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LifeSiteNews: Yesterday Vladimir Putin gave an explanation of Western values which was frank, accurate, and true. In his Presidential Address to the Russian Federal Assembly, the Russian president indicated some basic facts about reality in the West.

For these observations he has been described as “crazed” in the British press, with U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan saying:

Nobody is attacking Russia… There’s a kind of absurdity in the notion that Russia was under some form of military threat from Ukraine or anyone else.

This statement is itself ridiculous and needs no further argument than, say, the eastward expansion of NATO.

Putin’s assessment of Western intentions in Ukraine is far from ‘crazed’


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under: The TGA has responded to my request for comment on causality assessment documents from FOI 3727 for ten reported deaths, of which five appear to have been causally linked to Covid vaccination by the TGA.

The TGA responds to claims that they hid child vaccine deaths – Despite plenty of smoke, they continue to insist there is no fire


The Corbett Report: The freedom convoy commission has delivered the verdict: Canada has criminalized dissent! Find out about the ruling and what it means for Canadians and freedom lovers the world over on this important edition of The Corbett Report.

Canada Criminalizes Dissent


Isn’t it just so amazing how all these disasters help along the Agenda21/30 WEF stated lusting? It’s like they might be contrived or something.

via Australian National Review: The true horror of what just happened in East Palestine, Ohio is starting to become clear, but federal, state and local officials continue to insist that everything is just fine.  So even though local residents have been puking up blood and developing weird rashes on their skin, everyone is being told that it is perfectly safe to return to their homes and that it is perfectly safe to drink the water.  This should make all of us extremely angry, because so many of these people are going to get sick and so many of them are going to die.

Look, the truth should be obvious to everyone at this stage.

Even CNN is admitting that local residents “have developed rashes, sore throats, nausea and headaches after returning to their homes this week“…

The Poisoning Of Eastern Ohio And Western Pennsylvania Is Much Worse Than We Are Being Told


via Australian National Review:

⁣Ranchers in heart of California concerned about 100’s of rail cars full of unknown substances brought out to heart of agricultural land and head of aqueduct to San Francisco unordered by landowners.

No one knows what or why they are here.



LifeSiteNews: A leading candidate to replace Scotland’s outgoing premier has faced fierce media and party backlash after revealing her Christian views on sex and marriage.

Scotland’s frontrunner for first minister hit with smear campaign over biblical views on marriage

She’s telling us she’s lukewarm when it comes to the fundamental morals of her claimed ‘faith’ – so she’s a “wrong ‘un” – like the rest of the scrannies they hold up to tranced humanity to keep them under their vote spell casting demoncratic caper. Early warning…thanks for that. Next!


LifeSiteNews: In 2015, ISIS terrorists executed brave and devout Coptic Christians in an act that sent shockwaves across the world. However, the martyrdom of these brave Christians did not go unnoticed. Inspired by their witness, Gia Chacón launched the international campaign, For the Martyrs, in response to the godlessness that has gripped much of the world.

Chacón’s mission is to rally and empower Christians to raise their voices in support of persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ — all willing to suffer martyrdom for the Faith. For the Martyrs also hosts the annual rally, March for the Martyrs, every year in Washington D.C., putting the plight of the martyrs squarely in the center of the cultural narrative and the fight to win the culture of life. (Interview begins at 2:40)

Christians in the West must ‘stand strong’ or risk losing religious freedoms: humanitarian activist


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, LifeSiteNews: There is only one thing that moves the Lord to compassion before the multitude of our sins: penance. A penance that is sincere, that exteriorly confirms true repentance for sins committed, the intention not to do them again, the will to repair them, and above all pain for having offended the divine Majesty by them. In cinere et cilicio, with ashes and hairshirt, that is, with that shaggy and pungent cloth that originally hails from Cilicia, woven of goat’s hair or horsehair, which was used as a garment by Roman soldiers, and which represents the spiritual and material dress of the penitent.

Abp. Viganò: We must do penance for our sins this Lent and beg God to protect His Church


dereton33: If you have a smart Thermostat, you may get asked about this.

Energy firms taking control of your heating?


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs: Church of England vicars Jamie Franklin and Daniel sit down to review the big talking points of the week in a bumper episode.

Show notes: Roald Dahl and the Joyless Whitewashing – Irreverend Episode 114


TheBasesProject: Nikki had a calling to take a photograph the moon, it lead to a complete change of her life, exposure to the violence and horror of the MILABs, and the Awakening to Starseed.

She hosts a YouTube channel, and also has online Truth Frequency Radio show since 2016,

Via a low bitrate ZOOM link from Australia.

No Access You Tube as the word vaccine is used.

Bases 131 Part 1 – Nikki Colombo – Milab to Starseed – an introduction

Part 2: Nikki Colombo gives frank and and detailed account of her MILAB, that is Military Abduction experiences , involving the military. Starting with some sarcasm and fun, we get across her new project, and some terrible marks left on her. The double reflection photographs, seem to show Tall Whites (Now expelled for earth, and Greys, also to be expelled from earth. Refreshing and positive. Even from prison continent Australia.


New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove: Ray Stanford is known for his work in UFOlogy and paleontology. He has also had a career as a trance channel and psychic reader. With his identical twin brother, parapsychologist Rex Stanford, he co-authored a book about their early UFO experiences titled Look Up. He is also author of The Spirit Unto the Churches, Speak Shining Stranger, Socorro Saucer, and Fatima Prophecy. Ray Stanford has photographed UFOs since the 1950s and offers many insights as to what the images reveal.

Show notes: Analyzing UFO Photographs with Ray Stanford




Celia Farber,The Truth Barrier: Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s Substack is a place I trust. I appreciate his voice of rage and despair, though he is a doctor.

What will it take for Canada to stop doubling down on deadly shots? Children have to keep dying, so Trudeau doesn’t seem wrong? This is absolutely horrendous.


Dr. William Makis rightly reminds us that COVID-19 vaccines are banned for kids under 18 in Scandinavian countries & so why are they still mandated in Canada? Where are the Premiers? these jabs kill

6 to 13 year old children athletes in Canada are suddenly dying & we are saying this is due to COVID mRNA technology gene injection; mandating COVID vaccines for children to play sports was criminal


Senator Gerard Rennick: In estimates I asked John Skerritt if he would apologise to the victims of the Moderna vaccine, particularly the mother of 21 year old Natalie who watched her daughter suffer before passing away. Skerritt claimed Moderna was 100% effective in stopping death. Rather than showing some humility and compassion, Skerritt blatantly lied to cover up his reckless and misleading statement…

…On script just as Skerritt’s lie is exposed I start getting abused by Senator Katy Gallagher as to my motive. This callous creature has no empathy either and is only interested in playing politics.

Video notes: Skerritt caught lying gain and Labor covers for him – Senate Estimates 16.02.23


Well, I never?…Looks like more crookery from the people you have been whipped into trusting:The government of South

Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under: Australia has made provocative claims this week regarding Covid risk among the unvaccinated…

But no one can find the report that purportedly shows these horrendous rates of hospitalisation and death.

A masterclass in PR & marketing

SA Gov wants you to take their word for it that the unvaccinated are 5x more likely to die from Covid


The Delingpod:

Laurence Fox


Be part of the growing movement of empowered people with a solution.




Neil Oliver: ‘…..it’s time for us to use the power of ‘No’

‘…who do the leaders of Scotland & other western countries think they are?!?’




Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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