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Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson:

This is the question and answer period that followed MEP Christine Anderson’s speech.

MEP Christine Anderson in Calgary!


Oxford United! Humanity United! Yeah!!! God bless you all!


Body Language Ghost:

Body Language: Damar Hamlin Interview

I think it’s pretty obvious his heart and soul wants needs to tell the truth that his sentry mind won’t allow…The wall will come down.


Highwire, via Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

Get ready for a wave of lawsuits against doctors….

…and India refused to give Pfizer indemnity, which is why they withdrew their emergency use application.

Australian Doctors, Nurses, Health Centres & Government Employees Liable for Vaccine Injuries


The Delingpod: A James Delingpole Podcast:

Agenda 21/30 and WEF researcher, the marvellous and very thorough, Sandi Adams, who for many years, has been doing her best to alert the world to these sinister agendas. From her research she sees that everything, all of it, has been planned.

Humans urgently need to comprehend that ‘the system’ has been commandeered by anti-human entities and that vast numbers (possibly almost all) of their local politicians and MPs are not their friends, and never will be. They are dangerously compromised…but you only have to pay attention to what is happening around you and their disdain for the law and democratic process, to see the undeniable truth of this.


The John-Henry Westen Show, LifeSite: The global culture war against the LGBT agenda has finally arrived against faithful Catholics in Africa. However, African Catholics are resisting LGBT indoctrination and remaining true to the Catholic Church’s teachings on traditional marriage and sexuality thanks to the blood spilled by the brave Ugandan martyrs in ages past.

The Catholic Church in Africa is powered by the blood of the martyrs, who fearlessly gave witness to Christ and refused homosexual advances from their King. That is why today’s African Catholics are steadfast in their beliefs against the LGBT agenda today, and willing to shed their blood in the great tradition of the African martyrs before them. Whether the LGBT agenda takes a foothold in Africa remains uncertain. However, are we willing to shed our own blood for the truth?

Sealed by Blood: Africa’s Enduring Fight Against the LGBT Agenda


TopherField: Oh sure, you can CALL yourself a Christian… but you MUST adopt the doctrines approved by the government… or else.

You can now be a Christian in Australia in the same way that you can be a Christian in China… by professing to believe only the doctrines that align with your government.

The government will decide your theology and beliefs… not your faith, and certainly not your bible. And if you step out of line then the full force of the law is ready and waiting to make an example out of you.

I know that sounds like an exaggeration but it’s literally true, today, right here in Australia.

And we need to talk about it.

Church and State 2023 – Be there!


Paul Challenger: A talk about Louie Harris’ book on her husband Alec’s phenomenal physical mediumship

Louie Harris’ book about Alec Harris


Peter McIlvenna, HeartsofOak: This episode we welcome Callum back to Hearts of Oak as he joins us to discuss his latest trip.
First it was an Afghanistan vacation, then a cheeky weekend in Serbia and now his recent sabbatical takes him to Russia!
He is best known for being the co-host on the hugely popular Lotus Eaters Podcast and is now carving out a ‘dark tourism’ niche for himself by showing us these countries in a way we have never seen before.
His report on his latest trip to Russia, including the Donbass region is a must see, absolutely fascinating viewing.
The media tell us one story.
Callum is showing the other side.

Callum – англичанин в России / An Englishman in Russia


Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge: Norfolk Southern Railway CEO Alan Shaw published a letter Thursday that read, “We will not walk away, East Palestine.”

But already, officials from Norfolk Southern ditched a meeting last night with worried East Palestine, Ohio, residents who were only searching for answers after a freight train with 150 cars (20 of which were carrying hazardous materials) derailed in the small town, resulting in a chemical disaster.

East Palestine “Residents May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations,” Class Action Lawsuit Alleges


Mail Online: New Zealand redeployed gunships and helicopters to deliver water, food and fuel to cities cut off by Cyclone Gabrielle on Thursday, as overwhelmed rescue teams embraced overseas offers of help.

Five people have died and 10,500 more have been displaced, according to authorities, in a disaster that has crippled the country’s populous North Island.

