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Anyone paying attention would have clocked this obvious gaslighting scam at the time. We did and we said so.

Dr. Sam Bailey: It’s hard to believe that we are now over three years into the COVID-19 fraud. We have exposed every aspect of virology and it is clear that the virus model is not supported by the scientific literature.

However, belief in the “virus” is necessary to achieve control of the population and this is maintained through one distraction after another. Project Veritas have produced the latest nonsense that unfortunately keeps people trapped within the fraudulent virus and contagion paradigms.

Belief in viruses is as deadly as the belief in the authority of the state. Many of the freedom community don’t seem to realise that changing the actors won’t free them from the plantation. The good news is that team “no virus” continues to gain more traction…

Project Veritas and the “Virus”

Project Veritas and the “Virus”


Paula Jardine, TCW: This is the fourth part of a series in which Paula Jardine examines how the Covid vaccine programme was conceived by US defence planners nearly 20 years ago as a 21st century ‘Manhattan Project’ for biodefence. You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

Anatomy of the sinister Covid Project, Part 4

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The Exposé: In the USA, the covid “vaccine” requirement affecting an estimated 10 million healthcare workers was enforced on 20 February 2022.  One year later, it is the last remaining major mandate from Joe Biden’s sweeping attempt to boost national vaccination rates.

On Sunday, Yahoo News published an article about covid vaccine mandates being still in place in healthcare settings.  Citing the example of a nursing home in Missouri, the article describes the daily testing for covid that healthcare workers continue to endure.  The article goes on to state that “only the healthy are allowed in to care for virus-free residents.”

So, what does “healthy” mean? A negative covid test?  A test which has been widely recognised for not being able to detect infection or diagnose illness.  What if a person tests negative for covid but has another infection or illness? Is that person “healthy”? It sounds less like a health measure and more like obedience training.

Because of propaganda churned out by corporate media some people still live in fear of “the virus”

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The Exposé: Over 150 Bilderbergers (of the 1,861 who are still alive) have played important parts in the Covid-19 event. Many, perhaps most, of the below have been active in various roles; this page attempts to name and shame them and reveal the roles they have played.

Names & Faces of 150 Bilderbergers who controlled COVID Pandemic response

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Tim Truth:

MASSIVE US & Europe Excess Death Surge, Horrific Vaccine Injuries & Colossal Injustice For Victims


Senator Gerard Rennick:

TGA Head in denial about the cause of cardiac arrests – Senate estimates 16.02.23


Scorpion Media: Speech delivered on 21 October 2021 at Dumas House, Western Australia. The speech was an impromptu statement that captures the Spirit of Australia and notably “Ballarat” was where the Eureka Rebellion and Battle of Eureka Stockade occurred in 1854. God Bless Australia and the Australian Spirit!

Spirit of Australia – calling on the spirit of Ballarat


James Delingpole, TCW: The death toll from the earthquakes which ravaged Turkey and Syria on February 6 is approaching 44,000. Were all these people the victims of what the Guardian insists was an ‘Act of God’? Or were they murdered by the Powers That Be as a kind of horse’s-head-in-the-bed warning about what happens to any leader – in this case Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – who refuses to toe the globalist line?

Was the Turkish earthquake man-made? Well, the technology exists . . .


Liberty Sentinel:

Former White House Stenographer: Biden is Actually EVIL:

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Alexander Adams, TCW: For over 20 years, the Jackdaw has been a vital outlet for critics, journalists and artists to expose corruption, mismanagement and insider dealing in the art world, especially in the UK public arts scene. Now its sale has been banned in the very places where people would be most likely to come across it

The Jackdaw is an independent visual arts newsletter which was founded in 2000 by David Lee, former editor of Art Review. He set out to make his new publication a Private Eye of the British art world. It would prick the bubble of the Young British Artists (Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst etc) who were in their prime 1991-2008, supported by Saatchi investment and the Royal Academy’s 1997 Sensation exhibition, and set out to shock and expand the definition of art to apply to whatever they chose it should.

The Jackdaw needs help to keep flying


Sorry for these big black boxes on some of the Rumble videos. It’s how they embed.

Rebel News:

Lidia who? Alice Springs aboriginals SLAM ‘scared’ politicians


The Exposé: Oxford was one of the first to announce a scheme where car owners will be fined for driving outside of their local area. On Saturday, people gathered in Oxford to protest the 15-minute prisons the World Economic Forum and its collaborators are attempting to implement.

Proving that even children have more common sense and forethought than Net Zero Zealots, 12-year-old Jasmine sent Klaus Schwab a strong message: “How dare you steal my childhood and my future, and the future of all children, by enslaving us in your crazy digital surveillance prison.”

Protestors gather in Oxford to demonstrate their disapproval of draconian 15-minute neighbourhoods


Katie Hopkins:

ClimateLockdowns: can you see the 3 comms strategies in play: 1) re-brand 2) discredit 3) limit?



David Kurten, Heritage Party: Obviously a very decent man. That he is much smeared by the Dark side speaks volumes.

