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Dr. Sam BaileyCOVID-19 has so many facets to its fraud that sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. However, only the most fanatical doctors claimed that there is nothing wrong with the COVID shotsface masks and social isolation experiments.

Do these doctors still stand by such claims or is there a change in the air? In this video we take a look at a group of doctors who once cheered on COVID interventions, but note that their website has quietly disappeared…

Full show notes and references 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/vaccines/death-shot-doctors-stand-down/


I think t’was in my book, In These Signs Conquer, I touched upon this.

“All things begin and in in Albion’s Ancient, Druid, Rocky Shore” (William Blake)

Albion is an archaic name for Britain, favoured by poet William Blake and others of a similarly literary, mystical or antiquarian taste.  It is such an ancient name that its origins are a little uncertain.  Many scholars believe that the word derives from a root related to the Gaulish albio, meaning ‘the world,’ or, more literally, the ‘land above ground in the light.’  In a related sense, therefore, it gave rise to Latin albus, ‘white,’ as in ‘albumen’ (egg-white) or ‘album.’  The word also is the source of Alp, as in the mountain range; one sense of this name seems to be the ‘white mountains covered in snow, the peaks illuminated by the sun.’

‘Albion’: discovering the faery realm of Britain

I love this article. I’ve had encounters with the Ellyll (of course) several times since living in “gwlad yr hyd a lledrith” – “the Land of Mystery  & Magic” – Pembrokeshire. I’ve certainly met some dressed in white but cannot recall any “white of skin, hair and eyes” – white eyes! Maybe I will one day. The Fae priestesses had an olive complexion.


Katie Hopkins:

– behind the scenes at ITV ThisMorning


Andrew Lawrence:

David Attenborough and the decline of the BBC.


The BBC are NOTHING MORE than a mouthpiece of the state, says Neil Oliver – Ya don’t say!


Awakening via checktheevidence: The full-length documentary about MK-Ultra Project Monarch survivor, Cathy O’Brien, and her journey through Mind Control, Human Slavery and Healing the Nation.
NOW AVAILABLE at http://www.trance.movie
Was Project Paperclip a race to space or a race to mind control?
The basis of mind control operations were rooted in the findings of Nazi and Fascist doctors during WWII, brought to the U.S. in 1947 during Project Paperclip. As time unfolded, Cathy has witnessed the mind control methods used on her, expand unto a global scale.



Celia Farber:

I support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President.

He has always been very kind and generous to me and he brought me back from a journalistic grave I was in for about 15 years, by taking my writings about the “HIV” war seriously as a historian.

That’s not why I support him. But based on working with him, I am willing to bet both arms that he is in this for the right reasons, that he is a genuine patriot, hates lies, and tyranny, and loves this country.

I also think he has walked more fine lines more expertly than just about anybody I can think of.

He would be a President not only for all Americans, but most especially, for those who have known loss, trauma, and pain.

Sometimes It’s A Good Idea To Just Say “I’m Sorry.”


Jon Rappoport:

In the wake of RFK Jr.’s filing with the FEC, signaling his intention to run for President, as a Democrat, Gateway Pundit cited his “massive following” and the sales of his book, The Real Anthony Fauci—over one million copies.

Kennedy has visibility.

The DNC doesn’t want him around.

Kennedy’s stance against the COVID vaccines is enough to drive Lefty Democrats crazy.

This could get interesting. Kennedy has his own strong channel of communication with his followers, so major media can’t black him out.

Conservative websites tend to like him. They’ll give him space and coverage.

Robert F Kennedy Jr is running for President: How many crime bosses could he topple?

I agree with Jon. The Divine wants to see you do something to challenge this Satanic tyranny, and keep doing something, despite the seeming overwhelming and insurmountable odds…and then you will win, where it matters, in the Eyes of the Divine.


The rain of fire and sulfur utterly destroyed 5 cities and turned the lush (now Dead Sea) region into a desert. They were destroyed so beyond recognition, that sceptics denied the cities ever existed. Recent discoveries are now creating tremendous interest. City walls, “streets”, sphinxes, pyramids, temples, and structures turned to ash. Did Lot’s wife really turn into a pillar of salt?

“Ghost cities of the dead”.

Lost Evidence: The Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah – by Jonathan Gray


Break Free with Karen Hunt:

“The brain created science and now it will be subordinate to it.” ~ Edward Hunter

The plan was never just Covid shots. Covid became the test to see if people would submit to experimental injections. To see if they would rely with religious fervor on the promises of experts who were given almost God-like authority over their lives.

The test worked, opening the door to the mass production of mRNA vaccines around the world. Wealthy nations had to be on board first before they could turn their gaze to poorer nations.

