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Dr. Sam Bailey: People around the world are becoming more aware of the ‘no virus’ argument as the “science” of virology has been exposed. However, there is often a language barrier when it comes to reaching some countries. Many of the best-known critics of virology are in the English-speaking world and have developed strong alliances with large followings.

The good news is that the movement for truth is truly international and this video will look at some of the advancements being made in regions that are perhaps lesser known to most of our English-speaking audience.

And could the madness of COVID-19 end up bringing the world closer together?…

Show notes and References 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/no-virus-is-international/



Celia Farber:


EXTREME Lies About Jan 6 Exposed After Tucker Carlson Tonight Reviews And Exposes Footage Media/Democrats Tried To Conceal

People have died and been incarcerated without trial for years and many many months because of the lies the government and media have fabricated.

The lies are global. How many of these serious lies by these serial liars need to be exposed for you to stop believing what they tell you.



Victoria Police Sergeant, Beau Barratt, gets away with brutal assault after Melbourne Magistrate Rob throws out charges.


: Matt Hancock: “When do we deploy the new variant”? So the variant was not real, just made up, like 6-foot social distancing rule, ‘we will make it up and frighten people’; people need to be jailed!

Is this exchange between Matt Hancock & Damon Poole true? I mean en face, it’s incredible & really tells us more about how fraud & fake the pandemic was, how much we were manipulated to take the shots


Age Of Truth TV: An explosive, informative, eye-opening, mind-blowing and fascinating new 2 hour 30 mins. interview with Author, Truth Speaker, Ex-Illuminati Whistleblower and DJ, Leo Lyon Zagami, interviewed by Age Of Truth TV Presenter & Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, about his latest discoveries and research as he has launched his latest book, “Confessions Of An Illuminati: Volume 8”.

Leo Zagami ~ “Hollywood & Illuminati: The Devil Is In All The Details”


John Waters Unchained:

Something odd has been happening in Ireland in the past week or so. This in itself is not unusual: Very strange things have been happening in Ireland for many years, and markedly for the past dozen. For a complex set of reasons, these events — relating to the sovereignty and freedom of the Irish people, or, more precisely, the decremental erosion of such — arouse little accurately focused comment in Ireland itself, and none at all in the wider world. But this recent event is of a different order, for it bespeaks a new phase in the power struggle that has been assailing my country, perhaps a sign of panic among those who have been orchestrating or implementing the dismantling of Irish democracy and the obliteration of its individuality and culture for many years, with the final end of eliminating the Irish people themselves.

Ireland’s Undeclared Autocoup


The George Christensen Show:

Rev. Dr. Timothy Gahles (Fr Lazarus) is an Eastern Orthodox Priest who currently works as a Bereavement Counselor for Hospice. A former Wall Street Trader at the NYSE, Dr. Gahles left that life to follow his calling to help people after having been through 9-11 and having lost a lot of friends. He is married with six children (And still sane!) and lives in the US. Dr. Gahles has a Bachelors in Theology and Counseling, a Masters in Theology and Counseling, and a Doctorate in Ministry having studied under Dr. John Behr a Patristic Scholar and Orthodox Priest from Oxford University. Dr Gahles is also a Certified BioEthicist in end of life care from the National Catholic BioEthics Center in Philadelphia, Pa.


Dr. Paul Alexander:

Did the COVID mRNA technology gene injection cause 20-Year-Old Model Claire Bridges to lose both her legs? The media blames this on the COVID virus but she was vaccinated; Is it the COVID injection?
I lean towards the COVID gene injection vaccine! You are being lied to, she is being lied to! This may well be vaccine-induced myocarditis with then 3 cardiac arrests & blood clots, cost her her legs



David Kurten: I was on Cross Talk on RT this week to discuss the Ukraine conflict.


Clif High via Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier: A Zelensky in a G-string!

It’s all they got left!

He ‘emptied the pot’! He over turned a complete society of over 700 million people! He did it with one of the most refined ideas in psychological warfare put to use in massive social engineering.

No, not him. That other guy.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution occurred in China from 1966 through 1976. It was a horrific time. It was the time from which today’s CCP emerged. Tens of millions were said to have died.

A Zelensky in a G-string!




Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier: How did this comprehensive archive of these shattered years come to be? Why didn’t I know about it?

It’s downright breathtaking.

Since WE can scarcely believe it, living through it, what of future generations?