New Zealand cyclone death toll climbs to five with ‘grave concerns’ for 3,500 missing as military delivers aid to cities cut off by devastating floods


WHF Entertainment: For this Black History Month, join me as we explore the often ignored history of black families and how the Government lead to its intentional destruction.

The Truth About Black History!


Robert Murray-Smith:

1840 Atmospheric Electricity An Exciting Possibility


via Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

“Then along comes Seymour Hersh, the world’s most acclaimed living investigative journalist. He produces a detailed claim that the United States executed this explosion with Norway.”

European MP Clare Daly Condemns Us Attack on Nord Stream




Simon Caldwell, TCW: The reason George Orwell is quoted so often these days is because two of his works, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, are effectively prophecies of the demented post-modern era in which we live.

Identity politics, the ugly US import which separates everyone into tribes competing for victim status, was surely anticipated in Animal Farm by the observation that ‘all animals are equal but some are more equal than others’. Likewise, Nineteen Eighty-Four gave the world the concept of Big Brother, which is now more or less a reality, as well as doublethink and newspeak. In modern Britain there are examples of these everywhere.

One of the most chilling of Orwell’s warnings was that of ‘thought crime’ or ‘crimethink’, offences kept in check by the ‘thought police’ or the ‘thinkpol’. Until now they have remained in the realm of fiction.

A victory for freedom in our Orwellian thought-crime nightmare


Counterspin NZ: Globalists caused Turkish earthquakes as a warning? If so, Turkey is at war.

Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca went viral this week with a powerful speech calling out deep state players, highlighting that the recent Turkish earthquakes were created by weaponised technologies.

Today she tells Counterspin Media that she has access to intelligence sources that reveal that this scenario is not only possible, but likely.

Diana is a mother of 3, lawyer and parliamentarian who had the courage of a lion and is well known for wearing a dog muzzle in Parliament to protest mask mandates and encourage people not to get jabbed. She only speaks backed up by facts and evidence, and so this episode is a must watch.

We round up this episode with an observation about recent severe weather events in New Zealand.

EPISODE 86: Romanian Bombshell – Turkey at War

Note how this attack on New Zealand was unleashed during their harvesting season as well. Also, wondering how W.E.F Charles Windsaur’s’ huge landholdings are going in Romania?


Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier: ABANDONMENT:

Biden, Buttigieg MUM ON Ohio Disaster and FEMA Allegedly TURNS DOWN Support For Poisoned Region, Norfolk Southern Refuses To Attend Town Hall Meeting, Citing Fear Of Violence From Locals


Art News: The ancient site Göbekli Tepe was not damaged in the wake of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in south-central Turkey and northern Syria.

Earthquake in Turkey Did Not Damage 11,500-Year-Old Monolithic Site


Break Free with Karen Hunt: This is a wild one so, buckle up and get ready!

We are the masters of artificial intelligence!

If you doubt it, check out the video below. Look how these robot dogs do the bidding of their controllers. It must be a powerful feeling, to have created all those robot dogs and watch them perform on command.

Killer Robots, Video Games & Artificial Wombs – Fully autonomous weapons aren’t just the third revolution in warfare, they’re the manifestation of everything that has gone wrong with technology.


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs: Church of England revs but not as you know them Thomas Pelham, Jamie Franklin and Daniel French sit down to talk about the big news this week: – Nicola Sturgeon’s ignominious exit and the perils of crossing swords with JK Rowling. – Unidentified Flying Objects over America. Shall we panic now or very soon? – “Scientists” say we should ban gendered and binary language. Thank goodness we have these people to tell us what to do. – And more, of course, on the developing story within the Church of England on the blessing of same-sex unions. All of this, a very pleasant email of the week and a Question the Rev posing a moral dilemma for an NHS radiographer.

Gender Wars in Church and State – Irreverend Episode 113


Neil Oliver:

‘…by altering & adapting words they want to stop us engaging in debate by making us fearful of saying the wrong thing…’

‘…conflict & conversation’


In the Interests of the People: Yesterday, the RBA Governor appeared before Senate Estimates and took a series of tough questions about the inflation and interest rates. It was another performance by a public official clearly out of his depth and actually made a range of misleading statements about did we find ourselves in this problem? It is a contempt of the Australian Senate to provide false and misleading evidence.

