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Tim’s Truth:

If something is Not Right It Must Be Wrong
Q, Will You be an accomplice to these Crimes ?
Q, How Much Proof do You Require Before You Can See ?
Q, Are you OK being Ruled By Thieves, Fraudsters, Dishonorable Traitors ?
Q, When Should Decent People Demand a STOP to This ?
Q, Should we just Cower down and let the Criminal Cartel Destroy our way of Life
And take Everything you have ?


Join Me In Saving Australia


What do the initials of New Zealand and Artificial Intelligence make?


Free Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood! The Dr Rima Truth Reports

Free Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood! The Dr Rima Truth Reports


Katie Hopkins:

Want to know a secret the MSM don’t want to know? Georgia Meloni is NAILING IT as leader of Italy.


The Guardian:

From healing wells to sacred stones, the author of a new guide to Magical Britain selects his favourite wild and enchanting places

Mother goddess, Tigh Nam Bodach, Perthshire
Arthur, legendary hero, Cadbury Castle, Somerset (It’s not, but it’s a wonderful place to be anyway)
A place of healing, Menacuddle Well, Cornwall
Water spirits, Llyn Barfog, Gwynedd
Celtic saints, Nevern churchyard, Pembrokeshire (Christ walks here.)
Dropped by clumsy giants, Stiperstones, Shropshire
Animate stones, Bowerman’s Nose, Devon
Norse and Anglo-Saxon myth, Wayland’s Smithy, Oxfordshire (A dream chamber built long before these invaders.)
Fertility gap, Traprain Law, East Lothian
Wishes and divination, Fairy Steps, Cumbria

Where the magic happens: 10 of Britain’s most mystical sites



I’ve heard good things about this treatment for different ailments and recovery. I thought I’d link to it because, as well, it may be effective for ridding human bodies of real toxins and weaponry that were, on the commands and advice of sinister warlocks and other insane people, injected into human bodies to fight these demons’ made-up mythological beasts.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy in which the practitioner uses a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow.


The Australian Light Paper:

COVID-19 jabs are now known to have been falsely promoted to the public as ‘vaccines’, and the Department of Defence (US) that controlled the research on these products, states they are in fact classified as countermeasures or bioweapons – not pharmaceuticals. Due to their experimental nature, they are best described as experimental emergency medical countermeasures (EEMCs) and there was never any evidence to claim that they could prevent disease in healthy people or that they were safe in most people.

As the number of dead and seriously and/or permanently disabled caused by the Covid-19 injections, reaches heights beyond imagination, the question now is…who needs to be prosecuted?

Expert Australian Pharmacologist Speaks Out [pdf]


We were fed so much bullshit at school, no wonder I had as little as possible to do with it.

Ben Collins, ABC Kimberley:

He’s the one that discovered Australia, right?

The idea that Cook discovered Australia has long been debunked, and was debated as recently as 2017 when Indigenous broadcaster Stan Grant pointed to an inscription on statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

“Discovered this territory 1770,” the inscription reads.

Robert Blyth, senior curator at the British Maritime Museum, said it was not just the omission of the existence of Indigenous people that made this wrong. (You don’t say – have they stopped being evil yet?)

What Australians often get wrong about our most (in)famous explorer, Captain Cook


Amazing Polly: Normie analysts need to learn about Globalism, The Great Reset, Social Impact Investing and Agenda2030.

They Still Don’t Get It – There is an Agenda


Andrew Lawrence:

How the SNP swindled Scotland.


Neil Oliver:

‘15-minute cities, net zero, central bank digital currencies it’s all coming down the line at us…….I was looking at my son and thinking that he’s entitled to the life that I’ve had, he’s entitled to the freedoms that I’ve enjoyed and we’re at that fork in the road and there’s going to have to be a fight for some of that freedom….its pure and simple



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