I am hoping that you may be able to shed some light on aspects of these events, particularly some of the family names involved (from a historical  perspective in particular)….if possible.
Much of the last 15 years of my life has been taken up with trying to come to terms with my family history and finding reasons for this level of abuse.
Andrea’s story


I was sent these accounts in the form of emails by a lady (A) who lives in Sweden. In them she describes her experiences with beings from otherworlds, what they have shown her, and the harassment she has had to contend with since, from those who monitor and restrain this world.
Just a messenger

Her energy field doesn’t say she is as healed as she is bravely attempting to portray but for survivors, therapists and those who care, this interview with Monarch survivor, Kathy Collins, may be valuable. Kathy talks about her own realisations and what she has learned from her recovery and healing process. You can help her by just taking a moment to send the healing power of love to her.

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