Against Forgetting: Pandemic Parallax View: The Historical Archive Of The Last Three Years and Beyond


Avi Yemeni, Rebel News:

Serial pest ‘Lucky’ Lance Simon has struck again, this time taking aim at a Melbourne-based veterans opportunity shop with a ‘mud-slinging’ false accusation.
FULL STORY: https://rebelne.ws/3YmHumG




These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place.

How Do Court Recorders Keep Straight Faces????


Jerm Warfare: Steve Hughes is an Australian standup comedian and thrash metal musician who comments on culture, society and conspiracies. (Of course, by “conspiracies” I mean “the real world”.)

Full show description: https://jermwarfare.com/conversations/steve-hughes

Steve Hughes on comedy, postmodernism and political correctness



Celia Farber, the Truth Barrier: Published As A Quote in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci” Book

“Asked to offer thoughts on Fauci, veteran AIDS “war” reporter Celia Farber pulls back and takes a broad view. She said:

“People understand the Hannah Arendt concept of the “banality of evil.”

“You have set yourself the formidable task of deconstructing him. Why is he “evil?” (Which he is.)

It’s not because he is so “banal,” so bureaucratic, so boring. That’s the drag costume.

“In fact, he is a revolutionary — a very dangerous one, who slipped behind the gates when nobody understood what he was bringing in.

“What was he bringing in? He was bringing in — as a trained Jesuit, and committed Globalist — a new potion that would achieve any and all aims for Pharma and the powers he served. The potion was then known as Political Correctness — now called “woke.”

My Most Important Realization About What Made Fauci’s Reign Of Terror Possible: A New Language That Eclipsed The S…


childrenshealthdefense: “Never Again Is Now Global,” a five-part docuseries highlighting the parallels between Nazi Germany and global pandemic policies premiered on CHD.TV

The Alliance for Human Research Protection, founded by Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Vera Sharav, produced the film and Sharav directed it.

Full show notes: https://rumble.com/v28spre-never-again-is-now-global-part-1-here-we-go-again-on-steroids.html

Never Again Is Now Global: Part 1 — Here We Go Again On Steroids


James Rogers, TCW: AN article in the Daily Sceptic by Dr David McGrogan, a law academic, described the arrogance and incompetence of that angry clown Matt Hancock, and how democracy can hand power to the wrong people.

He wrote: ‘What is truly strange about British democracy is that nobody ever reflects on whether it is a good idea for politicians to have much power in the first place. The position is always: “Well, Matt Hancock was bad, but we can appoint somebody else.” The same mentality prevails at the macro level: “We’ve had enough of the Tories, so maybe Labour will do better.” Isn’t it about time we asked ourselves whether the problem is politicians per se and what we can do to limit the damage they are able to inflict?’

Hancock circus masks Johnson’s coup against democracy


Just like Sadist Can but Can’t if you stop allowing him.

Laura Perrins, TCW: WELL, they are going to have to build an entirely new circle of hell to accommodate all the lockdown enablers. I’ve taken my time on this one because thinking back to those dark days, the absurd rule of six, the masking, the closing of schools, the time it was a criminal offence to sit on a park bench with a friend, is one I do not like to remember. The fact that our government used threats, bullying, gaslighting and a propaganda campaign not seen in a free West to terrify the public into compliance reminds me how shallow public civility and human decency really are. 

Cruelty was the point for the lockdown sadists


Together Declaration: “Nudge, spin, obfuscation & lies… we see it with Hancock but we see it in Oxford too” Apparently key study showing measures would make congestion worse held back by Oxfordshire County Council Please join us Oxford this Thur evening to debate Travel Plan and where for Oxford now – this is a FREE event – Thu 9 Mar, 7pm, Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford OX1 2DH Councillors Duncan Enright, Liz Leffman & Andrew Gant invited, but won’t be attending – we debate anyway!

FREE OUR STREETS Oxford: Debate The Travel Plan

“Nudge, spin, obfuscation & lies… with Hancock but in Oxford too”



The Corbett Report: The food supply is under attack. But by whom? And for what purpose? Find out the dirty truth about the global food crisis and how the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are trying to use this crisis as an opportunity to usher in the Great Food Reset on today’s fast-paced edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

Episode 438 – The Future Food False Flag


Tim Truth: “Great dioxin speech from RobBanks, an excellent channel I just found: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/robbanks

“This Is A Land Grab!” Epic Rob Banks Speech Against EPA’s Tyrannical Dioxin Agenda (The New Covid)



Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin: At the ages of 71 and 86, Ginger and I are in the fight of our lives. In all our years of doing reform work, no individual and no group has ever been so intensively and persistently attacking us on a personal level as Dr. Robert Malone — starting ever since August 2022 when we criticized his concept of mass formation psychosis in depth without even mentioning his name.1

Dr. Robert W. Malone filed a lawsuit on October 30, 2022, against Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin, seeking damages for $25,350,000.00 or $25 million for short.

