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Celia Farber:

Triumph Of Free Speech: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Found NOT GUILTY In Plön Court Of Inciting Hatred Of Jews and Israel, By Rebuking Israel’s Tyrannical Covid Gestalt

Goodness and Truth triumph. The Darkness won’t like this. The Divine does. Well done, Dr. Bhakdi.


Brownstone Institute, via TCW:

In a statement made today on a case concerning Title 42, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch breaks the painful silence on the topic of lockdowns and mandates, and presents the truth with startling clarity. Importantly, this statement from the Supreme Court comes as so many other agencies, intellectuals, and journalists are in flat-out denial of what happened to the country.

Justice Neil Gorsuch Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Mandates 


Via TCW:


ExcessDeathsAU – Pine Gap edition:

Although the main purpose of this post is to tell you about the micro-donations, I wanted to give readers (especially international) a precis of Australia’s current geopolitical position. The ‘absolute state’ of our state.

We can begin with looking at hardware and location which has determined our current predicament. Australia has a lot of space and resources in the midde of nowhere: most importantly near/in Asia to the south of Indonesia. We ‘dig it up and ship it out.’ That’s what we do. Our fortunes rise and fall with commodities prices yet somehow we believe ourselves to be total economic geniuses. Our national dress is mining fluoro, adopted by politicians and forced on visiting colleagues and dignitaries.

Micro-donations and the absolute state of Australia


Racket News, via Dystopian Down Under:

Twitter staffers were under no illusion about who they were working with. On one occasion, a staffer suggested adding senior executives to an email chain for enhanced “Five Eye Visibility” on a series of Public Service Announcements. “Five Eyes” is the term given to the intelligence-sharing group that includes the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Twitter Files Extra: The Covid Censorship Requests of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs


Celia Farber:

You simply can’t believe your eyes or ears.

This deranged monster Joe Biden is 100% disinterested in the will of the American people, and seems to be leading us into Armageddon.

We don’t even know if there is one of him or two of him, and we don’t know what he is. He strikes me as what they would roll out as the first post-human Zombie “President,” to finally terminate the Office of The Presidency, as a full circle to JFK’s execution in 1963. Not getting answers to that murder is what led us to this moment, and all the other horrors in between, culminating in this.

WH ESCALATES WW3: Biden Pledges F16 Fighter Jets To Ukraine; Ukraine: “We Must Destroy Russia From The Skies.” Russia: “Colossal Risk.”


Neil Hague Visionary Artist:

Would you like to see yourself through my eyes? See your ancient spirit, your otherworldly persona, or even totem animal? As we are about to enter an immense transformational era, knowing more about your higher self, your guide and your purpose can be the most important focus at this time. Seeing your spirit shine through a unique painting is one way of seeing your true purpose.

Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Robert Moynihan, Urbi et Orbi Communications:

Disaster on the Farm and Viganò Update:


LifeSite News:

During an explosive interview with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon last week, Christian actor Jim Caviezel accused the global Deep State of colluding with the mainstream media to cover up its complicity in child trafficking.

“Epstein Island isn’t the only island out there where they have … children,” he remarked on the War Room podcast last week. “I just started noticing that any time a story came out on trafficking – anything – it was gone the next day.”

Jim Caviezel blows lid off child trafficking, Epstein Island, Hollywood in Steve Bannon interview


John Julian:

Justin Trudeau raps with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith about his life as a Canadian Prime Minister. Lyrics by Teacup Umbrella

Trudeau’s Paradise (Coolio Parody)


LifeSite News:

Pfizer and the pharmaceutical industry are closely tied to efforts to pressure medical facilities into performing chemical and surgical mutilations on gender-confused individuals, according to a recent report from The Washington Free Beacon.

The homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) uses a “Healthcare Equality Index” that rewards policies such as asking patients for their “personal pronouns” and punishes facilities for allowing religious exemptions, according to the Free Beacon report.

The index is funded by “generous grants” from Pfizer and pharmaceutical trade association PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.



Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson:

Today I talked to the Co-Hosts of Talk Truth, Allan Hunsperger and Corri Hunsperger about my interview with the late Dr. Rashid Buttar.

My First Interview Since the Passing of Dr. Rashid Buttar


Guy Hatchard, TCW:

A study of data from 1.5million subjects in the US reveals increased risk of blindness over two years following mRNA Covid vaccination.