Oxford rallies against Agenda 2030 and 15-minute neighbourhoods

David Kurten talks to James Delingpole


Ickonic: ‘THIS IS THE LATEST ATTACK’ Heritage Party founder David Kurten talks to Ickonic reporter Lewis Brackpool at the incredible rally in Oxford to demonstrate against the draconian 15-minute city measures being touted by UK policymakers.

This is the latest attack – Heritage Party founder David Kurten at the 15-minute city rally:



What is a 15-minute city? | Richard Willett on Ickonic’s Hot Desk Headlines






The WEF plaything, (of course, in these days of anti-truth, anti-human Satan’s press media) shamelessly decomposing to its now moniker, “Oxford’s Fail”, the Oxford Mail, tried unvaliantly to steer public opinion away from the acute issue they themselves should be railing (with every inkspot and fibre) against – a diabolical unauthorised* assault on humanity and its Divinely gifted freedoms of speech, choice and movement. What was teir headline? “Five arrested as 2,000 attend LTN protest in Oxford”. They’d have ignored it if they could but even with a largely observationally-disengaged and herd-tech entrained Oxford population they knew they couldn’t get away with what the BBC (un)did about the mass demonstrations outside their Eric Gill blazoned HQ.

The people of Oxford have never been asked to vote on this starting gun into the ‘allowed nowhere outside their zone/district’ abyss of ‘Hunger Games’ dystopia.

Deluded BLM and Antifa thugs were arrested according to reports. You can see for yourself who were the anti-social protesters, and who had the support of the people, by just watching the videos. You can also see there were way more than 2,000 people that had gathered in Broad Street.

* The people of earth have been relentlessly gaslighted to fall into the nonsensical egotistical anthropocentric climate change fraud and so are left perilously vulnerable to deceptions* spewing from evil elements in academia and government. Just as with the murderous jabs and covid deceit, caring humans have been willfully lied to, burned and bullied into digging their own graves. An ill informed electorate, as the Darkness and its collaborators know, is an easy target for psychopaths’ ambitions.  The people have never been legitimately informed, ever, which is why they vote in sociopaths, dummies and monsters every time.

If a vote occurred in Oxford before this march the Darkness would have walked it. Perhaps not now – thanks to all those who turned up and everyone who has done whatever they could to wake our people up (even the BLM, antifa and Xstinkers, BBC and Oxford Mail – because just by doing what they do showed the previously naive bystanders their true, hellish-hue, colours).  God bless you.

* intentionally – the media are absolutely complicit in this.


This is an interesting ‘line’, again being artfully trick-wordery:

“Rosy Bennet, 25, was part of the counter-demonstration called in response to reports that ‘neo-Nazi’ group Patriotic Alternative planned to join Saturday’s anti-LTN march in central Oxford.”https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/23333857.anti-fascist-protester-oxford-magistrates-court-ltn-demos/

Any evidence for all that, Tom Seaward, Oxford Mail? … because there is plenty of video evidence to show that antifa were there with unholy intentions against everyday human beings with legitimate concerns for their families’ futures and every human being’s freedom and welfare. Antifa are obviously funded? Do you know who by? *

Why have you not only joined with the Dark Side, you are hurrying its nightmare into place with your word-swerves and omissions? For It is, make no mistake, not just intent on bringing horror to your trusting readers, it is coming for everyone you know too? Do you not ask why, in a supposedly democratic country, where Common Law is king and Divine Law is superior to it all, how a snivelling councillor can have the confident audacity to announce a done deal on such a life-changing issue for everyone in the county and country? It’s Revelation time, the long-prophesied Last Days for this world, mateys, and you’re backing the devil’s bucker, in the last race!

* Oh yes and they walked along Queen Street barefaced before donning their black slit masks by Carfax, right in front of ‘Oxford’s Finest’…and possibly even Detective Hathaway, who was in town to support the Good Side, saw it. All on video, several videos.


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News: This is a Free Podcast; you don’t have to be a subscriber to listen.

I’ve dug up many vital facts and I’ll lay them out for you

In this podcast, I attack, from a number of different angles, the sparse cover story we’re being fed—so I can give you as much information as possible about:



Mail Online: A group of Anglican church leaders from around the world have ousted the Archbishop of Canterbury as their head following the decision to allow the blessing of same-sex couples in England.

The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) has said in a statement that it no longer considers Justin Welby to be ‘leader of the global communion’, and it has ‘disqualified’ the Church of England from being its ‘mother church’.

Earlier this month, the General Synod – the Church of England’s legislative assembly – passed a motion to allow the blessing of same-sex couples in civil partnerships.

The GSFA said it speaks for 75% of Anglicans around the world, officially representing 25 member provinces – mainly in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

In its statement released on Monday, the group accused the Church of England of ‘taking the path of false teaching’ and going against ‘the historical biblical faith’ by allowing same-sex blessings, adding: ‘This breaks our hearts.’

They said the archbishop had ‘sadly led his House of Bishops to make the recommendations (for blessing gay couples) knowing that they run contrary to the faith and order of the orthodox provinces in the communion’.

Anglican church leaders around the world oust Archbishop of Canterbury as their head in historic blow for Church following decision to permit blessing of same-sex couples


Konstantin Kisin, JohnAndersonConversations via Triggernometry:

The REAL Reason Russians Support Putin


Daily Mail: A spiritual medium found the body of mother-of-two Nicola Bulley in the River Wyre.