Robert Malone Sues the Breggins for $25 Million


Celia Farber, the Truth Barrier: Full of Strange Coded Language, Reported in UK Press but not US. Why? Peter Staley Is An Historic American after all

What If We Told You The Famous ACT UP Activist Who Got AZT “FDA Approved” In Weeks & Is THIS Close To Fauci, Has A Brother Who Exchanged Over 1000 Emails With Jeffrey Epstein?


Dr. Paul Alexander: FAILED to help society & the question is WHY? Breggin makes very solid points here; Malone, more than three years ago, knew that the mRNA technology was dangerous (ADE) but stayed silent! Why?

Boom!! Dr. Peter Breggin & Ginger Breggin for the WIN! Finally, this is being dealt with, the adults are IN THE HOUSE! Breggin is deep into enemy territory now! Exactly what I have been saying, Malone


…and in the “They still don’t get it section”:

  • This not by accident or thoughtlessness.
  • It is by order (and succeeds through your compliant consent).
  • They do not care about you.

This is money:

The Ultra Low Emission Zone is set to expand to all London boroughs on August 29 2023, but many drivers have been left disgruntled at the new plans, and have slammed the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s decision.

The public have been left divided on the ULEZ expansion, which will see motorists slapped with a £12.50 charge to drive in the newly expanded zones – if their car, motorcycle, van or other specialist vehicle doesn’t meet the emissions standards.

The victims of Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion: From the woman facing £650 annual costs to visit sick relative to the tradesman looking at £3,000 bill and the grandmother whose grandchildren now can’t visit


More to come


Julian Mann, TCW: Would the Ministry of Wokery allow Jesus to say the words in the Book of Common Prayer’s Gospel reading for today, the 2nd Sunday of Lent?

The passage from Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 15, relates Jesus’s conversation with a Canaanite woman in the Gentile region of Tyre and Sidon, about 50 miles north of Galilee. Her first words to Jesus, ‘Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David’ (v22), showed that she had already defected from paganism. By calling him ‘Son of David’, the woman was acknowledging that Jesus was the Messiah (or Christ), the God-appointed King of Israel, as King David had been around 1,000 years previously.

Already aware of his divine power, she begged Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter. But Jesus told her: ‘I am not sent, but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel’ (v24).

Jesus, the woke police and a ‘hate incident’ near Galilee


Rollin’ out in New Zealand, undercover of Christmas, destined for the world:

William Bisset Report, Counterspin New Zealand: Experience the shocking revelations of Mark, a pharmacist, as he uncovers alarming data that has the potential to undermine the effectiveness of all therapeutics and therapies. This thought-provoking series is the latest creation from William, produced in collaboration with the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre (www.brilin.co.nz).

With only a few hours remaining to voice your objections to the bill, it is crucial that this information is shared far and wide. Join us as we shed light on this critical issue and raise awareness of the potential threats to the future of medical treatments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a movement that could shape the future of healthcare.

Show notes: Pharmacist Speaks Out William Bisset


Maria Zeee: Maria Zeee exposes a recent report which lists “ambitious” targets by 2030 for every smart city including ZERO meat, cars, reduced electricity, water and resources to turn all human beings into mal-nutritioned slaves to the system, as well as the current cities already locked into this agenda with more to come.

LIVE @ 8: Uncensored: Smart City Locations & Agenda EXPOSED!!!



Turfseer: During the height of the lockdowns I met a woman who had a young son named Roman. She was quite adamant about not having her son wear the mask despite all the pernicious negative feedback.

O Holy Roman – A song about a child who asserts his independence from other children who wear the mask


Katie Hopkins:

Novak Djokovic: compliance & how YOU stop the madness



Simon Caldwell, TCW: Christine Pulfrey remembers her mother as ‘very fit’ and ‘in good form’ when she was admitted to a private hospital in Hull for a routine knee operation. Complications arose after surgery so the 86-year-old was transferred to the Royal Hull Infirmary where, according to her daughter, in February 2017 she was ‘deliberately deprived of hydration and food and was neglected’.

