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Josh and Adam Bigelsen are researchers and health consultants who have carried on the work of their father, Harvey Bigelsen, in the innovative field of what they call Holographic Blood. In the Bigelsen methodology, blood is examined under the microscope, and reveals messages from the body about what’s going on with one’s well-being.

Video links and description: Josh & Adam Bigelsen | Images in Holographic Blood & the Wisdom of Fractal Nature

If you want to hear more, click here for several interviews on Youtube (see the comments too).



Nicholas Creed, who describes himself as ‘a Bangkok-based journalistic infidel impervious to propaganda’, has kindly offered his originally written and recorded song The Great Resistance for publication on TCW. 

The Great Resistance (prod. Nxnja)


Dark Journalist & Whitney Webb The Control System Part 2


JP Reacts:

Something Fishy is Happening – Andrew Tate’s Arrest




Stay Strong My Friends Fear is the only weapon The Enemy Has
False Evidence Appearing Real.




Dicken: Mr Big (original) Broken Home  Mr Big – Romeo

If you listen to his songs and music, you will probably wonder why he (Dicken) never became a huge star. The answer is he is a committed Christian and refused to take the devil’s deals. 


Celia Farber:

Thanks in part to a second listening to a Fulton Sheen sermon, posted below, I now see that “functional despair” is a state of being that may be fully understandable, but should still be avoided at all costs.

Why? Because our enemy wants us to despair.

It’s one of the many states of mind that becomes food for the devil.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Diabolic? Anything That Tears Asunder, Pits people against one another: Fulton Sheen Is

A magnificent address by Bishop Sheen. I was struck by his constant caressing of the cross around his neck. A cross that’s shape is reminiscent of a syringe. There, right there, the symbolism expressed eloquently the essence of his sermon.

It is what we are suffering through with the evil onslaught of these past two years. The cross he lovingly held is directed from ‘above, from ‘heaven’. His words of wisdom, flowing easily from the Divine. Inspired.

What happens with a syringe before the inhabited agent pierces a human being’s aura and body? The ritual with the syringe has its needle point upwards and the plunger pressed from below, a sharp flick for a little drip of the potion to be released. Inversion! Upwards, the holy blood (energy) of Christ is ritually replaced by the dark energy concoctions brewed by warlocks of the underworld. When the devil came that snowy, cold Christmas night, what was it he threatened me with?

As Bishop Fulton Sheen emphasised, even if you have fallen for the treats and trickery, and threats of the Darkness or succumbed to it‘s threats, with Christ he will always offer redemption for those who de-serve it

(The sacred presence briefly mentioned in the article below (Holy 7s) paints crosses of endless intricacies and designs throughout Her course. At one abbey She has even woven Christ on the cross. Elegant chalices of equal finery adorn Her in dynamic inter and multi dimensional flowing grace.)


This day is also the Feast Day of John the Evangelist – ‘the Beloved Disciple‘ and author of the Book of Revelation. Recently I posted an article called ‘The Holy Grail‘ wherein I reported (and showed) a grail chalice that had appeared in a photo in a cave during this year’s Spring Equinox – the Culdees’ (Ancient British Christianity’s) Easter, their other Highest sacred day. ‘The Evangelist’ was highlighted to me again this week when I came face to face with a statue of him bearing a dragon in a chalice, in St. David’s Cathedral (See feature image.). I take this as a confirmative sign that something is afoot and that all humans with heart and soul intact need to be present in the holy places as often as they can during these Holy 7s. 

The Holy 7s


Karen Harradine, TCW:

Like most Jewish children, I had extensive Holocaust education, making it easy for me to spot parallels with the New Nazis foisting medical and climate change fascism on to us. I also experienced at first hand the fascism of apartheid policy in South Africa. 

Before March 2020, we were encouraged to make comparisons with history’s monsters such as Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. But today’s New Nazis, a depraved mix of the United Nations (UN), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), World Economic Forum (WEF), Chinese Communist Party (CCP), public health officials, pharmaceutical companies, social media giants, mainstream media and politicians, have cleverly sidestepped such comparisons by claiming both the moral high ground and control over world health. Consequently, all that has been abnormal these past two and a half years is normalised, the ultimate end game appearing to be UN Agenda 2030.

