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Nicholas Martin, TCW:

To shine a torch on this new globalist agenda, identifying and examining its elements, all of which are increasingly affecting us all – a ‘Question Time’ event is to be held in central London on May 24, with a panel of speakers and a live audience (but absolutely no connection with the BBC!)

It is called TIME TO DISCUSS – WEF, Net Zero, CBDC, The Great Reset – are they all connected?  If so, what and who connects them?

The WEF’s agenda for Britain event


Scorpion Media Group:

Ashley Smith is a mother of two young children who suffered a severe heart injury upon getting her jab in January 2022. At the start of the pandemic she was actually employed in professional consulting services to assist the pharmaceutical industry in implementing community delivery of the vaccines. Sadly, she discovered that her her batch was dubbed the ‘death batch”. Today she has a different outlook and bravely speaks out in this interview conducted in May 2023.


Ashley’s Story: Batch FH 3221


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under:

Recent media reports claim that a new study by researchers from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute provides definitive proof that Covid vaccines do not cause cardiac deaths.

In fact, the study proves nothing of the sort.

‘Entertainment, not news’: Sensational claims about cardiac deaths spark concerns over media’s role in spreading Covid misinformation


Me, the Song of Ffraed: A Brand new video.

Walking with Holy at the Bishop’s Palace, St. David’s


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Me, the Song of Ffraed: New video

Walking with Holy from Trevine to Rehoboth


Youtube videos
A strange thing has happened. I’ve recently posted some divining videos of my journey with the sacred flow of Ffraed.
Looking through the settings this morning I realised they are set to not be suitable for children – a catch-all automatic setting I chose, because of the psychic detective and ‘supernatural’ content I had on there – and still have some.
Anyway, learning about divining sacred energy and the knowledge learned from doing it is surely of benefit to children, so I made 2 or 3 of the Ffraed videos available to kids. Because of this, it appears, looking at their documentation, Youtube has now blocked any comments on those. Here’s the YT page:

Learn why comments are turned off 

Yet another example of censorship, social engineering, dumbing down, by stealth.


John Waters, Unchained:

‘The policy of the Government is essentially hate.’

Kicking the Chair

Video Conversation: with Christian Morris



Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: There are plenty of cases of mysterious disappearances which I have covered here on many occasions. Yet while these all seem to be people who seem to have been lost or have wandered off there are some cases that are all together stranger. These are those instances when people have just seemed to have spontaneously been wiped from existence at a momnent’s notice, and I don’t mean that they have just vanished, but that they have just evaporated on the spot. It is something I have delved into ever since I had my own experience with what I call “deleted people.”

Glitches in the Matrix: Strange Cases of People Deleted From Existence


Brilliant Bird Buddies:

Baltimore Oriole is on the Block!





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