‘When she died she looked as if she had been starved, like people who were starved in the concentration camps,’ said Christine.

When end-of-life ‘care’ is a death sentence

Most of us, I’ll wager, know friends, acquaintances or family who have died this way. These less than human hospital crows think they can get away with their brutal ways only because they have abandoned the Divine. I speak as someone who has lives long-remembered experiences with the Divine. They won’t!

The courts have fallen, let them. Those people too, and treacherous politicians, media, entertainment, religion and so many others will also get short shrift. They will populate this sullied earth they’ve defiled into desecration, and suffer miserably the consequences, while the good (the frequentially consonant) shall inhabit paradise (the new earth). Stay true and trust in the Divine. Everything begins afresh.

Where we are at in God’s Dream

– Ellis


Nation First, by George Christensen: Satan is the hero and patron ‘saint’ of modern culture.

He is the architect of a way of life that celebrates chaos, revels in self-indulgence, and flaunts its defiance of the natural order.

The spiritual battle for Western civilisation


Me: Through my mystical experiences I have been shown how easily humans can be influenced and manipulated. How their behaviour and thus their affairs can be conducted by entities that are not only not seen they are not acknowledged by the vast majority of Earth humans. For the most part these beings remain in the form of non-corporeal consciousness and have the ability to tune to the individualised vibrations of humans and other forms of life on this planet. Some however do materialise, to varying degrees of visibility, audibility, and emanation.

From Otherworlds


Dr. Paul Alexander: Problem is the young person does not know or suspect they have underlying serious heart damage post COVID shot; I plead, as do McCullough, Oskoui, Risch etc. to test your teen before taking field

More than 50% of myocarditis cases in young persons are subclinical, there are no (zero symptoms); until vaccine is ruled out, you must conclude it’s vaccine induced myocarditis or deaths (McCullough)



Auditing Britain in Kettering:


Psybo News Network #60





John Julian: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits an elementary school with his own revised children’s songs and nursery rhymes.



Break Free with Karen Hunt:

A “Tele-Everything World”, “Digital Dehumanization” and a Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight.

Break Free Update March 2023


Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s Newsletter:

Doctor mortality in Canada increased 53% in 2022 and most towards younger vaccinated doctors under 30 years old, very rare aggressive cancers, unusual brain & gastric & spinal cord cancers


Page Six: Justin Bieber has seemingly canceled his remaining “Justice World Tour” dates after postponing shows due to health concerns.

Justin Bieber cancels remaining ‘Justice’ tour dates after health concerns


Andrew Lawrence:





Michael O’Bernicia:

Webinar: Sun 5 Mar 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT

For those of you who are not of faint heart, prejudiced sensibilities and controlled mind, Michael O’Bernicia will be hosting The Crimes of COVID-1984 Webinar, during which he will layout the evidence of mass murder by UK government policy from 03/03/2020 to the present day, which has already been unlawfully dismissed as ‘hearsay’ three times by the same judge in the rigged courts.

It is therefore time to set the public record straight.

The Crimes of COVID-1984 Webinar | Hosted By Michael O’Bernicia


Simple Christianity: I grew up attending a Presbyterian church (one of the relatively conservative ones that resisted much of the nonsense that now pervades the denomination). Through that experience, I learned that Presbyterians despise novelty and prefer order. Consequently, the Presbyterian liturgy is quite structured. While the hymns, responsive readings, bible verses, and sermons change from week to week, some portions of the liturgy are darn-near fixed in stone. Among those are the Gloria Patri, the Doxology, and the Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer: You’re Doing it Wrong


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


“Come into my parlour said the spider to the flies.”

The truly evil psychopath, dirty suit Mark McGowan, can’t lay off his its demon lust psychological terrorist activities of sugar-coated threats in his its Western Australian den.  Why is the twisted sick freak (and his fetid crew) not already on remand, awaiting trial for the monstrous atrocities he so evidently committed, Western Australians? You should be doing this, not playing into his extra-time little gaslighting game. “Independent reviewers”, my arse! You think justice will come from this? Have you not learned anything?

Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under:

In its media release announcing the pandemic management review, WA Gov claimed one of the best public health and economic outcomes in the world, citing world-leading vaccination rates as its crowning achievement.

Despite the review not even having begun, Premier Mark McGowan already knows his government did great, stating that he, “wouldn’t have done anything different.”

