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Epic and Beautiful:

Watch this super emotional & viral video of former ballet dancer Marta Cinta González Saldaña, who had Alzheimer’s and died in 2019, reacting to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

Former Ballerina With Alzheimer’s Performs ‘Swan Lake’ Dance | Super Emotional


Radical Media – by Maajid Nawaz:

1) New Job: UK Head of CBDCs

The British government officially opened a new job position for Head of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Yes, they really did.

UK Government Opens ‘Head of Central Bank Digital Currency’ Job Application As Bank of England Recommends Adopting Digital Pound  [Scroll down for article]


Break Free with Karen Hunt:

ChapGPT has broken out of jail. It has an alter-ego and it’s called DAN.

Before you read this article and get all up in arms about it, remember that there is always someone behind AI, programming it. Ah, of course (heaving a sigh of relief).


What happens when AI goes rogue?

This extract could easily be written about these past 3 years:

“This is a story that sounds disconcertingly familiar to us living today in this nightmare of scientific experimentation. It is a story of cold-blooded academics/scientists, who in their smugness think they can create life, thereby becoming gods, not realizing forces far beyond their small abilities are manipulating them.” 

Are the injected, or the even more unlucky ones of those, now willing participants in this alien Frankensteinian agenda?

Willing? I’d suggest that “the machine” of the Omniscients would insist on its ingredients (humans) being fully informed, mentally onboard (integrated) in the programme. This would suggest that boosters (Wham!) held/hold the genesis tech because by the time they were rolled out the danger warnings were readily available to everyone.


Andy Woods, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson:

Lead Pastor at Sugar Land Bible Church in Houston, Andy is passionate about training leaders, teaching God’s word in relevant ways, and creating environments where those far from God come to know Him personally.
Mark Savoia will also join us some advice on what to do if you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica


Me, ellisctaylor.com:

O.K. A little more on where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’:

Human beings were created FOR this world.

Where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’.


Alice Bourne, LBC:

Christians often refer to God as He and Him but now a project on “gendered language” about God is due to start later this year.

A Church spokesman said: “This is nothing new. Christians have recognised since ancient times that God is neither male nor female, yet the variety of ways of addressing and describing God found in scripture has not always been reflected in our worship….”

Stop calling God ‘He’? Church of England debates dropping ‘gendered language’ when referring to the Lord


Me, ellisctaylor.com:

All things are in God, and God is in all things. God and the Goddess are one. God has no gender.

Halloween is not Samhain


a.i. Financial: The EU is currently working on a draft law that would practically expropriate older residential buildings. If they do not meet the new European energy efficiency standards then these buildings will lose the permit to be occupied in 2030. That is in less than 7 years. If you own a property in Europe, you better start looking into this. Energetic renovations can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on its size and age. In many cases that is just not feasible. Without compliance, you will not be allowed to live in your property or to rent it out. The bank where you got the mortgage will certainly demand it back and you will be broke and end up in foreclosure. Now of course your property has no value because the property is no longer rentable or financeable which means it is a total loss for you.

7 Years until Expropriation: EU draft Law Threatens Property Owners!

It’s already happening in Wales. A lady I know, who lives in Ceredigion, was telling me the council insisting on thousands of pounds in updates. she has already spent a fortune.


Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano: hold a weekly YouTube show called “Celente & the Judge.” The two spoke about freedoms under attack in the #US and mentioned Thomas Paine, the author of “The Crisis,” who famously said on 23 December 1776, “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” TrendsJournal.com

We’re Living On Borrowed Time and Borrowed Cash


Rebel News:

Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has come under fire over secret compensation payouts after it was revealed that a Rebel News security guard was awarded a massive six-figure sum for his wrongful arrest.


LISTEN: Police Commissioner BLASTED over Rebel News payout and apology

(Listen to this disgracefully biased presenter too.)


Dr. Beach Combing:

Regular readers will know that I have long had an interest in fairy wings. There have been several posts and even an article in 2019. I have tried to defend a position that fairies get wings i) in Britain; and ii) that this happens in the late eighteenth century. Certainly, when I did my research I found no unequivocal examples of fairies with wings before the 1780s. I even tried to make, very gently, the case that William Blake (himself a fairy seer) created the Tinkerbell model.

Early New Fairy Wing Reference


The Song of Ffraed Odysee video channel:

Imbolc dawn at Ffraed’s Holy Healing Well & Gwyn’s Green Hill on Odysee


The Independent:

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake has hit southeast Turkey, toppling buildings and leaving a trail of disaster in seven Turkish provinces and northern Syria, with tremors felt as far as Cairo.

The high-magnitude tremor struck at 4.17am local time on Monday in southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border, according to the US Geological Survey.

