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The Exposé:

On 1 October 2022, Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak served notice on ten Polish government officials including the Prosecutor General, Poland’s President and the President of the Council of Ministers. She has also published it as an open letter to all Polish citizens.  By doing so, she has notified government officials of an attempted crime to legalise crimes of genocide against Polish citizens.  The attempt is being made through a draft law should it be passed by parliament.

Diana Wojtkowiak has a master’s in chemistry and a doctorate in molecular biology. For twenty years she has conducted research in molecular biology and biotechnology.  A more detailed biography can be read in a letter to The Exposé which we previously published about her research on torsion fields.

The preamble to her open letter stated:

“It’s no longer the telecom companies with their 5G, nor the pharmaceutical cartel, but ‘our’ government that is vigorously taking on the depopulation of the Polish nation they perceive as an enemy. Act ‘UD 432’ on population protection and natural disasters is being processed, which in the government announced state of natural disaster mandates indefinite medical procedures, under penalty of imprisonment and the possibility of losing personal property without compensation. Below is my allegation of those responsible for the Act that I’ve sent to ten government addresses with acknowledgement of receipt.”

Polish Government Notified of Their Crime of Attempting to Legalise Genocide


Double Down News:

Sadists now Control the Government


Where were you?

Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL:

The hypocrisy of those NOW concerned with Children in Need… where were you?



Stop world control, via The Truth Barrier:

What happens in America has direct consequences for YOU, wherever you are.
We must understand that the world has become a village. What happens around the corner (= another nation) can affect all of us, wherever we are. America can be considered the town square of the entire world. What erupts there, flows into the streets of the other nations.
If evil wins in America, it will impact every other nation!

Video and Journalism here:

Child predator positioned as governor – Urgent call to the world


Crypto 9/11:


Bob Moran: Scrubber


The Exposé:

Banks that turn green, yes, but at what cost? Commonwealth Bank, an Australian bank also known as CBA, that already refuses to allow its clients to support The Expose, has teamed up for the first time with CoGo, a startup that specializes in “carbon management solutions”, to create a feature that monitors the carbon footprint of its customers through their transactions.

As part of this partnership, a select group of customers can view their carbon footprint through their online banking apps. In addition, they can purchase carbon credits to offset excess emissions from previous months.

Customers can pay a fee to help offset their CO2 footprint within the app.

Customers get notified when their individual purchases exceed the “acceptable” carbon average. The customer would then get guilt-inducing messages on his phone, like “8 trees were cut down”.

Australia’s Banks have introduced a Social Credit System by linking Publics transactions to their Carbon Footprint


The Exposé: Church Leaders Call Out Globalists’ Plans

“What we’ve just seen in England is a globalist coup d’etat.  The globalists … have operated a skilful manoeuvre by which they have got their puppets into power, the puppets they want in power.”

These were the words of Bishop Richard Williamson during a sermon at the end of October:

Church Leaders Call Out Globalists’ Plans


Avi Yemeni, Rebel News:

A man has confronted Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews at a Jewish synagogue, declaring “We won’t forget what you did to us. We’re not for sale!”

The Jewish community is NOT for sale, Dan Andrews.


Sufi Meditation Center:

Real True Knowledge Will Irritate The Demons of People Instantly


Andrew Lawrence:


The Official Corbett Report Rumble Channel:

Whitney Webb of UnlimitedHangout.com joins James once again, this time to discuss her new, epic, 900-page, two-volume tour de force, One Nation Under Blackmail. In this conversation, Webb and Corbett dive into the sordid tale of Epstein and his compatriots and begin to unravel the incredibly complex web of the intelligence/organized crime/blackmail syndicate.

Show notes & MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/webb-onenation/

Interview 1764 – One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb


Jeremy Loffredo, Whitney Webb, Unlimited Hangout:

The developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the re-named British Eugenics Society as well as other Eugenics-linked institutions like the Wellcome Trust.

Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement

…and to the Great Barrington Declaration via developer, Adrian Hill’s ex-wife, Sunetra Gupta.


Bob Moran: Murderer:

The Exposé:

‘Midazolam Matt’ Hancock orchestrated the Genocide of the Elderly & Vulnerable & we can prove it; He should be in Prison, not in the Jungle on National TV


The Muhammadan Way:


The Muhammadan Way::


Psybo the trickster:

The Luxury of Ignorance


The Brighter Side of News:

A respected historian believes lost treasure which could include the Ark of the Covenant and Holy Grail may be lying underneath a manor house near Burton.

