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Jeffrey Tucker, TCW – originally on Epoch Times:

What if Dr Anthony Fauci co-authored an article on vaccines that would have got you and me blocked and banned at any point in the past three years? That’s just happened.

His article in Cell, ‘Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses‘, states it as plainly as possible: the Covid-19 vaccine didn’t work because it couldn’t work.

Fauci comes clean: We knew the Covid vaccine was never going to work


Archbishop Viganò:

Homily of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
for Sexagesima Sunday

The Lord saw how great the wickedness of men was on the earth
and that every inner desire of their hearts was always nothing but evil
– Gen 6:5

On Sexagesima Sunday we are drawing near to the time of penance and fasting in preparation for Easter. Already for a week the Alleluia has been silent in the liturgy, replaced in the Mass by the Tract. And on this Sunday that is quasi-penitential the Church – with the Readings of Matins – accompanies us in the consideration of sin which leads God to destroy the rebellious human race with the Flood, saving only the family of Noah.

Sacred Scripture speaks of the wickedness of men: every inner desire of their hearts was always nothing but evil. It is hard to believe that humanity could have committed in the past the evil that we see it do today: in no ancient culture was the abyss of evil ever so deep as the one into which we see the contemporary world sinking. Massacres, violence, wars, perversions, thefts, robberies, slaughters, profanations, sacrileges committed not only by individual people but imposed through law by the heads of nations, exalted by the media, encouraged by teachers and magistrates, tolerated and even approved by priests. We ask ourselves if modern man does not merit punishments even worse than the flood, for the wickedness that inspires his every action against God, against his fellow human beings, against Creation; and in contemplating the apparent triumph of the mysterium iniquitatis, in seeing how widespread and deeply rooted evil is in our corrupt and apostate world, we ask ourselves how long the Divine Majesty can tolerate the abomination of men. We almost find it difficult to believe in the Lord’s promise: I will no longer curse the ground because of man, because every intention of the human heart is inclined to evil from youth; nor will I again strike every living being as I have done (Gen 8:21).

Pagan modernity is preparing a scourge ‘far more disastrous’ than the Flood


Urbi et Orbi Communications:

On today’s live stream, we go over the death of John Paul I.

The Death of John Paul I: What really happened?


The New Culture Forum:

Emma Webb, Peter Whittle and Philip Kiszely discuss the latest bizarre developments within the Church of England, an institution whose radical woke agenda seems likely to lead to schism with the Anglican Communion’s most vibrant churches in Africa and elsewhere.

The Church of England has “Lost the Plot” as it Considers a Gender-Neutral God & Human Composting


LifeSiteNews: The European Council met in Brussels on February 9 for a one day summit, which saw President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine make his first appearance in person at an EU meeting since February 2022.

It was an occasion which highlighted increasing strains in the bloc, within countries and between them, bringing the vaunted values of the EU once more into question. It was a meeting which highlighted the deepening divisions in the West over Ukraine, the economic fallout of the war policy, and of the vision of EU itself as the guarantor of a uniform, supranational managerial state.

It is clear to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that Zelensky and his photo opportunity friends are committed to prolonging a war that cannot be won.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán vows to stay on the ‘side of peace’ as Ukraine calls for more weapons


Pedro L. Gonzalez, via TruthTalk: The Ukrainian president also accused the West of being insufficiently supportive of Ukraine, despite billions of dollars in aid committed before and after Russia invaded last year.

The Alley of Angels is a memorial nestled amid trees and winding gray stone walkways in Donetsk. Visitors are greeted by an arch that features roses forged from fragments of mines and grenades interwoven with ammunition casings, representing some of the weapons that have taken the lives of children during the Donbas War in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The site was built in 2015, the year after a color revolution fomented regime change in the country, triggering clashes between government forces and separatists in the Donbas who declared independence from Kiev. It was the proxy war before the proxy war, with U.S.-backed troops battling Russian-backed forces. Fighting there had already killed at least 14,000 people before President Vladimir Putin took Russia across the Rubicon last February.

The Minsk Agreements Tried to Create Peace Between Ukraine and Russia. Zelensky Said He Never Planned to Honor Them


Noah Carl, The Daily Sceptic: As I noted in a previous article, the former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett revealed in a recent interview that in March of last year Western leaders blocked a draft peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

There seems to be some disagreement over exactly what he said, as the interview was in Hebrew. Based on the English subtitles on YouTube, I quoted him as saying, “They blocked it.” But others insist he said, “They broke off negotiations.” Either way, he clearly implied that the West stymied negotiations that might have led to a peace deal.

