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Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under:

Pfizer batch EN6201 has 229 reported deaths , 4000+ adverse reactions and ZERO warnings or recalls by the FDA or CDC about this lot, reports @Jennifer Margulis


Karen Harradine, TCW: The High Priest of the quasi-religious climate change cult, Sir David Attenborough, is arguably the most effective propagandist of our age. Britain’s longest-serving broadcaster at 96, he is credited as writer, presenter, narrator or producer of a long sequence of extremely expensive BBC natural world documentaries. His unique career, which began soon after the birth of TV itself, has catapulted him into the ranks of the world’s greatest Indoctrinators.

The Indoctrinators, Part 4: David Attenborough


Dr Norman Fenton, The Daily Sceptic: Now, for clarification ‘Net Zero’ means total greenhouse gas emissions (including methane) must be less than their removals (such as from planting trees). The FIRES report instead focused on an absolute zero target because they recognise the absence of novel revolutionary scalable technologies for 1) capture and removal of these gases and 2) non-fossil fuel mass transportation and energy production. In other words, if you realistically want to achieve the Net Zero target by 2050 you essentially have to go for absolute zero.

“No Flying by 2050”: Is the World Finally Waking Up to What Net Zero Really Means?



Nation First, by George Christensen: Nation First looks at alarming defence reforms proposed by the Albanese Labor government that could see defence contractors embedded with the Australian Defence Force and national security agencies.

Australians who already think that Big Government working hand-in-hand with Big Corporations is a danger to freedom and liberty will be absolutely alarmed by news that the powerful military-industrial complex could take control of their nation’s defence force and nation security agencies.

Will the military-industrial complex take over Australia?

They’re all Divisions of Satanic forces. They’ve been lurking, stalking, maneuvering and manipulating, all over the world, everywhere, for just about forever. Now they slither out of the shadows fully confident their evil will be accepted with hardly a murmur from their somnambulant prey. Are they right?


Jean Mondoro, LifeSite News: Conservatives are continuously fighting censorship from Big Tech, especially when up against YouTube’s hate speech policy.

Like all media platforms, the site has numerous policies established to monitor and limit content related to incited violence, misinformation, and harassment, removing videos which violate such terms and conditions. However, that category of inappropriate content has broadened over the years to the general and unspecified realm of “hate speech.”

YouTube censors conservatives for ‘hate speech’ but allows left-wing calls for violence – Content supporting liberal agendas like abortion and LGBT ideology receives little to no discipline for violating the same policies.


NationalCitizensInquiryCA: Dr. Jessica Rose’s testimony is a bombshell! She exposes the flawed modelling used to justify COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide and reveals the severe underreporting of VAERS data. Her insights on the possible consequences of mRNA injections and their interaction with proteins in the body are alarming. Dr. Rose emphasizes the need for further research on the concerning findings emerging as a result of vaccination. Her testimony highlights the urgency of reevaluating current COVID-19 policies and ensuring public safety.

Dr. Jessica Rose Testifies About VAERS Data and COVID Models | Day 1 Winnipeg


Paul Seaburn, Mysterious Universe: The coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, and two colors associated with it have been generating quite a bit of controversy. Coincidentally, both colors relate to men. The first is ‘red’ – as in the red hair of the spare heir Harry, whose “will he-won’t he” game involving his and his wife’s attendance at the ceremony has been keeping royal reporters and the coronation curious enthralled for months. We’ll leave that color to them while we examine the other controversial coronation color – the Green Man whose picture is painted on the bottom of the official invitation. While there is plenty to look at on the borders of the invitation, the large leafy head of the Green Man clearly dominates it to the extent that it is obviously intentional. What is this Green Man and why are so many people upset with its placement on the royal coronation invitation?

The Real Facts about the Mysterious ‘Green Man’ on King Charles’ Coronation Invitation

…and nothing is said by anyone about the date happening to be his cousin, the slithering Satan Spawn, and little helper, Tony Blair’s date of hatching.


