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Dr. Sam Bailey:

They’re Doing It Again


Until humanity gets its head around this, that there is no virus, and realises how they have been put under a giant spell cast by criminally insane warlocks, and then refuses to comply and bankroll their own extinction, these monsters and their off-siders will always be able to swerve justice (in this world).


On Drs Bailey website


Tom Cowan:

Dr. Tom Cowan – Gain of Fiction – Discussing Lab-Created ‘Viruses’ Webinar from November 11, 2022 | Dismantling the “gain of function” narrative bs:


Celia Farber:

Right Now “Trolls” Are Saying On Twitter That Stew Peters’ Documentary “Died Suddenly” is Anti-Vaxx Disinformation and Nobody Should Listen To Morticians: Please Post All You Can On All Platforms.

Victims Of Covid Vaccines Who Died Suddenly


Dr Alan Black, TCW:

MANY have expressed profound concerns about the BBC documentary Unvaccinated,  first broadcast on July 20 this year.

I joined other clinicians and scientists to write to the BBC to complain about its lack of balance, factual inaccuracies and failure to be transparent about potential conflicts of interest. This complaint is still progressing through the BBC’s arcane complaints procedure but thanks only to the persistence of the doctors and scientists pursuing it, as reported by Kathy Gyngell in TCW yesterday.

MHRA’s point-blank refusal to investigate misleading BBC pro-vaccine documentary


Senator Gerard Rennick:

I asked the ABS in estimates whether or not they were tracking the number of people out of work in the unemployment statistics due to mandates. Needless to say they don’t. Now don’t you think with the severe labour shortages the government would want to know just how many people are willing to work but can’t because of these stupid mandates? Of course they don’t as they are ultimately only interested in control. They’d rather destroy the economy and independent free minded thinkers who refuse to cede control of their own bodies to the government. Instead they are ramping up immigration of foreign workers while ignoring the plight of Australian workers.

We need data on how many people out of work from mandates – Senate Estimates 10.11.22


The Dollar Vigilante:

If Kill Bill hasn’t killed you yet, the NWO has a lot more up their Grim Reaper sleeve. Choose your poison: Fentanyl jabs and lab meat – what could possibly go wrong?

Fact Check: The New World Order Is A Conspiracy Theory


Celia Farber:

“Nothing is real.”

Things I Notice: Geo-Politics Deep Fake, No Diplomacy: Visuals, Music, Symbols


Katie Hopkins Official:

British people STILL fail to take drought in the U.K. seriously. FFS.


Psybo the trickster:

I Am That One…



Stew Peters:

6pm EST  11pm GMT

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.
They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

World Premier: Died Suddenly



Celia Farber:

What a brilliant and majestic conversation, between C.J. Hopkins and Catherine Austin Fitts, about what we are living through.

As one who believes conversation is an under-rated art form, all I can say is that listening to this, I was struck.


I wanted everybody in the world to hear this conversation, right now. And I wondered how I missed it, before. This one happens to be Part 3 of the 4 part series.

Were I sitting with Mr. Hopkins and Ms. Fitts, and asked if I had anything to add, I might say: The one thing nobody really talks about is which was the dodo egg that hatched all of this? What was the grandfather thought for, big idea, paradigm shift, hijacking of empirical biology—what was the proto -PSY OP?

There’d be an argument for “polio” and another for “AIDS.”

I argue that the ideas seeded and needed for any of this to fly were planted in earnest in 1984.

“We Have To Talk About Mr. Global”


Part One: We Need to Talk About Mr Global – “How Did We Get Here?”

Part Two: We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – “the Financial Coup”

Part Three: We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – “the Propaganda”


The Daily Sceptic:

Extreme cold records continue to tumble at the South Pole. Three recent days – November 16th, 17th and 18th – have recorded a daily record, with the 18th plunging to –45.2°C, compared with –44.7°C on the same day in 1987. The records follow the six-month winter of 2020-21, which was the coldest since records began in 1957. Inexplicably, all these facts and trends have escaped reporting in the mainstream media. The excuse might be that it is just weather, and temperatures have always moved up and down. But the excuse doesn’t seem to apply to the July 19th U.K. high of 40.3°C at RAF Coningsby, recorded at the side of the runway used by after-burning Typhoon jets. This record high has barely been out of the Net Zero headlines ever since.