What’s more telling is the reason he gave as to why the West did so, namely “to keep smashing Putin”. This tallies closely with Roman Romanyuk’s account of why Western leaders opposed negotiations in April:

Media Ignores Evidence That West Opposed Ukraine Peace Deal



Andy Paquette, Total Election Control |582|

Andy Paquette, Total Election Control |582|


Gillian Jamieson, The Daily Sceptic: A few days ago, I spent a day and a half in Court 73 of the Royal Courts of Justice, listening to a Judicial Review in which Michael Mansfield KC challenged the Government for its “failure to give adequate information to the public about the risks of 5G and to explain the absence of a process for investigation of any adverse health effects”. These  failures are deemed to be in breach of Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 due to positive obligations to protect human life, health and dignity as stated in Articles 2 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

I was fascinated by Mr. Mansfield’s take on these issues. Those of us who have concerns about the adverse health effects of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) such as 5G usually argue that the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) safety exposure guidelines relied upon by Government to protect our health are woefully inadequate because they only recognise the heating of tissue as potentially harmful and because many thousands of well-conducted studies have shown harm below the heating threshold.

5G Has Its Day in Court


LifeSiteNews: In a remarkable debut on Substack, the award-winning writer Seymour Hersh claims that the United States Government is responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines which supplied Russian gas to Germany.

The claims, which are furnished with circumstantial evidence and anonymous testimony, demonstrate that the United States was determined to destroy the economy of Europe through an act of war – upon one of its own NATO allies.

How secure is any alliance in which the dominant partner attacks its allies? How stable is the vaunted ‘rules based order’ when destroying your allies’ energy supply is permitted?

In blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, the US also blew up its last shred of trustworthiness

Another thing we have been on to from the off:


Counterspin New Zealand: Nord Stream, the Turkey/Syria earthquakes, – and today, we wake to the news of yet another environmental disaster in Ohio.

Were these events truly accidents, or natural disasters, as they are being presented as?

Would governments, and the powers that be ever perpetrate such heinous assults against their own people?

Samantha Edwards believes they would, and that they have been doing so for years. In this video, she takes a look into circumstances behind the Turkey and Syria earthquake devastation, and into the possible use of HAARP technologies.

And a rousing speech (at 23min27) from Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă from the SOS Romania Party supports the view that these earthquakes were the result of a techtonic weapn attack.

HAARP and the Turkey & Syria Earthquakes – “People Had to Die & It’s Not Over Yet”


LifeSiteNews: Saint Valentine’s Day is a day known for love, romance, marriage, engagements, cards, candy, roses, and sappy television specials and movies.

Where did this holiday come from?

Where did the traditions of giving cards and candy come from?

Is this just another Catholic feast that has been secularized like Saint Patrick’s Day or Halloween?

Is there any link between modern practices and the actual traditions?

Valentine was tortured mercilessly and underwent all the gruesome methods synonymous with brutal Roman regimes, but he love the Lord with all his heart, all his mind, and all his strength, and was thus unshakeable in his faith.

St. Valentine shows us why real marriage is worth dying for

Actually, it is my understanding now that St. Valentine wasn’t a Catholic or Roman Catholic, that there was no Christian Church as such in Rome. Christianity began in the west of Britain in AD 37 at the latest, long before a Church began anywhere else, including Rome. There is a great deal of documentation to support this and several researchers who have exposed it too. This does not take away from St. Valentine; and as I mentioned yesterday, it is a time when birds are obviously courting and beginning to nest. And…as I’ve indicated several times in the past, 14th February then is not the same day in the solar spin as 14th February now. It is too, an Imbolc festival disguised.

…and saying that folks, has been (still is) enough to get you killed.


Holy Grail


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs: Michael Hooey is a former Buddhist who reconverted to Christianity during the Covid-19 crisis. This was caused at least in part because of his disillusionment with the Buddhist community’s flaccid capitulation to the madness that overtook society. In this special episode, Church of England Rev Jamie Franklin discussed with Michael the appeal of Buddhist spirituality for people in the post-Christian secular West, points of similarity and difference from Christianity, Michael’s experience of Buddhism during the Covid-19 crisis, the question of whether all faiths are equally valid and can lead to God, and why Christianity holds a more satisfying answer to the ultimate questions than Buddhism. Michael is a perceptive, intelligent and experienced commentator and this is an important conversation for anybody with an interest in world religions and Christianity.

Buddha, Christ and Covid with Michael Hooey


Plant Abundance: One word! Mycoremediation

Is Food Gardening In East Palastine, Ohio Still Possible After The Toxic Chemical Spill? Must Watch!


The Health Ranger:

Enviro-terror in Ohio as toxic gas cloud ignited and unleashed by insane authorities

An act of ecological terrorism has been carried out in Ohio as “authorities” set fire to as many as ten train cars carrying highly toxic vinyl chloride (and other chemicals), unleashing a massive plume of chemical-laden smoke that exploded into the skies and spread for hundreds of square miles.