The carefully specified study published in the leading journal Nature  has found that your risk of developing retinal vascular occlusion (RVO), which leads to temporary or permanent blindness, doubles within the two years after vaccination when compared with  unvaccinated individuals (see here for a detailed explanation of the study findings by Dr Mobeen Syed).

The results are especially alarming because all categories of people whose health history and drug use might lead to a propensity to suffer from RVO were excluded from the study. The two groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects were matched by age, sex, race, comorbidities, medications and previous hospitalisation. In other words, the results point very clearly to a doubling of risk for those receiving mRNA vaccines.

Vaccine doubles the risk of going blind


Clown Planet: Scottish wind farms powered by diesel. Scottish government admits key wind power statistic is wrong.

Oh Dear.


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Almost certainly connected to the issue of Orgone and sexual energy is the issue of supernatural entities that invade bedrooms and engage in what are almost…

Demons in the Bedroom: Beware of What Manifests in the Early Hours

Yes, they are “energy-based” but then so is every thing and everyone. What Nick Redfern doesn’t mention in this article is that such psychic rapes by transient entities for breeding purposes are ONLY upon selected (chosen) victims – and, that some of the assailants are real (or nominally) human, their consciousness drifting or commandeered, in states of being that they might not even know they are in… and if they do remember the incidents, they dismiss them as dreams.  In the same way, there are other serious ‘psychic crimes’ by temporal entities, including murder, and, of course, no physical evidence is left for investigators. It is not unknown for unscrupulous investigators to suddenly come up with finger prints and DNA to apparently ‘solve‘ such cases.

This ‘world’ is like a square peg in a round hole. There’s a lot more be-sides, outside the box of most people’s beliefs, yet inside the containing sphere of this reality, this dimension.


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: There have been many mysterious vanishings in the wilderness over the years, often with bizarre circumstances. There have been many theories as to what has happened to these people, from that they were lost, to that they were attacked by wild animals, to that they were the victims of foul play. In the case when the peron never shows up, it is hard to say. But then there are those instances of people who seem to have been on the verge of vanishing in the wilds, who have brought back some wild stories, indeed.

Strange Wilderness Phenomena and People Who Almost Vanished


More on the Varginha Incident:

Paul Seaburn,  Mysterious Universe: In the span of barely 18 months beginning in January 2022 a UFO landing and alien encounter in South America has garnished enough attention to have…

Reporter Who Covered the “Brazilian Roswell” Varginha Incident Comes Forward with New Details


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: It’s a fact that when our bodies become depleted of vital energies and essential vitamins and minerals we fall sick – it’s all but inevitable, too. One only has to look at two medical conditions that serve perfectly to make that very point. They are anorexia and anemia. The symptoms and side-effects of anorexia – the desire to stay thin, at all costs, even ones’ health – are many. They are potentially life-threatening, too. They include liver problems, low blood pressure, exhaustion, fainting, seizures, and, of course, weight loss. As for anemia – which is caused by a lowering of red cells in the blood – the symptoms are equally serious: hemorrhaging, ulcers, severe weakness, cramping in the legs, and shortness of breath. And, both anorexia and anemia have one, grim thing in common: if left untreated, over time they can lead to death.

Supernatural Creatures That Delight in Destroying Us: Manipulative Monsters


Celia Farber:

“If marriage is no longer between one man and one woman, are we open to the idea of polygamy? We disregard the heterosexual aspect. Why not the monogamous aspect, too? If love is love. Who is to say three men in a relationship is not more loving than two?

And I’m sure someone will echo those dreaded words tonight: love is love. This is about marriage. The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Not directly about love. Too many people who utter those words have a confused understanding of love. Agape – love in a Biblical context – divine love is a sacrificial love. It is not lustful. People often conflate sex with love, that is very disingenuous.

Then, of course, atheists often parrot the words “God is love” again without any understanding. Yes, God is love, and he sets the terms, not us.”

—Rev. Calvin Robinson

Must The Church Always Adapt To Progressive Demands? Rev Calvin Robinson, Banned From Church of England Priesthood, Blasts Trans Agenda In Church as “Idolatry.” Worship Of Self


Neil Oliver:

‘…there’s nothing green about the green revolution it’s a GREED revolution… they’re saying Americans will have to eat differently if they want to rein in climate change… Bill Gates buying masses of farmland in the US… foods Patented for profit… history has seen it all before, the enclosure acts stealing people’s rights over the land…we can’t continue to turn a blind eye to fewer and fewer incredibly rich and powerful people having more and more power over the billions of the population…’


Brilliant Bird Buddies:

Wrens Spring Song:





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