It is easily forgotten that what Hitler’s Nazis did was also in the name of public health…

The New Nazis are on the march



If you are under the impression that recent revelations about vaccine injuries are going to result in inquiries, criminal convictions, or even a temporary pause to mRNA vaccine production, you are sadly mistaken.

On the contrary, not only do our governments and the media continue to praise mRNA technology, but the intent is that mRNA vaccines will treat many other illnesses as well, bringing in further billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies and the experts and government officials who have been bought off to go along with this scam.

To this end, manufacturing facilities are being built around the world.

mRNA Madness–it’s only just begun

Follow up: AI Determines My Article is Fiction


The Exposé:

Powerful individuals and organizations have prioritized their own interests over the well-being of the public during this alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

Australian Senator Gerard Rennick has accused health authorities and Big Pharma of lying and engaging in pay-outs in the development and distribution of Covid vaccines.

Rennick’s statements made to the Senate on the record raise serious concerns about the trustworthiness of those responsible for our healthcare and have led to him calling for an investigation into the potential corruption and misinformation surrounding the Covid vaccine industry.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a stand against such misconduct, petitioning the Florida Supreme Court for a grand jury investigation into the matter.

In addition to this, DeSantis has implemented autopsy surveillance of sudden deaths occurring post-vaccination and has established an independent Public Health Integrity Committee to assess federal health guidance.

Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine Crimes in Florida as Australian Senator demands Investigation into Corruption & Bribes paid to Health Authorities by Pfizer


Toby Young, The Daily Sceptic:

The dying days of 2022 have brought at least one piece of good news – Mark Drakeford, the First Minister of Wales, has announced he’ll step down in 2024. The Telegraph’s Matthew Lynn has got his obituary in early.

Pound Shop Authoritarian Mark Drakeford to Step Down as Wales’s First Minister

The duck’s a complete quackpot and if he thinks he’s going to dodge the pot by doing an off, that ain’t happening. Quack-da! 


Oxford, Canterbury, Edinburgh… these cities and more are being divided into zones to create “15-minute neighbourhoods” – “whether you like it or not.”
In Oxford, the plan is you’ll be fined if you drive outside your “designated district” more than 100 times a year – a slippery slope if ever there was.
After all, if you can be limited to 100 journeys a year, why not then 80? 50? 10?
Emboldened by lockdowns and vaccine passports, politicians and bureaucrats seem to have the idea they can restrict our movements “for the greater good.”
Presented as “pro-environment,” in reality these schemes have a strong anti-human undercurrent.
The evidence of any benefit to these schemes is highly uncertain. But we know they clobber the worst off, while benefitting vested interests.
Again and again, when the public are “consulted” they DO NOT WANT these schemes… but they are ignored.
Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s member for travel and development strategy says the Oxford plan will happen “whether you like it or not.”
Sadiq Khan shows the same contemptuous attitude about his “ULEZ” expansion – which 60% of Londoners in the consultation didn’t want!
18th February – OXFORD:


It is not by chance that the Darkness has chosen Oxford to weave its dark labyrinth and to suckle the demon brood.

As it screws them down and milks them, It laughs at human beings. Wouldn’t you know, the surname of this frontman inhabited twat for this outrageous piece of criminal arrogance that will, as sure as eggs are eggs, cause untold harm, deaths, and misery means ‘unlawful’. Enright



President Trump – The Interview You Thought You’d Never See


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


Russell Brand:

As governments globally are on the precipice of introducing digital IDs, do we need to worry that the same technology used to impede our freedom with vaccine passports will now be used to control every element of our lives? Spoiler alert… we do.

Get Ready


Neil Hague:

Journeys in the Dreamtime


“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.


Until humanity gets its head around this, that there is no virus, and realises how they have been put under a giant spell cast by criminally insane warlocks, and then refuses to comply and bankroll their own extinction, these monsters and their off-siders will always be able to swerve justice (in this world).

Besides many videos and articles here are some books to be going on with:

I give Amazon links only for details and reviews. Please consider buying from your local bookshop.


Virus Mania  ♦   What Really Makes You Ill  ♦   Terrain thereapy


The Truth about Contagion

Drs Bailey website   Dr. Tom Cowan   Dawn Lester & David Parker


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