Talking of demons…

From the Middle East to Alaska, and from Norway to Iceland, stories surface of shapeshifters that should be avoided at all costs. They are supernatural, cold-hearted entities that provoke overwhelming fear and dread – for reasons that will soon become very apparent. The Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould was someone who had a near-lifelong interest in shapeshifters, and particularly so the traditional werewolf – or wolf-man – of France, Germany, and Austria of the Middle Ages. As Baring-Gould dug further into the controversy of man becoming animal and man again, however, he developed a deep passion for the folklore and mythology of Iceland and Scandinavia – and as well as for the many and varied mysterious creatures that dwelled in such countries. Baring-Gould’s publication, The Book of Werewolves, reveals that of particular fascination to him were the Eigi Einhamir

Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: The Most Dangerous, Supernatural Creatures of All: They Could be in This Article


Andrew Lawrence:

Plight of the gingas.


The John-Henry Westen Show: Divine Mercy is a devotion given to St. Faustina by Jesus to pray against abortion. It includes the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which Jesus gave to St. Faustina to pray against abortion, and the promise of complete forgiveness of all sins and the remission of temporal punishment due to sin on Divine Mercy Sunday — if one goes to confession and receives Holy Communion. Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, explains that Catholics must be intolerant and judgmental of anything contrary to the will of God, but not of the person, who is loved by God.

Fr. Alar discussed with John-Henry Westen the importance of trusting in God’s mercy and the consequences of despair — including suicide, euthanasia, and abortion. He also discussed the Department of Justice’s recommendation of no punishment for a violent transgender person who attacked a Catholic Church, and the Church’s inability to ordain women due to the priest being “in persona Christi.” Viewers are encouraged to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy, and pray for the Church to stand against the radical leftist agendas.

GET READY: Divine Mercy Comes Right Before Divine Justice | Fr. Chris Alar


Paul Seaburn, Mysterious Universe: When a person says they can “give chapter and verse” on a particular subject, they are using an old idiom which dates back to the early 1600s and refers to the chapters and verses of the Christian Bible, which was not divided into chapters and verses until the 1550s – the first Bible in English to use both chapters and verses was the Geneva Bible published in 1560. To be able to recall a pertinent phrase by referring to its chapter and verse is a skill used by preachers and biblical scholars, and it is only possible because those chapters and verse rarely change.

Scientists Discover an Ancient Hidden Chapter in One of the Earliest Translations of the Bible


The Irish Inquiry:

Motion passed at Mayo public assembly to halt influx of refugees and IP applicants into the county


Please be aware this may be triggering. It brought some memories back for me.

Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Owls have a place within the phenomenon of shapeshifting that goes far beyond that which many might accept as possible. They are linked to the issue of alien abductions, they pop up in numerous UFO encounters, and they appear to be far more mysterious than we can imagine. They are too, of course, a big part of the shapeshifting enigma. There can be very few people with an interest in UFOs who have not heard of the so-called alien abduction phenomenon.

Owls of the Paranormal Type: An Alien Abduction Connection




Neil Oliver: ‘…net zero, CBDC, energy crisis, impending food catastrophe, WHO, WEF…… as the West seems intent on tearing itself apart, in a few weeks time King Charles III of the United Kingdom is to be crowned – will he swear to protect the freedoms & liberties of the people or will he side with the elite?


Rex Charles’s have always been (and presaged) bad news for Britons. Rex William’s aren’t any better. The Liz (antithesis of Liz 1) sold the kingdom (and the Commonwealth) down the Swanee when she assented to it marching goosestep to the EU beat – The EU, which is a sitting duck infested and with all the energy sucked out of it. You think the USSA, under the insane Biden regime mental, is going to look after Europe? Yes it’ll do its utmost to raindance the bullets and bombs to deluge the ‘Old World’, but it won’t stick around.. It’s going to breathe in and barricade, just as I saw them doing years ago. It won’t save them. Divine Justice cannot be avoided…and Earth Changes are coming.


Gerald Celente & Judge Napolitano:

The American Rhythm: War Drums and Lies


Break Free with Karen Hunt:

There’s always a lot to choose from for these updates, but here are a few of the stories that I’m finding most interesting at the moment.

The BRICS alliance, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is said to be collaborating on developing their own currency. Could nearly half the world dump the US dollar?