South Pole Hits Record Cold November Temperatures


Iain Hunter, TCW:

IN last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph we learned that Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, has a ten-point plan to ‘tackle the migrant crisis’. Jenrick has woken up to the fact that using four- and five-star hotels at a daily cost to the taxpayer of £5.6million is unacceptable. Use must be made of less luxurious accommodation such as empty student halls of residence, disused holiday camps and even old cruise ships. That’s likely to go down well with our over-entitled, uninvited guests.

Migrants in, working families out, fat cats purr


Sky News Australia:

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has given a TV interview explaining how France “continues to exploit poor, African countries” which then adds to Europe’s illegal immigration crisis, Sky News host Rita Panahi says. “She said the solution is not to take the Africans and bring them to Europe, the solution is to free Africa from certain Europeans who exploit it,” Ms Panahi said. “The left who pretend to care about poor people and the flood of illegal, economic migrants into Europe should be making that precise same argument, instead of making people smugglers rich and painting anyone who objects to illegal immigration as racist.”

‘Magnificent’: Meloni blasts France’s ‘exploitation’ of African countries on live TV


Niall McCrae, The Conservative Woman:

‘Stay at home’, that constantly repeated edict of the Covid-19 lockdown, was but a trial run for an emerging regime of restricted movement. The direction of travel (or rather, not travel) is indicated by recently proposed zoning schemes in Oxford and Canterbury, the United Nations’ Smart Cities plan for every need fulfilled within a 15-minute journey, and by the G20 Leaders’ Declaration last week.

You must obey, or you’re going nowhere


UK Defence Matters:

James Heapey MP, Minister for the Armed Forces (28th July 2022) gave the following ‘reassurance’ to me after I had raised my concerns with my MP, Jo Churchill, over the ‘surrender’ of UK sovereignty over Defence to the EU’s new Defence and Foreign policy ambitions:-

So should the UK Government be trusted when it said we will not..


Kathy Gyngell, TCW:

HAS the BBC’s complaints system finally come up against a foe that won’t be put off? A brief history of complaints about the travesty of a BBC documentary, Unvaccinated, proudly promoted in July, suggests it may well have.

BBC’s jab travesty and the critics who will not be fobbed off


Senator Gerard Rennick:

More whitewashing.

Skerritt and Kelly are claiming the ABS actual deaths cannot be used as estimates of excess deaths. Skerritt then goes on to rely on actuarials who claim that if excess deaths were to occur they would have been in younger people. This is nonsensical because if the V is causing harm, older people will be the most susceptible which is exactly what the actual deaths are showing. Furthermore, what does that mean for adverse events where the average age of injury is 47!

Apparently the actuarials can diagnose patients or perform autopsies by looking at a spreadsheet!?!

The whole of the vaccine was to protect the old and the vulnerable yet it’s people in those cohorts who have experienced the highest death rates.

I then put it to Skerritt about his prior claim about the lipids in the vaccine being normal lipids in the steak or sausage you eat for breakfast. He responds by putting words in my mouth by saying that I claim lipids rely on ACE receptors to enter the cell claiming I had my biochemistry confused. That is not what I said – I actually said the opposite – Ionised lipids are designed to not rely on ACE receptors making them more infectious.

He then goes into to say there are four lipids used in the vaccine. Two are naturally occurring and then he goes on to claim two other lipids have been used in other products. This isn’t what Pfizer claim – they claim the lipid they design is completely new. Skerritt then claims they are safe because they were tested on cell lines i.e. in a petrie dish (not the same as testing in humans) and below the threshold for toxicological concern. It’s not a question of levels – it’s a question of ionisation.

Every molecule is unique and should be tested very thoroughly on the human body, especially when they are ionised.

Another masterclass in avoiding the question.

The TGA is still refusing to take excess deaths seriously – Senate Estimates 10.11.22:


Senator Gerard Rennick:

This line of questioning has probably been the most damming to date.

Brendan Murphy was the Chief Health officer when the vaccines were approved. (He is now the Secretary of Health and Paul Kelly is the Chief Health Officer.)