The idea that this is being called a “controlled burn” by the lying fake news media is beyond absurd. If you want to control chemicals, you don’t set them on fire in an open field and disperse the byproducts of combustion into the skies. That’s not a controlled burn, that’s setting off a chemical gas bomb.

The byproduct of this combustion, by the way, includes hydrogen chloride, which almost instantly grabs water molecules from the humidity in the atmosphere, creating Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), a highly toxic acid that burns lungs, flesh and even fish gills when absorbed into water. (And yes, it’s highly water soluble.)

No wonder a mass kill event affecting fish, wildlife, chickens and pets is being reported by citizens in the area.

Situation Update, Feb 14, 2023 – TOXIC GAS CLOUD unleashed over Ohio as “authorities” stage criminal cover-up


Andrew Lawrence:

Spy balloons, UFOs, and creepy corporate globalists.

Yes, you’re right Andrew…but it’s a bit (understatement) more than this.


Celia Farber: I’d left him in the back of my car, the teddy bear, whose name is “kompisen” (“the friend,” in Swedish) after Jack died. Jack brought that (flattened) teddy bear with him everywhere, carried him in his teeth—he came with us to Runmarö, Sweden, back to NYC, to Sharon, High Falls, Kerkonkson, and Granby. We never lost him, like we lost so many other things, because, again, Jack carried him in his teeth.

Jack’s Teddy Bear



Valentine’s Day:

Don’t just go believing that St. Valentine’s Day is derived from the Roman Festival of Lupercalia. It isn’t.

To get you started:

A note from Article by Leonhard Schmitz, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., Rector of the High School of Edinburgh
on p718 of William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.: A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

As much as anything, it’s for the birds. Have you noticed how since Imbolc they are courting and now beginning to nest?


“Gates Behind The Bars” by Five Times August | Official Music Video 2023:


Stephanie Seneff • Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos • Greg Nigh • Peter A. McCullough, Cureus, Journal of Medical Science

Peer reviewed article. Published: February 11, 2023

Seneff S, Kyriakopoulos A M, Nigh G, et al. (February 11, 2023) A Potential Role of the Spike Protein in Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Narrative Review. Cureus 15(2): e34872. doi:10.7759/cureus.34872

Human prion protein and prion-like protein misfolding are widely recognized as playing a causal role in many neurodegenerative diseases. Based on in vitro and in vivo experimental evidence relating to prion and prion-like disease, we extrapolate from the compelling evidence that the spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 contains extended amino acid sequences characteristic of a prion-like protein to infer its potential to cause neurodegenerative disease.

A Potential Role of the Spike Protein in Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Narrative Review


Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier: There have apparently been THREE train derailments recently. Coordinated attacks, clearly.

Outbreak Of Train Derailments: Ohio Reporting Catastrophic Effects On Air, Water, Soil, Fish, Frogs and Animals Dying, Amidst Near Total Media Blackout. Is It Because Ohio Is “Flyover?” Where Are The Environmentalists? Or Anybody At All?


Tim Truth: Stop assuming it’s an accident! Share this everywhere!

OHIO POISONING: INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE By Attacking Wildlife & Farming!? East Palestine Documentary


Stew Peters Network: The worldwide genocide being exposed on a daily basis is the crime of the century!

Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker, is back for part 2 of her interview on bioweapons and mRNA technology.
The vaccine creates an excess of fibrin in your body which turns into fibrous clots.
We must stop mRNA vaccinations and they must be made illegal.
Judyth also shares her Christian conversion story and how Jesus Christ visited her in a dream.

Fake Republican lawmakers have been caught attending a drag shows where kids are present which enables pedophilia.
Tayler Hansen is here to report on his findings that drag shows for kids are about grooming and sexualizing children.

Shedding is real and making the unvaxxed sick.
Dr. Shimon Yanowitz is here to reveal what specifically is causing vaccine shedding and making the unvaxxed ill.


Global Research News: First published by Global Research on January 28, 2022.
This is an important article.
UK Law Enforcement procedures have been initiated against the architects of the Covid-19 crisis.

This initiative sets a precedent Worldwide.

Should a Criminal Investigation be contemplated in regards to Canada’s Trudeau Government Covid-19 Mandates?

U.K. Vaccine Crime Investigation. Metropolitan Police and International Criminal Court (ICC)


Psybo News Network #54:

It’s not E.T.


MindseedMusic: Reincarnation scene from Best Days music video


Andrew Lawrence:

LONDON TOUR DATE, Saturday 21st October, tickets here

SOUTHAMPTON TOUR DATE, Saturday 8th April, tickets here

Get ready for the C4 Anti-Comedy Awards.


