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The Sun:

The brilliant entertainer, Tina Turner has passed away

‘…and we insist it has nothing to do with the injections. Do you hear!!! We will repeat that it was after a long unspecified illness until you do.’


John Ellwood, TCW:

TCW Defending Freedom has received the following press release from the BBC announcing the launch of BBC Vilify.

THE exponential growth of manipulated and distorted news reports and video means that seeing is no longer believing. Our dwindling number of consumers tell us they can no longer trust that the video in their news feeds is genuine. This is why we at the BBC must urgently begin to show and share the work we do behind the scenes, to check and vilify truthful but inconvenient information to ensure that it does not appear on our platforms.

BBC Vilify – stamping out inconvenient truths


Kelen McBreen, InfoWars:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed in his new book, Breathe, he suffered a heart attack during the 2021 COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Khan explained as he spoke to the COP26 crowd, “out of nowhere, I felt a knot in my chest – a kind of tightening” and he had to be “carried off the stage” while “barely conscious.”

The book stated, “My shirt was drenched with sweat and I felt like I was on fire.”

London Mayor Khan Left ‘Barely Conscious’ Due To Heart Attack Suffered Days After Receiving Covid Booster


Janet Collins, TCW:

Who am I?  Does anybody care?

I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend. I’m a living being with hopes, dreams and emotions, so why have I become an ‘it’s just’?

‘It’s just’ because you already had dysautonomia. ‘It’s just’ one of those things that happen but rarely, ‘it’s just’ that nobody knows what’s going on as it’s all so new.  ‘It’s just’ a coincidence it happened at the same time.  ‘It’s just’ anxiety, ‘it’s just’ menopause, ‘it’s just’ temporary . . .

Every one of these ‘it’s justs’ have been said to me over and over since my reaction to the Covid vaccine.


The Sun:

THE 10 best – and worst – cities to survive a zombie apocalypse have been revealed in a new study.

Environmental experts ranked the areas based on self-sustainability factors including air quality, solar energy and farming.

ZOMBIE NATION The 10 best – and worst – cities to survive a zombie apocalypse revealed

Good job they have trained zombies to put them up and fix them.


Neil Hague Visionary Artist:

Would you like to see yourself through my eyes? See your ancient spirit, your otherworldly persona, or even totem animal? As we are about to enter an immense transformational era, knowing more about your higher self, your guide and your purpose can be the most important focus at this time. Seeing your spirit shine through a unique painting is one way of seeing your true purpose.

Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:




Laurence Fox: ‘Yet again us conspiracy factualists are proved right for the 100th bleeping time.’ Laurence Fox gives his view on a new report which criticises MHRA’s approval process over the Covid vaccine. Keep up to date with the latest news at https://www.gbnews.com

Covid vaccine MHRA report: ‘Yet again us conspiracy factualists are proved right’:


Garden Like a Viking: I just got back from the big box store and what I saw was alarming!!… In this video I ask you a simple question and I would genuinely like to hear your responses please!

The Nate Muri Video that goes More in depth on this topic https://www.youtube.com/live/wrOTZ6GSC

Pay Higher Food Prices Or Starve? – Gardening No Longer A Hobby

Saw in Homebase (UK), a couple of days go, sad tomato plants for £4.50 each.




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