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27th December is 7777 days since 911. This is all the 7s.

This day is also the Feast Day of John the Evangelist – ‘the Beloved Disciple‘ and author of the Book of Revelation. Recently I posted an article called ‘The Holy Grail‘ wherein I reported (and showed) a grail chalice that had appeared in a photo in a cave during this year’s Spring Equinox – the Culdees’ (Ancient British Christianity’s) Easter, their other Highest sacred day. ‘The Evangelist’ was highlighted to me again this week when I came face to face with a statue of him bearing a dragon in a chalice, in St. David’s Cathedral (See feature image.). I take this as a confirmative sign that something is afoot and that all humans with heart and soul intact need to be present in the holy places as often as they can during these Holy 7s. 

The Holy 7s


What Glenn Beck is so spiritually vitally sharing is so in line with what I have been attempting to relate, with meagre attention, for years , is absolutely aligned to The Holy 7s linked above. (This was a call to arms, spiritual arms. Did it stir you? Did you get it? It isn’t too late.) Thank you to wens for alerting me to this, this morning.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power Of Love:


Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Power of Love (Long Version):


Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

American Frontline Nurses issue a warning: VEKLURY is the brand name of REMDESIVIR

Beware Other names: GS-5734, RDV

Warnings about this drug from Medical Practitioners have been published they indicate REMDESIVIR is the FAILED “TRAIL DRUG” Fauci put forward for testing against Ebola it caused multiple deaths due to causing Fatal Kidney Failure it appears if COVID isn’t going to kill you REMDESIVIR got a great chance to finish you off.

THIS IS AUSTRALIA: On 10 July 2020 the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) granted provisional approval to remdesivir (“Veklury”, Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd) as the first treatment option for COVID-19

Original source: https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/6298

Medical Malfeasance Remdesivir is Veklury’


Dr. Sam Bailey:

Show notes and References 👉

Interview Highlights – COVID Era



Smart City concept is being driven by the Climate Dooms Day Cult.
Thevideo below from Tony Heller titled “My Gift To Climate Alarmists destroys the whole Climate Doom and Gloom.”
Here is a helpful link https://www.aei.org/carpe-diem/50-years-of-failed-doomsday-eco-pocalyptic-predictions-the-so-called-experts-are-0-50/


James Delingpole, TCW:

OVER the Christmas and New Year period we are re-running our ten most-read articles of the year, in reverse order. This is No 6 and was first published on April 29. 

GONZALO Lira is alive and well. If you don’t know who he is or why this is good news I’ll explain in a moment.

But first, let me ask a quick question: does it matter whether or not we get to the bottom of what’s really happening in Ukraine?

I hope you’ll agree with me that it does very much. And the same goes for all the other wars that have cost us blood and/or treasure over the last few decades from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Syria.

What if we were dragged into them on a false prospectus? What if our servicemen and servicewomen lost lives, limbs and mental health there for no obvious reason? What if the people we were told were goodies were in fact the baddies – or vice versa? What if our involvement ended up doing far more harm than good?

TCW’s top ten posts of 2022: The MSM’s outrageous misreporting on Ukraine


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


The Delingpod:

Dr Michael Mew qualified in the 1993 as a dentist at the Royal London Hospital. After several years in general practice, community dentistry and facial surgery, he entered the renowned Orthodontic programme at Aarhus University in Denmark, qualifying as a specialist dentist in 2004. He is particularly interested in the cause of crooked teeth and the Aetiology of Malocclusion, he feels that when the profession understands so little, it is best to start at the bottom and work up.

Dr Michael Mew


Neil Hague:

Journeys in the Dreamtime


“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.


Tim Truth:

Dr Tom Cowan On The Fallacious Underpinnings Of Mainstream Antibody Theory

On Tom Cowan’s Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ezlCumMBFwE8/

Both are included for their comments sections. Seems there’s some pertinent concerns and issues need clarifying.



‘Don’t mention the vaccine!’ My mother’s worried admonishment came as she accompanied me to an appointment with our family doctor.  

She was concerned that I might provoke the GP’s hostility if I suggested my chronic fatigue, icy hands and feet, hormone issues and newly compromised immune system were Covid jab-related.  

I was worried too. Getting this face-to-face appointment felt like a small miracle and my priority was securing medical help. However, I also felt strongly that I needed to raise the possibility that I was suffering vaccine damage.  

Are doctors trying to ‘normalise’ vaccine damage?


Until humanity gets its head around this, that there is no virus, and realises how they have been put under a giant spell cast by criminally insane warlocks, and then refuses to comply and bankroll their own extinction, these monsters and their off-siders will always be able to swerve justice (in this world).

Besides many videos and articles here are some books to be going on with:

I give Amazon links only for details and reviews. Please consider buying from your local bookshop.


Virus Mania  ♦   What Really Makes You Ill  ♦   Terrain thereapy


The Truth about Contagion

Drs Bailey website   Dr. Tom Cowan   Dawn Lester & David Parker


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

Continuing my “greatest COVID hits” articles. To read my introduction to this ongoing series, go here.  To support my work and get value for value, order My Matrix Collections here and subscribe to my substack here.

As I’ve shown in recent articles (archive here), the virus hunters have fallen far short of proving a coronavirus is causing this “outbreak.” But here come the antiviral drugs.

Coronavirus: Run, here come the experimental drugs


John Waters:

‘It’s not possible to “blow Covid out of proportion”. This is the most important thing that has happened in our lifetimes, and perhaps for a millennium. There is nothing on Earth as significant.’

Let Us Not have Given Up, On the Day Before Victory!
This conversation with Sarah Plumley on her podcast, The Plumley Pod (‘your voice of reason for Home Education’) was recorded shortly before Christmas.

Podcast: The Plumley Pod


Jerm Warfare:

The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2.

Or did she?

Michael Palmer on Hiroshima and the faked atomic bombing:


Neil Oliver Wakes up with Eva Vlaardingerbroek – part 3:

‘…we need to install those values back into society, but it’s obviously not a quick fix’ Neil latest ‘waking up’ interview (parts 1, 2 & 3) with Eva Vlaardingerbroek is packed with subjects from the plight of farmers, the climate crisis, covid and the Ukraine to depopulation, transhumanism and neural links.


Awaken With JP :


Katie Hopkins: The QWEEN’S SPEECH


Tim Dwyr:

There is NO pending Climate Disaster.
There is a Real & Present Danger of a Disastrous Totalitarian Rule

Fear is the only Weapon that is being waved at You.
Reason and Rational Thought is Your Greatest Defense.

If You Allow it Your World Will Disappear Forever.

Total Loss of all individual Choice in every aspect of Life.

You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be A Miserable Subservient Slave = 4th Industrial Revolution WEF

Climate Lies Drive Smart City Prisons – Government and University experts wrong 50 out of 50 times.


Rebel News:

http://www.AlbertaDocumentary.com | Help fund our documentary production!
In this special free release of a Rebel News documentary, Ungovernable: Alberta’s Quest for Independence sees Rebel News’ Chief Documentarian Kian Simone travel across Alberta to explore the province’s rich history and meet the people behind the growing independence movement as he investigates what caused a passive anger to reach a tipping point.

FREE | Ungovernable: Alberta’s Quest for Independence



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