Building the mRNA Empire


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Celia Farber:

Exposing The Totalitarian Roots Of The Climate Industrial Complex

Green Tyranny, by Rupert Darwall


Nation First, by George Christensen:

The George Christensen Show: Latest show interviews:

  • Conservative blogger and activist Bernard Gaynor about the danger to children that can be found in public libraries and schools.
  • Economist and public crusader John Adams who has been on a mission to expose corruption in the corporate world, and the business at the centre of his allegations has been praised by the Australian Prime Minister!  John was the man who led the successful campaign against Australia’s proposed ban on cash transactions of $10,000 or more, so he knows what he’s talking about.
  • The plight of Julian Assange with filmmaker Kym Staton who is currently producing a documentary on the Australian journalist.Kym is highly critical of the lack of action by the Australian Government on Assange and rightly so.

Protecting kids, exposing corruption and freeing Assange


Niall McCrae and Roger Watson, TCW:

‘You’ll end up on a ventilator’. That threat was frequently aimed at dissidents in the early months of Covid-19. ‘End’ is the operative word, as most patients who were put on to the mechanical breathing apparatus lost their lives. Many may have died anyway, but undoubtedly ventilators did more harm than good.

Most doctors and nurses who worked through the great pandemic scare of 2020 would be aghast at any implication that they were knowingly terminating lives. As with most aspects of Covid-19, the pandemic response was orchestrated at a higher level, but this does not excuse any clinician who departed from the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm. Ventilators killed, but as we shall discuss in Part 2, they also had a much wider, malign impact on society.

The mad rush for ventilators in the Covid killing fields, Part 1

Jason Reed, TCW:
A few weeks ago I wrote in TCW about the menace of the lucrative solar farms. A plan to create one of the largest solar farms in the country close to the Silchester Roman site in Hampshire had been approved. That site is the latest in a flood of projects up and down the country in which land is signed over to renewable energy companies to cover it with solar panels, many made in China by firms linked with forced labour. In just the last few days, similar proposals have made the news in Telford, Wokingham and Barnsley.
There is a concerted push for more solar farm projects but for the time being incentives are sporadic, with a few grants and subsidies aimed at stoking solar farm investment.

Messianic Miliband would turbocharge the Net Zero madness


On Orthodox Easter (yesterday).

Urbi et Orbi Communication:

Is Budapest, Hungary becoming a new center of Christian renewal? A project connected with Russian Orthodox Metropolitan, Hilarion Alfeyev. Check out the new English edition of their website     / @jesusportaleng  . An interview with the project director, Philip champion, offers insight into the origins and aims of this new project.

Live from Rome and Budapest: A conversation with Philip Champion


Jesus Portal:

Metropolitan Hilarion’s Paschal sermon after the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God, Budapest.

Easter is profoundly acknowledged in the sacred assignment I am so privileged to be involved with, and which is documented a little in the Song of Ffraed. Through this melding walk with this shining holy presence we gain more and more appreciation of the absolute power the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ have to lift each and every contrite human out and away from the Satanic slough that is relentless in its ambitions and efforts to suck their spirits into oblivion.


James Corbett:

In the “Dissent Into Madness” series, we have been exploring the nexus of psychology and politics.

In Part 1 of this series, “The Weaponization of Psychology,” I detailed the process by which the psychiatric profession has been turned into an instrument for repressing and marginalizing political dissidents.

In Part 2, “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists,” I documented how this weaponized psychology has been wielded against conspiracy theorists, pathologizing those who seek to point out the obvious truths about world events such as 9/11 and the scamdemic.

In Part 3, “Projections of the Psychopaths,” I documented the psychopathology of those in positions of political power and noted how society itself is being warped to reflect those psychopaths’ own twisted psyche.

Finally, in this week’s conclusion to the series, I will tackle the most important question of all: how do we escape the madhouse constructed by the political psychopaths?

Dissent Into Madness: Escaping the Madhouse


John Waters: We need to become certain that there is nothing questionable about our right to defend our nation, our dear land, our communities, our children’s birthright, their safety, their homeland, their home.

The Power of the Powerless

Now we know what it is like to live at the end of an epoch. When we awaken to the realisation that, out there on the highways, streets and byways, those who are charged with framing and implementing the laws designed to maintain the nation in a state of peace and security have turned rogue, we receive a belated tutorial concerning the Fall of Rome. Purchased from their rancid insoles to the pins of their shirt-collars, our treasonous self-appointed rulers function as dogsbodies to plunder, maim and assassinate their own people, using the corrupted institutions and quisling personnel that we assumed to be the bulwarks and guardians of our sanctuary, our existential home, our dear land. The Government has ceased to respond to the will of the people, because it no longer works for the people. and recognises only its paymasters and instructors perched above.

Podcast with Off-Grid Ireland: The Approaching Velvet Moment


JP Reacts:

Woman Claims Men Can Get Pregnant and GETS OWNED


Tim Truth:

Beekeeper Whistleblower Shows Proof Aussie Govt MASS KILLING Bees: “The Govt Doesn’t Want Us To Eat”:


Truth is a Force of Nature

For all intents and purposes, our goal as Patriots in the present 5G Warfare situation is to become more effective at spreading the truth than our enemies are at spreading lies.

