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HOW good it was to be reminded by Henry Getley on TCW recently of the Eighth Army’s victory at El Alamein in November 1942. We are now going through the period which represents the 80th anniversary of this campaign, lasting as it did from October 23 to November 11 1942.

The significance of the second Battle of El Alamein as a turning point in World War II is not just a matter of historical interest, but it also carries with it vital lessons for our own day, particularly with regard to the spiritual state of the nation.

God’s hand in the victory at El Alamein


Celia Farber:

Taiwanese Company Supplies ALL our electronics, Has 12 factories in China, and people LIVE THERE. Why The Media Blackout?

“Novel virus” plus “PCR Test” combined with totalitarianism (CCP) combined with expansionist capitalism, the kind of Empire mania Putin stands accused of, (never China)—-leads to this. I’ve been searching the internet for reliable sources on what really happened here. The official story is that 8 people tested positive, leading to tightened lockdowns. Some twitter accounts are actually voicing CCP party line that those running this hell-scape were only doing what was necessary to “end this.”

Nothing is more frightening than China’s “Zero Covid” policy. And yes, thank God Kary Mullis is not here to witness this.

Hell On Earth: Covid PCR “Tests” Trigger Mass Exodus At Foxconn iPhone Factory After Chinese Workers Are Locked In, Commit Suicide, Left To Die and Starve–Fleeing on Foot, Climbing Onto Trucks



The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it, but bruises and sores and raw wounds; they are not pressed out or bound up or softened with oil. (Isaiah 1:5-6)

THE rottenness, bankruptcy and general degradation of Western societies used to be something only crazed conspiracy theorists like me could see. Yet as the clown car has picked up pace, no doubt even the ‘respectable’ folks out there are finding it harder to ignore the obvious signs that we’re now in Wile E Coyote mode, flapping our arms in a desperate attempt to defy gravity, before gravity inevitably defies us and sends us hurtling to the ground at the bottom of the cliff we just leapt off.

What signs? Well, the so-called leader of the so-called free world is a man who has trouble knowing what day of the week it is, and who holds his monumentally corrupt, drug-addled, perverted son to be ‘the smartest man I know’.

If this isn’t the end of civilisation, what is?


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

Every astrologer worth his or her salt is warning about the negative impact of the lunar eclipse on this coming Tuesday, the 8th of November — which so happens to coincide with election day in the U$$A. Words and phrases pop up in their analyses such as: revolutionary, expect the unexpected, rapidly changing conditions, upheaval, fearful people, polarized thinking, emotional volatility, misunderstandings, major disruptions, terror attacks, explosions, hidden agendas, and more.

This lunar eclipse is therefore no small matter. Its influence on Humanity and world affairs will be quite intense.

Lunar Eclipse: U$$A Chaos & Crack-Up Starts on November 8


Monday (tomorrow)

Aim to  be somewhere Holy, and settled before 10.36am (GMT) on 7th November. Be silent then and realign with the Divine, with Nature, with your spirit. Resolve to be better, do better. This is the true New Year’s Day.

The time where you are: https://www.archaeoastronomy.com/2022.html

Make every effort to be in a ‘High Place’, a holy place, somewhere sacred (a church would be marvellous). If this isn’t possible for you do what you can to be somewhere alone and in silence. This is your unique link between your spirit, your soul and only the Divine.



What is a star map, and what specifically is the Star Maps of Gwynedd in North Wales? Hugh Evans takes us on a journey around Cadair Idris and North Wales locating astrological constellations marked in the landscape on a mighty scale. Using astronomical software and land surveys, he explores the idea that this may be the earliest collection of ground/sky correlations, and may be the oldest use of astrology in the world. He also discusses how the Giant Idris was connected to the biblical Enoch. more

The Origin of the Zodiac | Cadair Idris & The Star Maps of Wales | Hugh Evans | Megalithomania





…and I saw, cenotaphs and premiers and prime ministers and ministers… and Diggers, there to remember, and to shed quiet tears for the mates they fought with through bullets and blood, and their oldies long gone, but never forgotten. Proud men in their best and their uniforms. They stood silently, prayed, and in every man’s heart and mind were memories of what they had all gone through. You had to be there. They did it for Australia, for New Zealand, for their wives and children, their grandchildren. They fought for freedom, they never flinched….

…and then they turned around, every last man of them… and arrested every mongrel politician there.


