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Another exceptional article from Karen Hunt. I doubt there’s a better writer on the net…but maybe that’s because I agree with, and voice, so  much of what she says (but not nearly so well). We are blessed beyond measure to have her with us, in ‘the camp of the saints’. Thanks Karen.:

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

The slithering snakes inhabiting the dark corridors of Washington DC must rue the day they ever underestimated the Orange Man Bad.

When Trump declared his first run for presidency and vowed to “drain the swamp”, the most ancient of the fat and sluggish King Cobras laughed and all the snakes beneath them laughed, too. This imposter was nothing to worry about. He would easily be brought down and made to suffer for his impudence. Orders were whispered to the wily press who flicked their forked tongues and happily got busy.

The Trouble with Trump
Please support her.


The Kingston Report: Dr. Robert Malone describes mRNA ‘vaccines’ as the entry point for transhumanism and the suite of technologies that can modify humans through directed biological and mechanical genetic mutations.

March 18, 2023: It was decided years ago to lie to global citizens about the end-game use of gene-editing nanotechnologies and the convergence of the digital world with the human body. Biotechnology is quite literally the science of turning technology into new life forms and turning natural life forms into new technologies.

Is Dr. Malone Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?


Ickonic: The Holy Grail https://holygrail.ickonic.com/ is Christianne van Wijk’s journey in finding out what the holy grail is and how it is relevant to today and to the current spiritual transition and awakening that humanity is going through.

It takes her on a journey through stunning locations in Scotland, England, Wales and France and she speaks to the absolute top wisdom speakers on this planet like Marcel Messing, David Icke, Neil Hague, Oliver Huntley and Ellis Taylor.

@EvavanZeeland talks with director Christianne van Wijk about the search for The Holy Grail.

In Search of The Holy Grail 🇬🇧 Interview (English) + Wales Premier


In Search of The Holy Grail 🇳🇱 Interview (Dutch) + Amsterdam Premiere 🍿


The Song of Ffraed: Walking with sacred energy from St. Non’s on St. Bride’s Bay to the heart of St. David’s, in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales.

On Odysee: Walking with Holy from St. Non’s to St. David’s

On Youtube: https://youtu.be/AE4gp9EE7vY


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Avi Yemeni, Rebel News: FORGET THE FAKE NEWS peddled by politicians on both sides and their enablers in the legacy media. Watch and share what REALLY happened at the protest in Melbourne over the weekend. Full report: https://rebelne.ws/3LIeza9

What REALLY happened at the protest in Melbourne over the weekend

On Odysee: https://odysee.com/@AviYemini:6/what-really-happened-at-the-protest-in:5


Nation First, by George Christensen: Last year, 174,000 deaths were registered in Australia; 12 percent (20,000) more than projections estimated.

This represents the highest number of excess deaths on record since the end of World War Two.

Nation First throws down the cold, hard truth about what the jab did and continues to do down under.

Vaxxed Australia has highest death rate since WW2!


Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s Newsletter:

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your
doctor on using this cheap, available, safe formulation from The Wellness Company (Foster Coulson); be sure to factor in allergies, if you are a bleeder (this is a blood thinner) or have intolerances


Demosthenes, TCW: The Garygate saga is over, with Mr Lineker emerging victorious and the BBC’s reputation even more soiled and tattered than before, something I hadn’t thought possible. But the dust kicked up by the controversy screened some interesting reaction to the Illegal Migration Bill from other public figures.

With sad predictability, several Church leaders came out against the plan, including the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, who told the Observer that it amounts to ‘cruelty without purpose’ and urged the Government to consider alternatives ‘that do not unfairly penalise some of the world’s most vulnerable and which better reflect the UK’s history of compassion and moral leadership’.

Let’s delve into that history, shall we?

Migration and a history lesson for the Archbishops


Dr. Paul Alexander: Russia does not now pose a threat to its western neighbors & the nations of Central & Eastern Europe are not in danger. For this reason & the others cited above, NATO expansion is a massive mistake.

Why not ‘a cooperative NATO-Russian relationship’?
‘For example, let’s take the U.S. government’s catastrophic mismanagement of its relations with Russia for the last thirty years. I have closely observed this disaster in the making since I moved to Vienna, Austria for an academic fellowship in 1996. On the plane to Vienna I read the July 15, 1996 Time Magazine cover story about how secret American advisors helped Boris Yeltsin to win that year’s presidential election.

No NATO expansion & why the Clinton Administration was read the riot act; did we learn, NO! This essay by John Leake is timely & helps remind us that there are level heads in the midst of D.C. MADNESS


Mark Steyn: Politicians must keep up their narrative about vaccine safety and efficacy because the political – and criminal – stakes are too high if they admit the truth after three years, Dominique Samuels says.

Stakes are too high for politicians to admit the truth about vaccines

I’ve got an ‘A Level’ in stating the bleedin’ obvious too – but looking around me every day I see most people can’t even read – so, yes, needs saying, and saying, and saying again. Perhaps, the tried and tested ‘learning by rote’ is the only way to get through to the laggards that are dragging everyone else down with them.


Dibley’s Funniest Moments from Series 1 – Part 1 | The Vicar of Dibley




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