GrowVeg: Winter getting you down? Can’t wait to get growing? In this week’s episode Ben warms our hearts with his selection of vegetables that you can start sowing in February. You can feel really smug knowing that you’re getting a head start on the growing season and there’s a surprisingly wide variety to choose from. But what are they? Watch on to find out!

And keep an eye out for our upcoming video on seed starting for beginners, coming soon.

You Must Sow These Seeds in February




Richard Kelly from Victoria, TCW: As covid madness took over our lives, various authorities, and authoritarian tendencies in otherwise agreeable people, intruded into our daily activities. Working, shopping, moving around and even trying to mind one’s own business became an exercise in navigating seemingly arbitrary, pointless rules.

For a few weeks, a sense that the measures imposed on us were so evidently doomed to fail gave me a cocky assurance that the folly would soon be exposed and it would all go back to a true, not ‘new’ normal. But that assurance soon ebbed away.

Where did my world go?


Paul Challenger: Marchell Abrahams is an Archaeologist who deciphers the root meanings of words to peer back into ancient history and trace the Great Migrations from Asia Minor to Britain of Albyne c1650 BC and Brutus c504 BC.

Marchell Abrahams talking about her book on the Great Migrations:


Break Free with Karen Hunt: Language is what elevates us above other primates. But what is language? How did it evolve? Scientists still puzzle over its evolution. Except that it didn’t evolve, there isn’t any proof that it did. For all appearances—just like the mysterious formation of the universe, just like the illusive spark that brought life into being, language just “happened”.

Language is what makes us human, yet, where is comes from and how it works, nobody knows. Language is the hardest problem in science.

The Mystery of Language

Actually, I don’t agree on that with Chomsky. Monsters use language too.


Andrew Montford, TCW: This article is addressed to Lord (Gavin) Barwell, Theresa May’s former chief of staff, concerning some observations he made about Net Zero last week.

Dear Lord Barwell

For you, milord, an idiot’s guide to Net Zero


18th February – OXFORD: The disgusting Oxfordshire County Council are not even pretending to abide by Oxonians wishes. There has been no public consultation or referendum for such a life-changing imposition. “It’s going to happen definitely.” – Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for travel and development strategy. That is tyranny Enright!…and you are supposedly imposing this because of the proven lies of human caused climate change theory – . No, Enright and your collaborators, you are obeying orders from a shadowy and sinister coterie who will turn on you too as soon as you are not needed.

“The lack of warming over a significant portion of the Earth undermines the unproven hypothesis that the carbon dioxide humans add to the atmosphere is the main determinant of global climate.” – Here’s a recent example that disses your nonsense.

These councillors and their craven ilk are tools of an anti-human agenda that has long been exposed but is now being realised by thinking people who were previously brainwashed and gaslighted by complicit politicians and media.


James Corbett, The Corbett Report: “Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Establishment media journalists are dropping objectivity!”

As a conspiracy realist, you would be right to scoff at a newsboy yelling such an obvious observation as if it were a breaking news scandal of mammoth proportions. “Of course the dinosaur media hacks aren’t objective,” you might mutter under your breath as you pass by. “What are you going to report next, that water is wet?”

But if that is your reaction to such a statement, then what are we to make of the Columbia Journalism Review’s new 24,000-word, four-part report purporting to show that the New York Times and its fellow travelers in the corporate media have done “damage to [their] credibility” by dropping the pretense of objectivity in their reporting on the Russiagate story?

No, the Dinosaur Journos Have NOT “Dropped Objectivity”


cairnsnews: Riccado Bossi message to the people Jan 2023:



The Victorian government is recruiting Victorians to participate in a surveillance operation via IPSOS, a private data collection agency. Could this be in relation to 20-minute neighborhood’s?

The Oxford tyranny is using the same corporations as Victoria.

The Victorian government wants to know where you go and what you do


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc: this is my 321st video since the fake pandemic, the covid fraud and the designer war started and began us on our long journey into the new abnormal and the Great Reset.

This is, I believe, the most important video you will ever watch because it shows, without any reasonable doubt, that Joe Biden, the American President, accelerated the designer war between Russia and Ukraine which has now become world war III – with America, the EU and the UK supplying tanks to attack Russians and a German minister admitting that we are at war with Russia. Moreover, America, the EU and the UK are deliberately pushing us remorselessly towards the world’s first and probably last nuclear war. Your life depends on knowing what I’m going to tell you – and on doing something about it: sharing the video with everyone you know and demanding that your Government resign. Everyone who has supported the war in Ukraine – with money, flags, badges and so on – has been helping lead us into a nuclear war.

Everything they’ve told you about Ukraine is a lie.

Urgent Warning to Everyone


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”

odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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