22nd April 23 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features

Guerrilla post

Soul empowering information for you

Not suitable for Truth Deniers



Jesus Portal:


Motivation Manifested:

I only made this video to take a stab at Video Advice as they copied my entire CIA declassified series immediately after I did it. If you look at their channel, you will notice they copy all of my popular videos, still to this day (2023)

Secrets of The 11th Harmonic (Healing Vibrations)


Body Language Ghost:

Body Language: Elon Musk On Tucker


Emergency alert f**kery, more creeping authoritarianism.


Auditing Britain:

Can You Move From My Pictures


A family that has fun together, stays together! The young kid is hilarious!:



Psybo News Network #74:


Neil Oliver:

They’re pushing us to breaking point!


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Brilliant Bird Buddies:

The Crow & the Eagle


Neil Rushton:

Deadbutdreaming is delighted to welcome back David Halpin as a guest author. David is an Irish folklorist and author, who writes extensively about the faerie phenomenon from a Fortean perspective, and has produced a large corpus of work, much of which can be found on his excellent Facebook blog Circle Stories. The following triumvirate of articles originally appeared there, and are an investigation in to ‘the Otherworld around us’, looking at how the faeries interact with humanity via the landscape, the air, and through consciousness. Thanks to David for giving permission to republish these insightful articles.

‘The Otherworld Around Us’ by David Halpin


New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove:

Shannon Taggart is an artist and author exploring the mystery of photography and the representation of belief. Her images have been exhibited and featured internationally, including within the publications Time, New York Times Magazine, Discover, Newsweek, and CNN. Her work has been recognized by Nikon, Magnum Photos, the Inge Morath Foundation, American Photography, and the Alexia Foundation for World Peace. She is author of Séance, a book of artistic and historical photographs documenting the world of spiritualism. Her website is shannontaggart.com.

Art and the Invisible World of Parapsychology with Shannon Taggart


Fairy Encounters:

Artists’ Visions of FAIRY Creatures & Worlds – An Inspiring Journey


Hare in the Hawthorn:

In this episode Neil and Kate discuss a recent fairy ‘painting’ and the implications of the use of artificial intelligence on the arts as a whole

The use of A.I. in Fairy Art


ET Newsroom:

Mike Smith shares a never before seen footage of new memory of experience with the Nordics


Mark Steyn Show:

Eva Vlaardingerbroek on the hacking of Matt Walsh and the risk of speaking the truth.

“Speaking about the truth can literally get you killed”




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