David Adkins, an anthropologist and historian who made headlines when he tracked down a 10,000-year-old skull known as “Greta”, believes the lost treasure of the Knights Templar could be concealed in a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers underneath Sinai Park House.

The imposing landmark in Burton may be lying on caverns vast enough to contain Westminster Abbey, according to one geologist.

The Holy Grail and Ark of Covenant may be hidden beneath an English manor house


Hilarious clips from the performances of Peter Kay. There’s no one funnier. I think you’ll agree, if ever there was a time we need laughter, it’s now. Look out world! Peter Kay’s coming.


What do the comedians Jimmy Carr, Ricky Gervais, Jack Whitehall, Joe Lycett, Michael McIntyre, John Bishop, Alan Carr, Russell Howard and Jon Richardson have in common? They are all ‘more influential’ than Peter Kay. And if you believe that, you’ll think the moon is made of green cheese, Covid jabs are good for you and politicians never tell porkies.

That Reminds Me: The peerless Peter Kay





You gotta read between the lines.

Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier:

“Basically, what I think about is the truth.”

—Kary Mullis

“It’s a world of inference.”

—Liam Scheff


I just found this.

That Said, Kary’s Objections To PCR As Diagnostic Tool For HIV/AIDS ARE Applicable to Covid. Doubtful He Would Have Called Anybody A Conspiracy Theorist. Under Any Circumstances.

Kary Mullis’ Widow Told British Tabloid In 2021 That Mullis Died Of Longstanding Illnesses– Was Not Murdered. Was So Distressed About Internet Rumors That She Wrote To Tony Fauci To Apologize


We got a problem:

They Can Backtrack All They Like. We Will Never Forget


Mail Online:

Moderna and Pfizer will investigate whether their shots cause long term issues
The firms will track people who suffered adverse affects from the shots
They will attempt to determine the long term negative effects they have had
Heart inflammation has been the most reported severe side effect of the vaccine

Pfizer and Moderna launch trials to track whether health issues arise YEARS after getting their Covid vaccines

Does anyone with their head on trust them? And now they are doing what they should have done before the utter carnage their injections have caused. It is noted that the Daily Mail is deliberately hiding the fact that there have been massive injuries and deaths with their “The studies will involve monitoring the small number of Americans who suffered rare side effects after receiving the shots over the past two years.” lie. This is evil abroad here.


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

This is the first in a series of three on the Biomedical Security State: Digital ID; Central Bank Digital Currency; the New World Religion of Transhumanism.

In the 1960s TV show, The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan’s character is an unnamed British intelligence agent who resigns from his job for reasons never explained, is gassed, and wakes up imprisoned in a deceptively lovely place called The Village.

He is assigned the number Six to identify him. In the first episode, he meets with number Two, who tells him, “The information in your head is priceless. I don’t know if you realize how valuable a property you are.”

Digital ID and Our Obsession with “Identity”


Senator Gerard Rennick:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority said I should speak with the ACCC so I did. The ACCC said I should speak with ACMA. Our bureaucrats are masters in passing the buck aren’t they. It’s worth noting that in the V trial, fizzer did not follow up or report on thousands of participants. One of them was Maddie De Garay, a 12 year old girl who ended up in a wheelchair being fed through a tube after the V. Her injuries were not recorded or reported by fizzer. If this isn’t misleading and deceptive conduct then I don’t know what is.

Consumer Affairs passes the buck on vaccine safety advertising – Senate Estimates 10.11.22




Dr. Sam Bailey:

Fluoridation of water is promoted as a health measure when the science indicates multiple toxicities. I spoke with one of the unsung New Zealand heroes, Kane Titchener who has volunteered his time to combat the authorities’ attempts to poison our water supplies.

Warning! Fluoride In Your Water



London Calling:

Lou Pearlman… Bernie Madoff… and now, Sam Bankman-Fried. “SBF” joins a long list of Ponzi scheme artists in modern times and Toby and James open the show with the collapse of FTX and the fall from grace of its 30 year-old founder.

Toby’s just back from Hungary, a nation that he says provides a glimpse of what Britain might look like if our side had won the culture war, why the British Government has no right to ask the taxpayer for even more money (given it’s profligacy in the past two-and-a-half years) and, in Culture Corner, we put a bow on SAS: Rogue Heroes, The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself, Sharpe’s Enemy and Dostoevsky’s The Devils (also known as Demons or The Possessed).

Or do we?



Ellis Taylor:

An article from my former website, LOOKING INTO THE DARK PLACES, first published 11th October 2001. (A little edited and added to.) Legend and history from tourist information material and conversations.