About half way through the clip Murphy admits he never read the TGA Non-Clinical report on the Pfizer vaccine. This is despite the fact he was CHO at the time.

What’s even more damming is that he has said in prior questioning that the spike protein wouldn’t end up in the blood. The fact is he wouldn’t know. Had he read the TGA Non-Clinical report he would know that Pfizer never tested the delivery of the spike protein even in animal trials. (They used Luciferase)

When I then go on to question him about the insertion of the spike protein into the membrane inducing an autoimmune attack on the cell, he claims that the immune system would only destroy the spike protein.

This is completely wrong. The Non-Clinical report says the vaccine induces a CD8 and IFN response. CD8 are killer immune cells that destroy virus infected cells.

Furthermore, if the immune system doesn’t stop the cell’s ribosomes from producing the toxic spike protein, then what will. Yes, the mRNA will eventually degrade but how much damage is done before that happens. By the end of the clip Murphy tries to pass the buck back to the TGA who of course aren’t there as Skerritt is off on some junket in Ireland.

Another masterclass in bureaucratic spin – unfortunately at the expense of poor suffering Australians. 😡

Health bureaucrats are just making it up as they go along – Senate Estimates 10.11.22


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under:

For 14 weeks in a row, NSW Health said that the unvaccinated are significantly overrepresented in hospital with Covid.

“The minority of the overall population who have not been vaccinated are significantly overrepresented among patients in hospitals and ICUs with COVID-19.”

But NSW Health’s own data from the same period shows the exact opposite.

Is NSW Health trolling us all?


Until humanity gets its head around this, that there is no virus, and realises how they have been put under a giant spell cast by criminally insane warlocks, and then refuses to comply and bankroll their own extinction, these monsters and their off-siders will always be able to swerve justice (in this world).


On Drs Bailey website


George Christensen:

If you are someone that has still managed to avoid the dangerous mRNA ‘vaccines’ the so-called ‘elites’ tried so unrelentingly to push on us all, congratulations on being part of the minority that is on the right side of history.

As time passes by, more and more concerning revelations are coming to light about these gene therapy injections masquerading as COVID ‘vaccines’.

Nation First looks at the recent string of judicial victories for those who refused the experimental jab only to lose their job.

Hope amidst the darkness


There are some people who don’t see this?

Mark Friesen – Grizzly Patriot: Why I won’t Attend the Trudeau-Must-Go Protest


Dave Knowles:

Jack Hargreaves attempts to catch a fish that is not native to our waters the American Brook Trout and in part two Jack explains who Marshland Shales was and why he was one of the most famous trotting horses of his day.

Does Jack Catch a Fish & His Confession after a Trotting Race


Girl in the Woods:

Spend the night with me at the cabin with the doggos! We just got a nice dump of snow- so join me for some fun and great woodstove food. It’s cold and snowy AND BEAUTIFUL- ya gotta get out and enjoy it! And hey- that’s how you earn your dinner! You’re gonna love what I cook on the woodstove and when is the last time you went sledding?? Let’s gooooooooooo!

Snow ice cream recipe (makes a big bowl):

Snow day at the cabin- Sledding & Good Eats with Da Woof & Moose!



Tim Dwyer:

The ATO and ASSIC already have this info but NEED you To give permission to put it all together. The ID Number will track you for Life DON’T Do It is my thoughts


Neil Oliver – ‘…they are stealing the truth from us?’


Until humanity gets its head around this, that there is no virus, and realises how they have been put under a giant spell cast by criminally insane warlocks, and then refuses to comply and bankroll their own extinction, these monsters and their off-siders will always be able to swerve justice (in this world).


On Drs Bailey website


Counterspin New Zealand:

Hannah & Kelvyn were LIVE from the Skyliner, in Waipu, Northland. At the time our LIVE stream and backup channel were interfered with and unable to go ahead.

CSM hosts were joined by a fantastic panel of guests to counter the current narratives around the CIA & media collusion, the NZ media landscape & Security Intelligence Service, the Covid-19 scamdemic and climate change.

