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OuRePo: Henry Lincoln and Rennes Le Château


OuRePo: The ancient Valley of the Cross is surrounded by an immense Cromlech sixteen or eighteen kilometres in circumference. One enclosure containing twelve palaces, with the centre in the very heart of the village of Rennes-les-Bains.


Basically, as anyone with their hat stand on has been saying ever since the damned wind bags have been trashing the environment with them wretched things:

Chris Morrison, The Daily Sceptic:

It could be argued that the basic arithmetic showing wind power is an economic and societal disaster in the making should be clear to a bright primary school child. Now the Oxford University mathematician and physicist, researcher at CERN and Fellow of Keble College, Emeritus Professor Wade Allison has done the sums. The U.K. is facing the likelihood of a failure in the electricity supply, he concludes. “Wind power fails on every count,” he says, adding that governments are ignoring “overwhelming evidence” of the inadequacies of wind power, “and resorting to bluster rather than reasoned analysis”.

Professor Allison’s dire warnings are contained in a short paper recently published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. He notes that the energy provided by the Sun is “extremely weak”, which is why it was unable to provide the energy to sustain even a small global population before the Industrial Revolution with an acceptable standard of living. A similar point was made recently in more dramatic fashion by the nuclear physicist Dr. Wallace Manheimer. He argued that the infrastructure around wind and solar will not only fail, “but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment and be entirely unnecessary”.

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power “Fails on Every Count”


The CDC lied! Well I’ll go to the foot of our stairs! WHO never saw that coming.

Will Jones, The Daily Sceptic:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published inaccurate data about the COVID-19 pandemic and made incorrect claims that exaggerated the threat on at least 20 occasions since January 2021, a new paper has found.

The pre-print (not yet peer-reviwed) by Vinay Prasad, Tracy Beth Hoeg, Kelley Krohnert and Alyson Haslam documents 25 instances when the CDC reported statistical or numerical errors. Twenty (80%) of these instances exaggerated the severity of the COVID-19 situation, three instances (12%) simultaneously exaggerated and downplayed the severity of the situation and one error was neutral. One error exaggerated COVID-19 vaccine risks. The CDC was notified about the errors in 16 instances (64%), and later corrected the errors, at least partially, in 13 instances (52%).

Twenty Times the CDC Exaggerated the Threat From Covid With False Data


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Downunder: Last week, I received a text from Joseph Galea to tell me that his Fair Work win against his employer, Sydney Trains, had been overturned.

Galea is one of the five unvaccinated train drivers who won a Fair Work Commission case against Sydney Trains last year after being wrongly stood down without pay for ten months for failing to comply with Sydney Trains’ Covid vaccination policy. Sydney Trains was ordered to backpay the five employees, which included not just forfeited wages, but restoration of leave entitlements used because of being stood down.

Though back paying five train drivers was trivial in and of itself for a company as large as Sydney Trains, there are, according to court documents, approximately 180 total drivers in Galea’s position. Thus, this case set a precedent for the rest of those who had been stood down by Sydney Trains who now might feel more confident about lodging their own Fair Work cases seeking reimbursement.

Might is right in the Australian justice system: Sydney Trains wins appeal against unvaccinated train drivers

What is right in Australia, is what a thoroughly apprised Australian people say it is. not what some kangaroo legal system say it is.


Dave Hodrien of BUFOG – Birmingham UFO Group – has just launched a board game he has designed.

UFO Wave is a new competitive card game for 1-6 players. The game is entirely themed on the UFO subject. It has been designed by the Chairman of Birmingham UFO Group, and has art by a genuine experiencer from the USA! In August 2021 UFO Wave successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Please click on the image if you’d like to findout more about it:



25th March:


The rank evil of the demonic reptiles managing the States of the Satanic fiefdom of Australia to devastate the health of human beings living in Australia is exposed by their own. Australian authorities knew the massive dangers before they mandated sinking their dripping fangs into everyone (and so did your government).

Dr. John Campbell: Australian Government document on Pfizer vaccine dated January 2021 with Senator Rennick. Thank you Senator.

Click to access foi-2389-06.pdf

Senator Rennick, full interview:


Dr. John Campbell:

Important show notes

Australian government biodistribution data


Tim Truth:

Will Humanity Reclaim What’s Been Stolen Via Tyrannical Pseudoscience? Full 10 part Virology on Trial playlist here: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/fyWqnLAEuo2G/

Virology’s Treachery: A History Of Fraud & Fallacy To Push/ Force POISONS, Lockdowns & Surveillance



Health Ranger Report:

UK to deploy DEPLETED URANIUM in Ukraine, POISONING the Ukrainian people for generations to come

I remember DU being used in Australia and that being successfully shepherded away from Australians awareness (such as it is), and hushed up. Yet another likely cause of “Covid” and other diseases and maladies. A very good documentary was made by David Bradbury: https://youtu.be/yDb4M7z5Rxw


Tim Truth:


Celia Farber, the Truth Barrier: Fascinating if mind-numbing (can it be both?) correspondence from 1999 between clashing positions: “HIV has not been proven to exist,” (Perth Group) and “You’re obsessed with purification,” Robin Weiss.

1999 was twenty four years ago.

A Blast From The Past: When Perth Group Engaged An HIV Researcher About Montagnier’s Most Startling Interview: “I Repeat, We Did Not Purify.”


Peter and Ginger Breggin: I awaken to life every day now, aware that it is far different from life just a few years ago. I see the encroaching darkness of oppression. I am fully aware of the increasingly scarce liberties. I feel the nudging of authoritarian masters intent on moving us toward fear and blind compliance.

Emotional balance and hope is a survival tool now. There is little room for despair or fear, or even grief. Despite the dreadful losses of the last three years that weigh on my soul like a boulder, I must face forward and seek out the next steps possible toward reviving liberty. So, I seek out rays of light.

A Ray of Light In the Encroaching Darkness of Oppression




Holy Grail – A Divinely inspired film?


Throughout my life, and to this day, I have ‘journeyed’, have ‘missing time’, encounters, communication and experiences with otherworldly consciousness and beings. Since the late 90s, when I first heard of him, I’ve felt a connection to Cayce but have never much delved into his story. The following article sheds some light for me.

Bibhu Dev Misra, Mysterious Universe: Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet” of America, was probably the most well-known clairvoyant of the 20th century. Over a period of nearly 43 years, Cayce used to enter into a trance-like state and diagnose the physical and mental ailments of people who came to him for help, and specify astonishingly effective treatments. He gave readings on a range of other subjects as well: reincarnation, dreams, prophecy, life after death, humanity’s origin and purpose, theology, spirituality, metaphysics, and even the enchanting lore of Atlantis and other ancient civilizations.

The ‘Little Folk’ and the ‘Winged Woman’ who turned Edgar Cayce into the ‘Sleeping Prophet’


A two-part article on two of the occasions I have had encounters with Fae – in the same place. The second part is only now published publicly.

Me, The Song of Ffraed:

White Snow


WhatsHerFace, WHF Entertainment: Donald Trump announces his own ARREST?! Joe Biden tells us why he AIN’T Irish?! And Joe Exotic could be the NEXT President of America?! Welcome to the WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Where we revisit the most ridiculous news stories of the week.


Charles Dowding: Pick Plan Prep Plant for a transformation. No dig makes it quick, and possible in the rain.

More info and show notes





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