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Psybo the trickster:



A cup overflowing with Holy


Celia Farber: I am only 25 minutes into this and I felt a strong urge to share it right away.

I get so sad when I encounter my failure to appreciate water, until now.

Not once in decades of harrowing battles about the cause of this or the cause of that did anybody mention water. (Except Gerald Pollock.)

“Water is more important than food.”

“DNA, the building blocks of life, communicate through water.”

”The water market is enormous.”

—Norbert Heuser

Our Profound Disrespect Of The Importance of Water For Health—Not Quantity, Quality
A Fascinating Conversation With Norbert Heuser

Norbert Heuser website: https://improveyourlife.us/ (She spelled it wrong – can happen to anybody.)

The comments are worth reading as well.



On Richard Vobes:

Dear Duke of Norfolk,
A Royal Retraction is now required for the Coronation Oath to be taken
We, the undersigned, make this urgent and open approach to you in your formal position as the Earl Marshal
responsible for the planning and coordination of the forthcoming Coronation of King Charles III. We write not
as Republicans but as loyal and well researched Constitutional Monarchists who fear very much the direction
that our democracy is now being taken.
His Majesty is to be crowned in Westminster Abbey this May as our ‘first among equals’, confirmed with the
onerous and overriding responsibility of protecting his fellow sovereigns from tyranny, oppression and injustice
throughout the period of his reign.
To ratify this formally, the King will swear and then sign his Coronation Oath in Westminster Abbey before God
and his fellow sovereigns. This will confirm that he will rule according to the ancient ‘laws and customs’ that
make up the Law of the Land (Legem Terrae – the Customary Common Law) which, for England and Wales, is
our ancient Common Law Constitution that was confirmed in 1215 by the Great Charter (Magna Carta).

A Royal Retraction is now required for the Coronation Oath to be taken   pdf


HARE was formed in February 2020 at Hardwick House, Whitchurch-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, with the task of creating a united and purposeful front to expose, challenge and reverse our present deeply oppressive, corrupted and degraded political and economic systems.

Our country’s ancient freedoms are now under threat like never before as corporate megalomaniacs pursue a clear global agenda that’s taking us down a road to a technology-based totalitarian and centralised society, completely at odds with the values of human-scale ecology we all hold dear. Freedom has to prevail over fascism.

Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology – HARE


Common Law Constitution.org:


The campaign CommonLawConstitution.org is primarily concerned with the re-exposure and uncovering of some deeply hidden information about the British Constitution.

The British people and even the Freedom Movement itself have largely ignored or even avoided this information in the past and appear not to realise that the knowledge of this concealed information would provide them with not only the antidote to the current condition of criminal government overreach and the loss of our liberties, but would also set the people on a path of a much deeper awakening of consciousness and lead humanity towards a more enlightened future.

Common Law Constitution


I genuinely opened this link from TCW not knowing which one of the blaggards Kate Dunlop would be writing about. How could you pick one?

A man with no principles – is this the best we can do?


Worth reading the comments on this too.

LifeSite News:

Married priests? Here’s what the early Church taught about priestly celibacy

As you may know, I do not believe that Peter was the first pope, or that Roman Catholicism is the first Christian Church. I also object to every adherent of any religion muddling paganism with Satanism. Prejudice is just one of the very cunning traps set by, who Christ called, ‘the Prince of this World’.

The Christian faith came to Wales no later than AD37 with the Holy Family, who melded easily with the druids and became the Culdee. That is how these sacred Isles so quickly, all over, accepted the faith. The primacy of the ‘British Church’, ‘The Mother Church of Christendom’, is acknowledged by Rome, in ancient documents – they had to, because it’s true. Not for 560 years did Austin land at Thanet. There are articles on this blog and the Song of Ffraed that speak to some of this, and provide references for anyone who would like to know more.

The UK, the world, is like it is because the people have been cajoled, tricked and treated, brow-beaten and badgered into denying and dishonouring the Divine and the gifts of life and commission to service we have been awarded. Essentially, in going along with this distortion, the majority have joined the Dark Side; but because they are so deeply into the glorification of self, very few will ever see it, until it’s too late – which is why humankind is going through this horror show which is getting worse by the second, now. TO WAKE THEM UP! The Divine cares about you, recognises humankind’s plight, that it is adrift with no moral compass, no common sense or vision. They feel lost and lonely. What else would their denial of the giving Creator, their adoration of self-centrism, their rejection of real eternal life, lead to? This is an astonishing opportunity. These Last Days.


It doesn’t have to be like this.



Brainwashed and gone in the head. This is Oxford:


Tucker Carlson: The trans movement is targeting Christians

“Yesterday’s massacre did not happen because of lax gun laws…yesterday’s massacre happened because of a deranged, demonic ideology.”


Hearts of Oak: Today is a great day, for the first time in British history the courts have ruled that ‘Liz’, a grooming gang survivor should receive compensation from her perpetrator.

Grooming Gang Survivor Awarded £425k Against Her Rapist in Landmark Ruling


While the bodies and life-long injuries mount up, you’re MP is again absent without your leave. You gonna vote for these party feckers again are you?

Dr. John Campbell:

Sir Christopher Chope


Colonel Douglas MacGregor, American Conservative, via LifeSite News: The crisis of American national power has begun.

America’s economy is tipping over, and Western financial markets are quietly panicking. Imperiled by rising interest rates, mortgage-backed securities and U.S. Treasuries are losing their value. The market’s proverbial “vibes” – feelings, emotions, beliefs, and psychological penchants – suggest a dark turn is underway inside the American economy.

American national power is measured as much by American military capability as by economic potential and performance. The growing realization that American and European military-industrial capacity cannot keep up with Ukrainian demands for ammunition and equipment is an ominous signal to send during a proxy war that Washington insists its Ukrainian surrogate is winning.

Russian economy-of-force operations in southern Ukraine appear to have successfully ground down attacking Ukrainian forces with the minimal expenditure of Russian lives and resources. While Russia’s implementation of attrition warfare worked brilliantly, Russia mobilized its reserves of men and equipment to field a force that is several magnitudes larger and significantly more lethal than it was a year ago.

The gathering storm endangering Ukraine, America and the world


Yowiehunters Witness Reports: A remote rural town surrounded with mountainous peaks and valley’s is no stranger to sightings of rare anomalies. The Yowie is of course one creature of habit living in locations, with terrain often hostile to man. As stated in the initial narration, you may live your entire life out there never discovered, if that is your choice. That said – mistakes are made.

Yowie / Bigfoot Sighting (Audio Report #196) near Jackadgery, New South Wales





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