Australians face FINANCIAL RUIN by Lies and Propaganda


Kathy Gyngell, TCW: YES, the wording may sound a bit weak and you may say it is bound to be ignored, but we should still all sign this petition asking for a public inquiry into ‘Ofcom’s guidance on broadcast standards during the pandemic’.

Sign this Ofcom petition, then switch off your TV


Scottish Daily Express: Hundreds of Scots descended on Glasgow’s George Square on Wednesday to celebrate the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP leader shocked the world of politics by announcing her intention to step down earlier in the day at a hastily-arranged press conference.

Hundreds celebrate Nicola Sturgeon’s departure at Glasgow’s George Square with massive conga line:


Avi Yemeni, Rebel News:

During my recent trip to Israel I spoke with an Australian Jew about the challenges of raising his children on the West Bank.

FULL REPORT by Avi Yemini: https://rebelne.ws/3YTYGAA

Overcoming FEAR and building relationships on the West Bank


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Bigfoot: it’s a controversy-filled word that is instantly recognizable to just about one and all. And, regardless of whether one is a true believer, an open-minded skeptic, a definitive non-believer, or a semi-interested observer of the controversy, pretty much everyone knows what the word implies and describes: a large, hair-covered, ape-style animal that is said to roam, and lurk within, the mysterious, forested wilds of the United States. The number of people who claim to have seen a Bigfoot is, now, in the thousands. The beast has been the subject of big-bucks, hit movies. Today’s world of reality television loves the legendary monster – viewing figures make that abundantly clear. It occupies the minds and weekends of monster hunters and creature seekers everywhere, each and every one of them hoping to be the person who finally bags a Bigfoot and, as a result, goes down in history.

When a Monster can be Physical and Non-Physical, Too: It’s Scotland’s Most Feared Beast


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: Few filmmakers have had as much of a lasting legacy and influence on modern cinema as the American film director, producer, screenwriter, and photographer Stanley Kubrick. Born in 1928 and raised in the Bronx, New York City, over the course of his illustrious career he created such groundbreaking and often controversial films as Spartacus, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Dr. Strangelove, and Full Metal Jacket, to name just a few, many of which have long had a reputation as being among some of the best movies ever made. Kubrick frequently pushed at the boundaries of filmmaking with innovative special effects, cinematography, the perfection of new filming methods such as the use of a Steadicam for stabilized and fluid tracking shots, realistic attention to detail, and extensive set designs. Perpetually holding a rank as one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century, he has continually influenced filmmakers and movies right up into the present, but he has also long been a magnet for dark, often very strange conspiracies, and one of these is the claim that he had dealings with a sinister secret society that may have led to his death.

Stanley Kubrick, the Illuminati, Eyes Wide Shut, and a Conspiratorial Death


Two site articles on Eyes Wide Shut:

Eyes Wide Shut

More Eyes Wide Shut




Bob Moran: UFO


Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, Activist Post: After I won my landmark “quarantine camp” lawsuit against Governor Hochul and her Department of Health a few months ago, people from around the globe started reaching out to me. Some wanted to simply send congratulations on a job well done, and thank me for giving them hope that this tyranny that somehow magically took hold contemporaneously in countries around the world, could be defeated.

But many others wanted more than that. They wanted actual help. They wanted to know how they could fight back against the intense tyranny in their countries. So, I started doing interviews and presentations to groups based in the UK, South Africa, Canada, and Australia. I shared with them my legal theory behind my case, the separation of powers argument, and all about my courageous plaintiffs (Senator George Borrello, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Assemblyman [now Congressman] Mike Lawler, and a citizens’ group called Uniting NYS).

Inside an Australian Quarantine Camp


Gerald Celente and the Judge: Putin is the only one telling the truth,

America: Private Armies, War Crimes, Cover Ups


Celia Farber: Eric F. Coppolino Is At The Cutting Edge Of The Palestine, Ohio Story, And What He Reports Based On Deep Knowledge Of Dioxin, Is, I’m Sorry To Say: NOT GOOD. At all.

