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Currently being massively censored:

This is brilliant.

Applies world-wide. A must watch. Please share everywhere.

Counterspin Media New Zealand: Liz Gunn – Letter To the REAL Jacinda Ardern

Yes, I do have an issue with the cheering crowd at the beginning. Carlson’s sentiments are bang on but he or his researchers, or both, were mugged.  Its a crowd of English football fans in a bar. Don’t let that put you off, the rest is so absolutely authentic Darkness collaborators are racing to jam it.


Dr. Paul Alexander:

I will write about this once, for Dr. Malhotra is now a strong warrior on our side, the right ‘evidence-informed, trustworthy’ side, and I begin with praise and welcome but with this sugar, there is some lemon coming.

Not so fast Dr. Aseem Malhotra, not so fast; “I am sorry” please utter those words “I am sorry for the role I played initially in pushing the lunacy & mRNA technology injections”; I applaud you


The Corbett Report:

This week on the New World Next Week: the UN admits geoengineering and proposes that they should regulate it; the latest Iran nuke hysteria is a giant nothingburger; and there is more to the new anti-CBDC bill in US congress than meets the eye.

Show notes: https://www.corbettreport.com/nwnw511/

Interview 1788 – UN Supervillains Threaten to Dim the Sun – #NewWorldNextWeek



More later


Ewen Stewart, Global Britain, via TCW: The sheer cynicism of our Prime Minister is quite something. The Windsor Agreement indeed! More like the Duke of Windsor Agreement: something that should have been exiled a long time ago.

Sure, the problem dates to Theresa May and the Remain Parliament who conspired to neuter Brexit at birth, yet Sunak’s agreement on Monday is in some ways worse than what went before. Before we address what is worse, let’s look at what may be better.

The devil is in the detail but undoubtedly this agreement will reduce the amount of paperwork between the mainland UK and Northern Ireland. That in itself is an extraordinary comment. Would France tolerate paperwork to sell a tomato or an aspirin between Provence and Corsica? Bien sûr que non!

The Windsor agreement deserves to be exiled


Alexandra Lavoie, Rebel News: In response to Poilievre’s criticism towards her, Anderson responded by saying, ‘Mr. Poilievre has no business being the leader of the opposition because he’s actually doing Mr. Trudeau’s bidding, and he should seriously reconsider.’ http://www.RebelFieldReports.com

German MEP Christine Anderson discusses Pierre Poilievre’s criticism, Islam and freedom


Anything Goes: My God, he said what?:




Senator Gerard Rennick: Another inconvenient truth out of Senate Estimates when I asked Professor Skerritt why the TGA hadn’t attached a warning label to the C-19 vaccine boxes for people with autoimmune antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

The studies he cherry picked, including the Rheumatology journal article, had no relevance to Natalie’s case. That article was the Sinopharm vaccine from China, not available in Australia and contained no phospholipids.

Natalie had two Pfizer jabs and a Moderna booster in February 2022. To our knowledge there have been zero studies on boosters for those with APS, let alone mixing the jabs.

The TGA would have known Sweden, Denmark and Finland pulled the Moderna vaccine for anyone under 30 in October 2021.

How can Skerritt downplay concerns about a warning label when it could have prevented Natalie’s death?

Following the science means not having blinders up. There was and is no evidence to prove that a triple-jabbed young lady like Natalie with APS would be safely jabbed and boosted. That is why she died.

The TGA failed her.

Further reading and how notes: 21 year old dies and the TGA whitewashes its failings – Senate Estimates 16.02.23


Senator Gerard Rennick: In estimates I asked John Skerritt about the reported death of a 7 and 9 year old child that was marked as causal by the AEFI assessment team, the governments own review team.

As usual Skerritt tried to downplay these deaths. First of all by saying a decision was unable to be determined.

Further reading and how notes: Skerritt downplays the “unclassifiable” code related to a child’s death – Senate Estimates 16.02.23


New Earth:

Show notes: The Signature Revoke and More on the Current Situation


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Engineering Mental Sanity – Jerry Marzinsky:

Personal account of a military man, as told by his son, who claimed that he and his squadron encountered demonic entities using early versions of red night vision goggles while on mission in Vietnam. Clip from Clif High – Antarctica Unveiled Pt 3.

Demonic Entities Seen in Vietnam Through Red Night Vision Goggles 2


Neil Oliver: ‘…..the social contract between the people and governments around the world is broken and it’s the actions of governments, MSM and big pharma that broken it!’

‘Under attack…again!!!’


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


Psybo the trickster:

Pure Fiction 16


Wild Food in the UK Ltd:

Show notes: https://youtu.be/SlR4Hs2axQo


James Bartley: Merlina Marcan developed a technique to zoom in and enhance certain features within some of the Orbs. What she found showed a world within a world. Literal Beings sometimes many of them within the orbs.

The Beings Inside the Orbs – Merlina Marcan Interview


“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.




odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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