Jason Rothwell, 33, was seen in pictures pointing to the waters where Lancashire Police massed yesterday afternoon.

He and his friend, who MailOnline have cross-referenced to their social media presence, spoke to police who later retrieved the body.

It marked the latest development in the search for Ms Bulley, before the police press conference this evening confirmed the body is the missing 45-year-old’s.

Self-styled ‘medium’ reveals how he found Nicola Bulley’s body and had been using his ‘gift’ to try and help in the search for the missing mother-of-two


Government demons trying to trick and gaslight the people…surely not! THIS IS URGENT! 

Richard Vobes: THE EMAIL SHOULD BE THE WAY WE RESPOND. We are being hoodwinked into answering the questionnaire and we should not, we should just send an email with a simple, NO to the whole idea. Please send your response by 1 March 2023 to The Data Sharing Legislation Team at dea-data-sharing@digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk. Digital Identity Survey link: https://www.gov.uk/government/consult… The UK Government have given a ridiculous short amount of time to a public consultation about the proposal of Digital Identities that will impact the citizens of the Great Britain.

See more: Urgent! UK Government’s Digital Identity Survey

See also 20/2/23 Together Declaration newsletter for more info and assistance.


Alex Klaushofer, Ways of Seeing: I’m interrupting my regular Substacking with a somewhat urgent post about a little-publicised development in the UK.

On March 1st a consultation about digital identify verification and data sharing between public authorities comes to a close. Launched on January 4th with almost no media coverage, the proposed changes will spend a short time under public consideration. Should the average person stumble across the consultation and give it only a cursory glance, the changes will likely sound insignificant, just another administrative step along the road to progress in the digital age.

Whose data is it anyway? – The UK government plans to share a lot of information about YOU.


Sad news. I didn’t know Robbie Graham but I remember him attending Exopolitics in Leeds, when I spoke there. He was only 41. Robbie Graham May 9, 1981-Feb 17, 2023.

Red Pill Junkie, Daily Grail: Pardon me as I lose all sense of ‘journalistic composure’, but this really felt like a kick in the balls when I first heard of it in the morning.

Word has come through the weird vine that Robbie Graham, a much-respected author and editor of paranormal related books in the UK —and a personal friend of mine— has passed away.

Vale Robbie Graham (1981-2023), Reframer of the UFO Debate


Mike Lockley, The Brighter Side of News:

A respected historian believes lost treasure which could include the Ark of the Covenant and Holy Grail may be lying underneath a manor house near Burton.

David Adkins, an anthropologist and historian who made headlines when he tracked down a 10,000-year-old skull known as “Greta”, believes the lost treasure of the Knights Templar could be concealed in a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers underneath Sinai Park House.

The imposing landmark in Burton may be lying on caverns vast enough to contain Westminster Abbey, according to one geologist.

Holy Grail and Ark of Covenant thought to be located under an English house


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Yes, I really did say  there are apes in the U.K. Escaped animals from zoos? Probably not. Something paranormal? Almost certainly: “Yes.” Let’s have a look at some of these very strange animals. In no specific order, here they are.

The Mysterious Apes of the United Kingdom: A Cryptozoological Mystery




First half hour plus features the miserable ranks of the dark side…and don’t they display it. After this thousands of humans there to say, “We ain’t (‘ent’ Oxonian) ‘aving it, Enright and your scaley gang of WEF collaborators!

Don’t miss, playing from about 3:16 and from near the end, this (despite the circumstances) tight band, Jam For Freedom, giving a great account of themselves.


Be part of the growing movement of empowered people with a solution.





Jam for Freedom- Primrose Hill. Documentary by SCUM Media. CENSORED


Grizzly Patriot:

Christine Anderson Speaks in Alberta.

Pro-human and pro-freedom MEP, Christine Anderson Speaks in Alberta.


18th February – OXFORD: The disgusting Oxfordshire County Council are not even pretending to abide by Oxonians wishes. There has been no public consultation or referendum for such a life-changing imposition. “It’s going to happen definitely.” – Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for travel and development strategy. That is tyranny Enright!…and you are supposedly imposing this because of the proven lies of human caused climate change theory – . No, Enright and your collaborators, you are obeying orders from a shadowy and sinister coterie who will turn on you too as soon as you are not needed.

“The lack of warming over a significant portion of the Earth undermines the unproven hypothesis that the carbon dioxide humans add to the atmosphere is the main determinant of global climate.” – Here’s a recent example that disses your nonsense.

These councillors and their craven ilk are tools of an anti-human agenda that has long been exposed but is now being realised by thinking people who were previously brainwashed and gaslighted by complicit politicians and media.


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Mr Law, Health and Technology: We keep digging into the Covid-related sh*tf*ckery of globalists, politicians and their collaborators. Every time we find somthing new I think that nothing could possibly exist to surprise or disgust me more…

… and every time we go on to find something even worse.

Covid Timeline: Part 1 – Includes events from Feb 2016 to Sept 2020


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”

odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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