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Paula Jardine, TCW:

IF EVERY movement has a manifesto, then Spike: The Virus vs the People is a twenty-first century Mein Kampf meriting the same notoriety and opprobrium.

The book, published last year, is Dr Jeremy Farrar’s insider account of the coronavirus pandemic, ghost-written by the Financial Times science writer Anjana Ahuja. Farrar, is a clinical scientist, infectious disease expert, director of the Wellcome Trust, co-founder of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), and one-time Sage adviser to the Government. He was knighted in the 2019 New Year’s Honours just as China was advising the World Health Organisation (WHO) that amongst its population of 1.4billion it had detected 44 pneumonia patients, 11 of whom were seriously ill.

The sinister future planned by Covid insider Sir Jeremy Farrar


Wake Up and never forget Australia, the world:


Never forget when Melbourne, Australia was a Covid Police State. For anyone who lived in Victoria most of these images will be familiar and bring back memories of a dark time. For most outside of Victoria and especially Australia they will be new and may find it shocking to see just how bad things got.

Melbourne, Australia Covid Police State Compilation: All in the name of safety!


, Dystopian Down Under:

After 963 days in a State of Emergency (SoE), Western Australia finally returned to some semblance of normalcy on the 4th of November with the SoE finally expiring.

However, this does not mean that it’s over for good. Premier Mark McGowan and his Labor government used their majority in both the Upper and Lower Houses to force replacement legislation through parliament in October. This was in spite of vehement pushback from the opposition, the crossbench, and the public.

What lies beneath: the dormant police state


, Dystopian Down Under:

When you’re in an abusive relationship, you become accustomed to the abuse.

There’s only so much screaming into the abyss that a person can endure. Even when you see the abuse for what is, you are prone to conditioning. You become desensitised through repeated exposure to destructive, abusive behaviour. You feel a shock, then duck for the next hit.

Two high-profile Substackers declared the madness of Australian Covid policies yesterday, and it made me think, well yes, obviously.

I wondered why I hadn’t written about them myself, being that I write frequently on the unfolding dystopia in Australia, and I think the answer is:

I’m in an abusive relationship and my government is the abuser.

Australians are trapped in an abusive relationship with our government


JP, Full Broadside:

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion & Ritual Abuse and Trauma-Based Mind Control

What’s Happening in Australia?


Australian National Review:

Jamie Interviews Fiona Barnett, About Child Sexual Abuse and Satanic Rituals, Committed by High Profile Individuals in Australia, Who Are a Part of Satanic Cults Operating in the Shadows of Society, With First Hand Experience, and How and Why They Do What They Do.

Jamie Interviews Fiona Barnett, About Child Sexual Abuse and Satanic Rituals, Part 1


Part 2: Jamie Interviews Fiona Barnett, About Child Sexual Abuse and Satanic Rituals, Committed by High Profile Individuals in Australia, Who Are a Part of Satanic Cults Operating in the Shadows of Society, With First Hand Experience, and How and Why They Do What They Do.


Psybo the trickster:


The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/



Infinite Energy:

For years, there have only been pieces of the puzzle. The two-room suite on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan where Tesla died is opened by the FBI, who remove papers. Pearl Harbor occurred just a little over a year earlier, putting the United States into World War II. A reported “death ray” or “particle beam weapon” that Tesla has been working on for years disappears—or doesn’t disappear?—from storage, where it was reportedly kept as payment for the inventor’s debts. Corporations and different governments are involved. There are ties to secret weapons and technologies of today. One of the most enduring unsolved mysteries of the Tesla saga is doggedly researched and now published by the author of the international bestselling biography Wizard

Marc Seifer and the Unsolved Mysteries of Nikola Tesla (pdf)


The Exposé:

Official figures published by the UK Government confirm 1 in every 310 people who received a third dose of the Covid-19 injection in England by 31st December 2021, sadly died within 48 days.

Government publishes horrific figures on COVID Vaccine Deaths: 1 in every 310 people died within 1.5 months of receiving the COVID Vaccine Booster


Daily Sceptic:

Can nurses count? You would hope so, given their role in administering medication by pill, injection or intravenous drip, and in observing vital signs. Indeed, most practitioners do this day in day out, proficiently. Nonetheless, while nurses pride themselves on person-centred care, arguably their statistical naïveté has been exposed by the COVID-19 phenomenon. Generally, nurses seem to have fallen for the plague propaganda and shown themselves as uncritical if not willing participants in unethical policy.

Nurses Don’t Do Numbers


Allen Farrington, MerionWest:

“It must become embarrassing to admit one ever supported uninformed and nonconsensual participation in a medical experiment or mass house arrest and coerced isolation.”
The regime media’s orchestration of Coronavirus (COVID-19) hysteria and authoritarian response finally seems to be on the back foot. With this criminal social catastrophe over at last, we have the space to look back and analyze the phenomenon in sum.

No, Let’s Not: Perpetrators of Pandemic Authoritarianism Cannot Be Forgiven

“We have to win this fight, by knockout.” – That knockout blow will come when human beings face up to the well-demonstrated fact that disease causing viruses do not exist. As I noticed and noted, right at the start, the massive wave of deaths saddled on the Covid 19 horse, to terrify populations, coincidentally just happened to be in the flu jab recipients demographic …and now it is admitted that many recipients (are you insane?) of the current toxic shite being doled out have been injected with the wrong stuff. For the lying media and government wrong-uns to admit this means something more than covering their sorry arses. They cannot  be trusted.



WELL, knock me down with a feather. The Covid dictator’s Covid dictator, the still seemingly unassailable Daniel Andrews, has declared that what he terms ‘Covid exceptionalism’ is over. And one of Victoria’s tame academics, Catherine Bennett, who was regularly wheeled out to frighten the you-know-what out of Victorians during the Covid ‘exceptionalist’ phase, agrees with the Premier. Her strategy now, despite an increase in the already large number of current cases in Victoria, is simply ‘just using common sense by managing your own risk. That’s the important thing.’

You couldn’t make this up.

Andrews and Bennett are of the ‘move on’ school of post-Covid policy denialism, used in recent times by the Daniel Andrews of Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford, to avoid any scrutiny of his own tyrannical actions during the Covid fiasco. The world has ‘moved on’, he said. Nothing to see here. The ‘issue attention cycle’ has moved through its inexorable process.

Seven pillars of Covid denial



Daily Sceptic:

A defrocked philosopher and bon viveur, Giordano Bruno committed a heinous crime: his philosophy did not agree with the official science embodied by the Catholic Church. Bruno thought the Earth rotated around other planets and the Universe was infinite: real heresy. After eight years of detention, unlike Galileo, he refused to recant and was burned at the stake in AD 1600.

The Censoring of Science


Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
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Velma Thomas had a heart attack at her home in Virginia in 2008 and was rushed to hospital.
While there she had two more heart attacks and was placed on life support – in all, her heart stopped beating three times and she was clinically dead, with no brain activity, for 17 hours.

But ten minutes after she was taken off life support, while doctors were preparing to take her organs for donations, she woke up.

Incredible story of woman who came back to life after being dead for 17 hours


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”


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