Break Free Update, April 2023


Psybo News Network #71


Dr. Sam Bailey:

Show notes and References 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/virology-for-developing-countries-and-virus-fanatics


Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, via Nexus Newsfeed: During the Obama administration, the United States and other countries had an opportunity to respond to the early warnings regarding so-called clean energy and wireless technologies.

We didn’t.

But now we can, and we should. Right now.

Late Lessons from Early Warnings

The European Environment Agency has compiled several volumes of case studies of early warnings “covering a diverse range of chemical and technological innovations and highlighting a number of systemic problems. The ‘Late Lessons Project’ illustrates how damaging and costly the misuse or neglect of the precautionary principle can be, using case studies and a synthesis of the lessons to be learned and applied to maximizing innovations whilst minimizing harms.”

How the Body Reacts to EMFs and Smart Meters: We Can Now See How We Are Breaking Our Hearts (and Heads) and We Can Stop


Katie Hopkins:

These people DISGUST me. How dare they destroy Khan’s cameras. £6.69 … from ToolStation


Auditing Britain:

Dartford Job Centre & Borough Council


The Irish Inquiry:

#openborders traitors are accessories to murder, rape and child trafficking in #Ireland. This is why they avoid discussing the truth about #GeilaIbram. Murdered squarely as a result of the ‘welcome everyone, check no one’ brigade. No matter how they try to spin this young woman’s death, they had a hand in it and they do not care about women, migrant or otherwise. They’ve changed the Irish landscape forever. Will you let them forget? Will you surrender? Where do we go from here?

Open Borders


James Bartley: David Case is an Electronic Engineer who started receiving electromagnetic beaming shortly after he tried to patent a computer that operates on Light Energy. David has discovered a certain frequency that prevents people from receiving the Tinnitus and the Voice to Skull Transmissions. David’s device has helped over 2,000 suffering from externally imposed Tinnitus and V2S interference. David Case & James talk about electronic harassment and mind control and the truly scary features coming to new technology products.

Electronic Mind Control & Blocking Electromagnetic Beaming – David Case Interview


Chris Morrison, The Daily Sceptic:

In the end, the BBC declined to broadcast the last episode of Sir David Attenborough’s Wild Isles tale of ecological disaster and breakdown, tucking it away under an ‘extras’ slot on the iPlayer streaming service. Possibly the broadcaster shied away from the numerous unsourced, dubious claims, along with the promotion of organic farming practices that would quickly lead to shortages of food, followed by widespread economic and societal dislocation and ultimately death. Or it may have stepped back from promoting a bird-watching group, Flock Together, that determines membership based on skin colour and plays into the increasingly popular ‘the countryside is racist’ woke trope.

Did the BBC Refuse to Air Attenborough’s Final Wild Isles Episode Because of These Wild Claims?



Asha Logos:

This video covers an immense amount of ground.. perhaps too much. It’s sole purpose (for the moment) is to foster fruitful discussion down these paths, and hopefully help spur some new types of thinking – I don’t think we have a great deal of time left. I’m under no illusions that my own words here will immediately kickstart all these grand goals.. nor are they yet concrete enough to be pursued, just yet. It’s my hope that they might play some part in eventually bringing capable (and devoted) minds together to properly flesh these things out. I’ve done the easy part, like an idealistic child, and set down some broad strokes, only to help get the ball moving.. seeking only to be concrete and specific enough to paint this broader picture, but not so much that others can’t use their own imagination/vision to effectively ‘fill in the blanks’, and better expand on the core ideas. It’s also a bit redundant in parts – I really wanted to more deeply ‘imprint’ a few concepts that I consider most important. The audio quality isn’t great in portions – no more recording all audio next to a crackling wood stove. It also feels just a bit scattered, as I attempted to cover several individual topics that deserve their own short novel with a few brief passing remarks. But none of this matters a great deal. Again, no matter what type of discussion this video inspires, it’ll have served it’s purpose in causing one to think on these topics – to imagine, envision, conceptually conjure – and I have no doubts that doing so is the first important step, down a potentially beautiful and powerful path. I look forward to all constructive comments, critiques, feedback.
For a bit more context, the latest podcast ‘The Case for Separation’: https://ashalogos.com/podcasts/45
…or watch the world burn round your hopes and dreams. Up to you. – Ellis

A Call to Return to the Land





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