I specifically went to North Cornwall to revisit St Nectan’s Glen. It is, without a doubt, a most mystical place. Who knows how long it’s enchanting atmosphere and breathtaking beauty have been admired?

St. Nectan’s Glen & Kieve



Until humanity gets its head around this, that there is no virus, and realises how they have been put under a giant spell cast by criminally insane warlocks, and then refuses to comply and bankroll their own extinction, these monsters and their off-siders will always be able to swerve justice (in this world).


On Drs Bailey website


John O’Looney:

Unitynewsnetwork: I Want Nuremburg! I Want to Testify!


Neil McCoy-Ward:

FTX & BlockFi Collapse – Action You Should Take Immediately!!!


John O’Looney:

Nurse Knows the Jab is Killing Her Patients, Says It’s Not Her Choice & Jabs Away


Katie Hopkins:

Brits now face the bill for lockdown. Why not charge the sheep who were paid & profited from it?



Psybo News Network #28


Senator Gerard Rennick:

Sacked over mandates? You’ll want to watch this Fair Work Commission Senate Hearing – 9.11.22


Dystopian Down Under:

In part one of the pandemic policies review by Dystopian Down Under (Australia) x The Stark Naked Brief (UK):

They were wrong to flout the ethical primacy of valid consent, coercing the population into a medical experiment.

There are 3 ways in which our leaders denied the public the opportunity to give valid consent, which is a legal and ethical requirement of the administration of a vaccine:

  1. The majority of the public was not made aware that they were taking part in an experiment
  1. The government applied undue pressure and engaged in tactics of manipulation and coercion
  2. The public was not sufficiently informed of the risks

Just one of these conditions was enough to undermine the validity of consent given for the administration of Covid vaccination in the Australian and UK rollouts, let alone all three.

“The largest global vaccination trial ever”


Nation First, by George Christensen:

Dear friend,

What I’m about to tell you is a story that even staggers me.

Through the fake news legacy media, you may have heard the company name FTX mentioned over the past few days.

FTX is a major cryptocurrency exchange which, for those who don’t understand crypto, basically operates as a bank and trading platform for people who hold various different cryptocurrencies.

The ‘normie’ version of news regarding the FTX collapse is simply that the outfit went bankrupt because of the fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and also because key players behind FTX had their hands in the till, funnelling client funds off to sister company Alameda Research.

The real story is the stuff made of movies.

First, there’s the political skullduggery, with FTX’s founder, Samuel Bankman-Fried (or SBF as he’s known) being the second largest donor to the left-wing US Democratic Party machine, only beaten by billionaire George Soros.

Sex, drugs, murder, the Democrats, Ukraine, the WEF, the Deep State and FTX!


Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


Another reason for human beings to refuse and remove these sinister, insidious and harmful devices.

Mail Online:

Rishi Sunak is facing calls to get tougher with China by potentially ripping out hundreds of thousands of ‘Chinese smart meters’ which could be allegedly used to shut down UK power supplies.

On the eve of the G20 summit in Indonesia, the Prime Minister was urged to remind fellow world leaders of the ‘enormous threat’ posed by Beijing’s desire to infiltrate other countries’ infrastructure.

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said that although the gathering would rightly focus on Ukraine’s struggle, Mr Sunak should not miss the chance to warn allies of the dangers China poses.

And Sir Iain called on the PM to take immediate action at home by halting the installation in UK houses of smart meters made by a firm linked to the Chinese state.

Rishi Sunak is urged to get tough on China by ripping out hundreds of thousands of smart meters which could allegedly be used to shut down the UK’s power supplies


The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/



Surely this is the least a treacherous government that stands aside, and assists a mass invasion of fighting age men, can expect. Were they invited? Anyone here been asked if they wanted their homeland overrun, their population and culture replaced, their government-caused potless economy rifled to accommodate home invaders over the needs of the people entitled to be here?

Mail Online:

Thousands of Albanians gathered on Westminster Bridge and marched towards the Palace of Westminster
They asked the Government to respect them and their human rights, stating not all Albanians are criminals
Footage showed protesters holding national flags with the double-headed eagle and banners in their hands
The Home Secretary came under fire over stark language she used in the Commons earlier this month
Albanians have accounted for 12,000 of the record 40,000 migrants who have arrived in the UK this year

Albanians drape their flag over statue of WINSTON CHURCHILL as they demonstrate in London as Nigel Farage blasts demo as ‘a disgrace!’