The format included poignant, undisputed videos, primarily from the mainstream media, giving the panelists a starting point for each discussion.

Episode 78: Countering the Narrative – Live from the Skyliner


Senator Gerard Rennick:

In this round of questioning I asked AHPRA why they rely on the advice of Health Bureaucrats at ATAGI, most of whom have conflicts of interest due to their employers receiving significant funding from big pharmaceutical companies and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I also highlighted the fact their advice has been wrong in regards to transmission. In what was an incredible act of arrogance Brendan Murphy tried to run interference for ATAGI’s poor advice.

Health bureaucrats at ATAGI gave wrong advice – Senate Estimates 10.11.22


Stew Peters Network:

We have been lied to about EVERYTHING. It’s too late. They can’t stop this.



ANYONE reading the title of Jerome Booth’s new book, Have We All Gone Mad? Why groupthink is rising and how to stop it, must, you’d think, immediately and instinctively answer in the affirmative. Day by day, the insanity around us reaches new heights. The global commitments to come out of last week’s COP27 are but some of the latest to assail us. Jeremy Hunt’s tax, spend and waste road-to-ruin Budget and its newspeak reception by a former right-of-centre think tank is another example. The Autumn Statement was a sensible and measured response to the fiscal challenges facing the country, opined the once right wing Centre for Policy Studies, apparently unaware of the gaping divide between this reassurance and the stark economic realities.

Brave voice calling out the madness in our midst


Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


Romy Cerratti, TCW:

In the long build-up to Christmas the thoughts of many, whatever their religious beliefs, turn to the nativity, whether due to impending school plays, carol services or just as an image on cards. The abiding image of Jesus in the minds of non-Christians is probably the ‘tender and mild’ Christ child in the favourite carol Silent Night. However those who read the Bible know well that Jesus was neither mild or meek. Nothing shows this more than the fiery rebukes he gave the Pharisees…

What would Jesus say to today’s leftie Pharisees?


Andrew Lawrence:

Tax-thieving Tories are finished.


Philosophers Stone:

“This is a child who works in a gold mine in Burkina Faso,” stated Meloni as she held up a picture of the boy.

“The gold that this child goes down a tunnel to extract mostly ends up in the coffers of the French state. So the solution is not to take the Africans and bring them to Europe; the solution is to free Africa from certain Europeans who exploit it — and allow these people to live off what they have!”

Epic Tirade From Italian Pm Giorgia Meloni Makes You Wish Your Country Had a Leader Like Her



The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/



Fox News:

Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan hold a press conference announcing the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden probe launched by GOP: Joe Biden ‘lied’ to Americans


WHF Entertainment:

The web that is FTX! Justin Trudeau HUMILIATES himself again! Rainn Wilson becomes climate change!? Welcome to the WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Where we revisit the most ridiculous news stories of the week.

From FTX to CBDC?!


The New Culture Forum:

Emma Webb, Peter Whittle, Philip Kiszely and Rafe Heydel-Mankoo discuss the hypocrisy of virtue signalling sports figures and celebrities. They’re quick to jump on every social justice bandwagon except those that leave them out of pocket or denied a global stage. Why are those who loudly condemn the West for perceived racism, homophobia and sexism always so silent when it comes to highlighting the far worse situation elsewhere in the world?

Gary Neville to Robbie & Beckham – Virtue Signalling Celebs’ World Cup of Hypocrisy in Qatar


Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL:

Bottom-feeders who took Qatari bribes to buy the World Cup DO NOT get to have buyers remorse


George Christensen:

Former Australian politician George Christensen, now editor of NationFirst.substack.com talks with Rebecca Lloyd of Fair Business Australia about how to deal with new Australian Securities and Investments Commission requirement for company directors in Australia to have a Director’s ID.

How to deal with Directors’ ID requirements


Bob Moran: Crushing it.


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


GreenMedia Info:

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), the primary type of fat found within coconut oil, have been found to boost cognitive performance in older adults suffering from memory disorders as serious as Alzheimer’s — and not after months or even days of treatment, but after a single 40 ml dose!

MCT Fats Found In Coconut Oil Boost Brain Function In Only One Dose



Combination boiler Need more economy from it? Gas and Water savings?



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