Are We, As A Culture, Totally Unresponsive To The Threat Of Grave Chemical Spills, Because Of A Half Century of “Virus” Propaganda?


James Bartley: Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of Toxic Chemicals were Set on Fire in Ohio following a train derailment. This was done in what was called a “controlled release”. Please make sure that people know what happened in this disaster. This is going to affect the environment for generations to come.

Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Were Set on Fire


Staff Writer, Nation First, by George Christensen:

“DuPont is using science and innovation to make the world a safer, healthier, and better place to live.”

– DuPont’s tagline

It was the concluding days of the Second World War and DuPont, already a massive corporation was looking for the next big opportunity to cash in on as government contracts were drying up.

That opportunity was realised in the form of Teflon — a waxy hydrophobic substance discovered years earlier by accident by one of the company’s scientists.

Originally employed in military applications, its uses quickly expanded post-war to encompass cookware, clothing, construction, mechanical parts, and even pizza boxes.

The company was making a big fortune off of this ‘wonder chemical.’

The corporation that poisoned our waters.


Kathy Gyngell, Rajesh Taylor, TCW: THAT we have a wonderful record of the Celebration of Dissent event we held at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London last Thursday to a sold out 900 seat auditorium, is entirely down to the ‘on the spot’ volunteered services of Rajesh Taylor (booked by me only as the official photographer). He filmed it all from his mobile phone, sitting on the floor in front of the podium!

Rajesh, a professional photographer who, finding himself in the middle of an early lockdown protest began making a photographic record of them (some published in these pages) hasn’t looked back.

Meeting him face to face for the first time a few weeks ago, he offered me his services free to film our upcoming event. Alarmed at its already complex organisation, and wanting nothing extra to think about, I foolishly said thank you, but photos only and no to filming!

On the night I felt rather different, especially with our surprise speaker, Mike Yeadon, back in Blighty, and about to appear live! Ever adaptable, despite not coming equipped, Rajesh said yes to my belated plea, and not to worry, he would film it all on his phone.

Our Celebration of Dissent film


Dr. Sam Bailey: While everyone has been distracted by the COVID-19 fraud, many other aspects of the globalists’ agenda have been cooking in the background. One of them is the removal of poultry and eggs from the food supply.

The so-called Avian Flu is being used as the excuse to cull hundreds of millions of birds. It may be a surprise to some people that this is essentially a reboot of a narrative that was first tested two decades ago.

In 2005, a publication blew apart the fraudulent science used to invent a non-existent pandemic. Let’s have a look at the paper they don’t want you to know about as they attempt to take away your chickens.

Show notes and References 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/taking-away-your-chickens/

Taking Away Your Chickens


18th February – OXFORD: The disgusting Oxfordshire County Council are not even pretending to abide by Oxonians wishes. There has been no public consultation or referendum for such a life-changing imposition. “It’s going to happen definitely.” – Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for travel and development strategy. That is tyranny Enright!…and you are supposedly imposing this because of the proven lies of human caused climate change theory – . No, Enright and your collaborators, you are obeying orders from a shadowy and sinister coterie who will turn on you too as soon as you are not needed.

“The lack of warming over a significant portion of the Earth undermines the unproven hypothesis that the carbon dioxide humans add to the atmosphere is the main determinant of global climate.” – Here’s a recent example that disses your nonsense.

These councillors and their craven ilk are tools of an anti-human agenda that has long been exposed but is now being realised by thinking people who were previously brainwashed and gaslighted by complicit politicians and media.


Krankie has fucked off and left a right mess and carnage – well, you did put up with it Scotland…while the conscious world looked on in disbelief that Scots (the Scots!!!???) could ever demean themselves like they have.

Kate Dunlop, TCW: Nicola Sturgeon’s teary-eyed resignation speech tells us all we need to know about politics, the First Minister of Scotland, and the sad state of the country she has helped run into the ground.