John Waters:

‘Our fascination with wealth and materialism has blinded us to a dark force that has been operating in our underbelly for many years now . . . trying to destroy us as a people.’

Derek Blighe first came to public attention in Ireland early this year when, as a builder/tradesman, he offered his services free of charge to assist in the construction of new homes for the homeless — provided that a proportion of them would be allocated to Irish people. He met with an unequivocal No! from the exploding mass migration industry, which insists that all houses becoming available in Ireland must be given to what are automatically and unquestioningly described as ‘refugees’ — mostly, in recent times, from Ukraine, but increasingly from other places, as word gets out that Ireland has a limitless supply of houses for those claiming asylum or refugee status. Even as it emerged that many of these ‘refugees’, including ‘Ukrainians’, were scamsters seeking to exploit Ireland’s (ostensible) ‘generosity’, nothing changed, because none of it has anything to do with either generosity of compassion, but is directed at the execution of an ideological programme of diluting and eventually replacing indigenous European populations so as to fill our nations up with indifferent aliens, who will not care when these nations are, in due course, destroyed.

An Honest Conversation: Derek Blighe


Evidence shows that there is no end to the evil this Welsh pseudo-government won’t do or hurry along.

TCW: By Graham Linehan (Creator of Father Ted)

A HORRIFYING review of the new Relationships and Sexuality Education Curriculum in Wales (RSE) has been published by the Safe Schools Alliance (SSA), exposing yet another example of the insidious corruption of British society by queer theorists. The curriculum is now compulsory in Wales from the age of three, with no parental opt-out.

SSA’s investigation of the conceptual framework behind the curriculum found it to be a continuation of Queer Theory’s most paedophilic fantasies. It sets a dangerous precedent, given that public policy is now informed by the sinister idea that children are ‘sexual beings’ from birth. The curriculum is based on approaches that aim to reframe a child’s sense of self as a gender identity and embed paedophilic ideas in the classroom, cemented by a ‘whole school approach’.

The curriculum’s basis undermines child safeguarding, with recommendations guaranteed to generate sexual identity crises in kids as young as three years old. If queer theory is all about ‘undoing normal categories’, then the most despicable of these is the undoing of childhood innocence.

The Welsh Government’s murder of childhood innocence


They, the Welsh government, absolutely LOVED lockdowns, masks, jabs and get-togethers (for everyone else) too:

  Brownstone Institute:

Writing in The Atlantic on October 31, Brown University economist Emily Oster penned a pre-emptive plea for amnesty for Covid-policy hardliners. Why? Because they were all well-intentioned and their pronouncements rested on benign ignorance.

Judging by the numerous responses in print and social media and online commentary, the viral article lit the fuse on widespread, simmering but still raw anger. To many it suggests the lockdown zealots are incapable of introspection, of accepting culpability. Instead, they just want to move on to the next excuse to unleash blanket authoritarian control all over again.

Jessica Hockett has coined the word “Osterism” to describe the attitude of forgive, forget and move on from earlier finger-wagging, abusive and vile taunts because we didn’t know but meant well. Abracadabra. Puff! it’s all gone. ‘Twas but a bad dream, time to wake up and get going for the day’s activities.

Sorry, but the whole Covid debacle needs to be turned instead into a parable with a moral for the ages, to show how easy it is for a civilized society to be terrorized into believing blatant falsehoods and turn on one another with shocking savagery.

Are Lockdown Zealots Incapable of Introspection?


An overdue date with the knackers yard for Ardern:

The Spectator:

Many people envisage Jacinda Ardern’s 2017 electoral victory as a romp, a 1997 Tony Blair-esque sea change of optimism. In reality, in the months leading up to that election Ardern’s Labour party was by no means a sure bet. In a similarly blurred retrospect, Ardern’s first term as PM is thought of as unified and productive. People believe she was always going to coast to re-election before Covid hit. In fact, Ardern’s government may have been in a parlous enough state to lose, before being suddenly resuscitated and given focus with massive public backing in response to the pandemic.

It was the 2020 election, set against the backdrop of Covid-19, that delivered Labour its triumphant majority and the power to govern alone.

Next year’s election, in the latter half of 2023, is looking like an increasingly difficult proposition for Ardern’s government.

Labour has been sliding in the polls all year. In February, Jacinda Ardern’s party sat comfortably at 44.3 per cent. On Sunday night, it was at 32.3 per cent.

For the first time, there is genuine speculation about how long Ardern will stay on as leader and prime minister.

Is this the beginning of the end for Jacinda Ardern?


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


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