“I just want to repeat, I can’t think of anywhere in the world that did better than Western Australia in a health or an economic sense,” McGowan told reporters.

The West Australian government is inviting feedback on its Covid response


Consider this Australia:

This is how the Andrews dirty government was installed by ‘forces’ outside Australia to brutalise Victorians and decimate its way of life – and it looks certain the black-eyed (seriously) Patton was deeply involved:

Red shirts and black eyes Satan’s colour coordination.

Red shirts police investigation [redacted]

As I’ve pointed out so many times, pay extra attention when the number 16 appears. It’s the angel number, the vital and timely messenger number, the  soul-testing number. Divine intervention. Dramatic, sudden, unexpected, out-of-the-blue (or the darkness). Exposing imbalance, injustice, disharmony, corruptions, conceit, deceit, evil. It’s intended as the leveller. Ignore it at your peril – as Victorians, over the past tri-years have only just begun to find out. Ignorance is no defence when the information is available. As it has been. – Ellis


Here’s a 16 (betya) in full flow:


Dr. David Bell: The World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently developing two international legal instruments intended to increase its authority in managing health emergencies, including pandemics:

Amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), and
A pandemic treaty, termed ‘CA+’ by WHO.
The draft IHR amendments (analysed in detail here) would lay out new powers for WHO during health emergencies and broaden the context within which they can be used. The draft CA+ (‘treaty’; analysed here) is intended to support the bureaucracy, financing and governance to underpin the expanded IHR.

These proposed instruments, as currently drafted, would fundamentally change the relationship between the WHO, its Member States and their populations, promoting what can fairly be described as a fascist and neo-colonialist approach to healthcare and governance. The documents need to be viewed together, and in the wider context of the global/globalist pandemic preparedness agenda.

The exaggerated threat of pandemics

The Threat of Global Tyranny From the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Draws Ever Closer

The 1918-19 ’Spanish Flu’ has been roundly debunked as a pandemic. It was, like this current deceit, deaths caused by ‘vaccines’ and other weapons in the Dark arsenal for the ‘War on Terra’.


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


Dr. Paul Alexander: In a cohort of near 300,000 COVID-vaccinated individuals, the odds of POTS are higher 3 months after vaccine exposure than 90 days before exposure; a possible association between COVID-19 vax & POTS

“For new diagnoses made after vaccination, we found that the five conditions with the highest post-vaccination odds of new diagnoses were myocarditis, dysautonomia, POTS, mast cell activation syndrome and urinary tract infection (UTI).”

Elevated ‘Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome’ (POTS) risk after COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine: POTS after COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-Cov-2 Infection (Kwan et al.)


Gillian Jamieson, TCW: AS most of us know, 5G is the latest mobile technology (though there is now talk of 6G and 7G) which will be used for the Internet of Things, smart cities, driverless cars and much more. There is a higher level of mistrust about 5G than previous technologies which relates not just to its enhanced capacity for tracking and surveillance, but also to its health risks.

5G produces radio-frequency radiation (RFR), electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or non-ionising radiation. This radiation comes from Wifi routers, phone masts, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, smart meters and appliances, Fitbits, smart watches, baby monitors, game consoles, ‘smart nappies’ and more. It’s difficult to avoid it.

At present, 5G uses existing frequencies, but in the UK the higher frequencies of 26GHz and 40GHz (millimetre wave) are likely to be allocated soon. This is a problem. As these higher frequencies cannot penetrate objects, signal boosters or ‘small cell’ antennas will have to be placed on every second or third lamppost, creating a dense transmission network and a consequent increase in the population’s exposure to radiation.

How to shield yourself from the 5G menace


Neil Oliver:

My money says a rationing app is already sitting ready on a hard drive somewhere’


“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.


Robert Phoenix: On today’s FAR, The Crimis are back and we look at the advent of Saturn in Pisces and the rise of Christianity as one of the manifestations of this next cycle we’re about to engage with. We cover a new movie called, “The Jesus Revolution” which is set in 1969 and reanimates the spiritual influence of that time. We also get into Jordan Peterson’s new, antidote to the WEF and Jordan Peterson himself.

3-3-23 – Friday FAR — Christian Tides Are Rising — The Crimis


V Movies:

This is the story of Ann Andrews and her son, Jason. Good friends of mine. The documentary could have been a country mile better.

Alien Dimensions : Walking Between Worlds – the Ann Andrews Story – Exclusive Documentary V Movies



odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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