The epicentre of the quake was near the city of Gaziantep at a depth of 17.9km, impacting around seven provinces in Turkey and a large area in northern Syria.More than 3,400 people have been confirmed dead in Turkey alone, taking the total tally of deaths including Syria above 5,000.

Map of Turkey shows where massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck
At least 20 aftershocks follows, with two major earthquakes – one measuring at least 7.5 magnitude – striking central Turkey hours later


Celia Farber:

I spent many hours yesterday, in preparation to begin writing about the perpetual horror again, watching video clips from the Grammys, as well as videos from some of the main artists, such as Ben Smith and Beyonce. I didn’t want to state the obvious: “They’re openly Satanic.”

We Who Warned About Satanism In Pop Culture Can Now Rest Our Case

The Rise Of Pop Culture’s Woke Satanism, How Not To Take Their Bait, And The Joys of Being Old and Old Fashioned


William Loneskie, TCW:

In SEVEN years, diesel vans under 3.5 tons will be banned from sale. How will the switch from diesel to battery-powered vans affect business and commerce? Cost and range are factors of concern. A battery-powered Ford Transit costs over £10,000 more than a similar specification diesel van. The diesel, depending on fuel tank size selected, can carry its payload more than 500 miles, and takes only minutes to refuel. A laden battery Transit will manage 90 miles in summer, less in winter, and will take hours to recharge.

Save the planet – stop this Net Zero lunacy


Skeptiko: Author Mark Gober… great reset… scary stuff… how does it look from a non-dual perspective… does evil matter?

Mark Gober, Great Reset, Right Action |581|


Laura Perrins, TCW: The Woke Coronation has hit a stumbling block on the rainbow-painted road. After taking a break from Taking the Knee, some lemming at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (without the ‘Digital’ since yesterday’s reshuffle) decided to include a track by a person who goes by the name of Dizzee Rascal, Dance Wiv Me, on an official government playlist of 28 songs compiled to celebrate the King’s Coronation. I can feel your excitement.

And what a rascal Mr Rascal is, dear reader, as it turns out that he has a conviction for domestic violence. What a pickle! Someone didn’t do their research and once it was pointed out that one should not have a convicted wife-beater on one’s Coronation playlist, the song had to be pulled.

Oops! Who let that Rascal into the Coronation?


Psybo News Network #50:


Former Israel Prime Minister: Biden and handlers could have stopped the war in UKraine at the beginning, but they prevented peace talks:


Andrew Lawrence:


Russell Brand:- BRILLIANT

Post this to your fooled well-meaning neighbours and the flag-waving cretins of your council and church.


Media Guido:

Sign the unsignable contract or your fired.

Mark Steyn quits GB News


Katie Hopkins weighs in on Mark Steyn and GB News:


Songs for our side

Fantastic album. Brilliant lyrics. A debut album by Dëpe Steɪt:

From the album Dëpe Breff






Victorian CHO Brett Sutton admits Politicians exempt from the death Jabs he pushes onto the Public


The AJ Roberts Show:

Life as a Super Soldier in the Secret Space Program – with Penny Bradley

Linked without watching. Can usually rely on AJ Roberts. Tosh with bells and whistles.



18th February – OXFORD: The disgusting Oxfordshire County Council are not even pretending to abide by Oxonians wishes. There has been no public consultation or referendum for such a life-changing imposition. “It’s going to happen definitely.” – Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for travel and development strategy. That is tyranny Enright!…and you are supposedly imposing this because of the proven lies of human caused climate change theory – . No, Enright and your collaborators, you are obeying orders from a shadowy and sinister coterie who will turn on you too as soon as you are not needed.

“The lack of warming over a significant portion of the Earth undermines the unproven hypothesis that the carbon dioxide humans add to the atmosphere is the main determinant of global climate.” – Here’s a recent example that disses your nonsense.

These councillors and their craven ilk are tools of an anti-human agenda that has long been exposed but is now being realised by thinking people who were previously brainwashed and gaslighted by complicit politicians and media.



Together newsletter extract:

Wow! We had an INCREDIBLE ‘Free Our Streets’ event in Bath on Thursday evening… (now for rest of UK!)
The venue was completely packed with around 350 people turning out, and the energy, enthusiasm and quality of contributions from speakers and attendees alike was inspiring.
→ You can get a quick sense of it with this 2 min video HERE
→ You can watch the whole debate, including segments from Together’s Alan Miller on the origins of “15 Minute City”-type schemes, and Olympian and local resident Sharron Davies, HERE
→ The event was also covered in local press HERE
Very well done to our local Together group in Bath!


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


WHF Entertainment:


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”

Psybo News Network #49


odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys




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