We were exposed to the SNP sun god in all her scarlet-suited splendour talking about what she holds most dear – Nicola. What a lot about Nicola: me, me, me. Her steadfast heart and absolute dedication to the cause of the people – independence – since she was 16 years old, and her steady rise through the ranks of the talking shop that is Scottish politics. She detailed her successes and the positive legacy she leaves for other people to ‘judge’.

Will we see Sturgeon’s like again? Let’s hope not!


Toby young, The Daily Sceptic: In 1989 when I was working for Punch, I visited Bucharest a few days after the fall of Nicolae Ceaușescu in December 1989 and it was wonderful. People were celebrating in the streets, almost as if it was VE Day. A great weight had been lifted from their shoulders – the hated Marxist control system had finally been vanquished – and people were free to think and say what they liked. I imagine the atmosphere in Scotland in the next few days will be remarkably similar.

Fall of a Scottish Tyrant


Katie Hopkins on The Sturgeon Resignation…


Andrew Lawrence:


William Loneskie, TCW: They were temples of modern industry. Their task was to produce abundant cheap energy safely. They were the coal-fired power stations from Kent through Megawatt Valley around the River Trent  to Fife. They provided reliable British electricity 365 days a year using British coal and British-made turbines, generators, instruments and cabling. They were owned by the British state.

Powering down Britain


ET Newsroom: In this second segment, Part Two of looking at the Nicola Bulley case, Peter follows her movement via her unique code which he was able to create and found some interesting, if not sad points. This short 22 minute piece follows on from the Part One Nicola Bulley case review, where he and fellow veteran dowser found her responding as alive using the unique code from the 27th January to the 2nd of February…further investigations revealed movement of her in a deceased state from the locale all the way to Preston. There is a brief report at the end, which I feel is very interesting and worth consideration. Peter always sends his findings on to the relevant and various authorities to police and others involved to support in this way with his gleaned insights. I asked him to look at her movements with the code for PAST TIME, which can show further information about the situation, and this is something others can try to experiment with. This is a different approach to investigations with a different set of tools and awareness.

Further information: Nicola Bulley – Part Two – February 16th 2023 With Remote Viewer & Dowsing Detective Peter Vincent


Eugyppius, The Daily Sceptic: Virus pest and German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has announced that most remaining coronavirus measures will end on March 1st, one month and seven days before they were scheduled to expire. This follows his rough treatment on the nationwide talkshow Markus Lanz last week. Lauterbach spent most of his pandemic as a chronic guest on Lanz and similar venues, where his every opinion was treated as an oracular pronouncement straight from Delphi. Lanz and his guests have made it clear that all of that is over with now. For 30 minutes, they harangued Lauterbach for his virus hysteria, for his imprudent tweets, for his failed predictions and for the few remaining pandemic restrictions upheld by his office. As Lauterbach struggled to defend himself, Lanz played an old clip of Anders Tegnell from 2020, in which the Swedish state epidemiologist bemoaned the coming economic and educational harms of lockdowns.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the pendulum is swinging the other way in Germany now. Our press are certainly doing their level best to lend the impression that we’re in the midst of a wholesale reappraisal of our pandemic policies. Creepy Lauterbach fangirl Christina Berndt has even published a defensive wall-of-text in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Like all our other Science Gurus, Berndt has been relentlessly, consistently, embarrassingly wrong about everything, which means she’d prefer that nobody be called to account for all the stupid stuff they’ve spent the past three years doing and saying.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Faux Apologies From the Lockdown Fanatics


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under: Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Dr Melissa McCann reveal that the TGA appears to have hidden numerous vaccine-induced deaths from the public view, including those of two children.

Dr McCann shared the shocking revelation in her address at the Covid Vaccine Conference, hosted by Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party over the weekend in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The event featured leading ICU physician Dr Pierre Kory, cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough, and McCullough’s collaborator, author John Leake.

BREAKING: Australia’s drug regulator hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that ‘disclosure could undermine public confidence’ – The hidden deaths include two children, 7 and 9 years old, who both suffered fatal cardiac arrests which the TGA assessed as causally linked to Covid vaccination


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”

odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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