Contrary to what many might think, it is not necessary to be a well-recognized influencer to do this. Instead, what’s necessary is the ability to discern the facts of your surroundings and then communicate them to others—even if your audience is just one or two people. To be a truly effective Digital Soldier doesn’t require you to become a tireless extrovert if that’s not your “thing”—it does require that you are well-informed and good at effectively communicating your knowledge to receptive people when the opportunity calls for it.

Badlands Media: The Metaphysics of 5G War


Julian Mann, TCW: WHEN Jesus’s first followers went into lockdown on the evening of the first Easter Sunday, the Lord did the very opposite of subjecting them to a campaign of fear.

The Book of Common Prayer’s Gospel reading for today, the first Sunday after Easter, describes Jesus’s disciples hiding in a locked room for fear of the 1st century Jewish religious leaders who had handed him over to the political power of the Romans to be crucified:

Christ versus the scaremongers


Naomi Wolf, Hillsdale College: 35,000 knowledgeable analysts. “The Pfizer documents contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species.”

Hillsdale College: “Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty”



WhatsHerFace, WHF Entertainment: The Dalai Lama makes a MOVE on a CHILD?! Dylan Mulvaney DESTROYS Bud Light! And NETFLIX makes Cleopatra BLACK?!

Dalai Lama BITES his TONGUE + More!


Derrick Broze, The Last American Vagabond: Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has once again been confronted with her membership in the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program. Should we trust her answers?

Has Tulsi Gabbard Adequately Addressed The WEF Young Global Leader Question?


The Light Issue 31


Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier: This post, from yesterday, was about on thing: What Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes today about Covid, as an “op.” He states clearly (evidence was posted) that Covid was planned very carefully, and that he uncovered at least 20 more CIA simulated global disaster preparedness reels.

Pélerine: People Are Overdosing On Red Pills And Flaunting Their I’m-Not-Buying-It-ism


Tim TruthFrench Revolution Heats Up: Police Bombed, Macron Slapped & Precinct Station Set Ablaze


Dr Tess Lawrie, TCW: THE World Health Organisation (WHO) is proposing the adoption of a ‘Pandemic Treaty’, or ‘Pandemic Accord’ as it is now being called. On Monday, 11 months after a UK petition calling for a debate on the matter reached the threshold of signatures to require a debate in Parliament, this will take place at last.

You may be aware that the unelected Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has been on social media recently claiming that this new treaty will not affect individual countries’ sovereignty. However, what you are not being told is that in conjunction with the Pandemic Accord, amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) have been proposed and are being negotiated. Some of these amendments would cede unprecedented authority to the WHO and raise serious questions with regards to state sovereignty.

What you are not being told about outrageous plans to give the WHO power over your life


Dr. Naomi Wolf, Stew Peters Network: Pfizer knew their vaxx didn’t work, caused heart attacks, and they sold it to the public anyway.
Dr. Naomi Wolf is back to talk about how 21 patients died during Pfizer’s vaccine trials and the FDA never asked about it.
Tens of thousands of Pfizer internal documents have been released by court order.
According to the documents, Pfizer labeled their Covid vaccine a ‘failure’ within a month of the rollout.
More docs reveal the third most common side-effect was contracting Covid-19.
Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors had their hearts permanently damaged with myocarditis within a week of being injected.
There were 43K reported adverse events within 90 days of the vaccine rollout.

Further shownotes: https://rumble.com/v2i9jwm-pfizers-crimes-against-humanity-exposed-docs-show-pfizer-knew-clot-shot-cau.html

Pfizer’s Crimes Against Humanity EXPOSED: Docs Show Pfizer Knew CLOT SHOT Caused HEART DAMAGE

To say it is a ‘an attack on women’ as Naomi Wolf states is not entirely correct. It is an attack on All of humanity. To survive humankind needs lots of fertile women able to reproduce successfully but very few fertile males. By taking out the females or destroying their ability to have and bear children to birth they ruthlessly crash the human population.


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Dr. John Campbell: Discussion with physician Dr. Suneel Dhand. We discuss information reliability; is the information we receive influenced by external vested interest? With other interesting questions answered.
Misinformation and threats


Rebel News UK: The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is facing staunch resistance to his ULEZ expansion plans and across the capital protests have erupted against the expansion. In parts of the capital the ULEZ cameras themselves are being damaged or removed by the British public who are determined resist the Mayors plans.

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) already covers the centre of London between the north and south circular roads, but now it’s set to cover all of Greater London by 29 August 2023.

Londoners are fighting back against the ULEZ expansion


Celtic Source:

Are you a druid?


Celtic Source:

Dr Gwilym Morus-Baird and Tom Hirons venture into the pagan wilds of the English classic, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Many scholars have commented on the mixture of Christian and Pagan beliefs in the poem, but why did the anonymous author contrast the two types of belief so explicitly? The fourth part in the series.

Sir Gawain and the Pagan Goddess





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