The Exposé:

“Failure by yourselves to respond to this open letter in a positive and decisive way will confirm that this new government, as with all recent and previous administrations, is nothing more than a ‘government of occupation’ that is happy to do the bidding of the globalists at the expense of us, the British people, who elected you to protect our sovereignty, our prosperity and our ancient freedoms in perpetuity.”

An Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer


Richie Allen Show: Mark Windows:

Mark Windows talks about his film, ‘Heretics of London’ and the Smithfield Martyrs and discuss how similar the oppressive atmosphere was then as it is for us today.


Heretics of London


“In loving memory of Ross, his first BHH live broadcast where it all began. Thank you for your support. the first show wasn’t very professional but it got the ball rolling and turned into a much-loved Sunday show.”

BHH live 001 rerun: Premieres 6 Nov 2022 at 8pm GMT


The Conservative Woman, TCW:

Table 11 of the latest MHRA Yellow Card report published on 3rd November reveals there have been 58 new vaccine deaths in the last four weeks and that eight of these are children.

This brings the total number of child vaccine-related fatalities to 15.

There remain, within the overall number of 2,330 deaths to date, 368 recorded as ‘Unknown Age’.

We will report fully on this latest Yellow Card adverse effects data next week.

58 vaccine deaths in four weeks


Russell Brand:

Is Rishi Sunak, as Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister, a cause for celebration, or should we instead be wary of his ties to the WEF, and his policies around austerity and surveillance?

This Is F*cking Concerning


John Julian Stetch:

Trudeau Reflects on the Week


The Brownstone Institute:

The claim is now everywhere: we had to lock down because we just didn’t know about this virus. It was all very confusing and we had to play it safe. We had no other option because we just had no clarity about what we were dealing with. The precautionary principle dictated the unprecedented actions.

Actually, the precautionary principle goes both directions. It also dictates that we not enact policies that we know for sure would wreck lives and liberties. They did it anyway, without sufficient knowledge that the measures would achieve any positive good.

What We Knew In the Early Days

There was/is no virus!!!


Andrew Lawrence:

Parasite politicians- An endless shower of incompetence.


Bob Moran: ‘Amnesty’ original artwork


The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/





The Exposé:

A few days ago, I wrote that last year’s government Covid advice about disinformation, when read today in the light of recently published science, was itself disinformation. That night I watched ‘Web of Chaos’, an hour-long Television New Zealand, TVNZ, government-funded documentary compiled with the help of main players from our very own Disinformation Project.

Web of Chaos is deeply anti-intellectual, anti-religious, against medical choice, and politically biased. Is this just a lone-wolf director giving us his opinion? No. It is funded propaganda. As such, it is part of a wide-ranging ongoing government campaign to control the New Zealand (“NZ”) public narrative.

[According to an Official Information request, the documentary’s production name and the overseas marketed name is ‘Manufacturing Chaos’ but it is being promoted in NZ with the title ‘Web of Chaos’.]

Neil McCoy-Ward:

They’ll Come For Me (After Exposing THIS!!!)


John Waters Unchained:

On Gemma O’Doherty’s livestream on All Saints’ Day, to review the extended torpor that has been 2022 thus far: the waiting, the apprehension, the constant undertone of official menace and gaslighting, the continuing crimes of officialdom and media, the cover-ups, the escalating degeneration of our institutions and their personnel — and, all the while, the relentless stripping down of the Ireland we have known and loved, and its stealthy replacement by an alien entity in which the indigenous peoples are no longer cherished or even welcome. Soon, if we continue in our present pattern of conduct, we will awake one day to find that our dear land is no longer there; it will have left us, like a weary lover, for want of passion.

Ireland Will Leave Us . . . For Want of Love


JP Reacts:

Pandemic amnesty?! Give me a Break


Stew Peters Show:

Famous embalmer, Richard Hirschman joins to expose the massive, fibrous clots forming in the bodies of the vaccinated.
Embalmers across the world are seeing the same, exact thing: killer clots, and the agenda is undeniable!

Karen Kingston joins to detail how Pfizer titles it’s injections, “smart devices”, and Big Pharma players call humanity a “disease”.
Are the Elites spraying us with AI technology, posed as “COVID”?

We will never forget what the Liberals did. They psychologically abused children with literally suffocating mask mandates. Teacher Unions shut down schools. Governors and “public health officials” trapped our elderly in nursing home death traps. Liberals collecting a guaranteed government paycheck shut down struggling businesses forever, deliberately. They kept ruining businesses and lives for months, even a year after it was 100% obvious none of it was necessary or even helpful.

Nikki Jones is an Angel Wife. An illegal immigrant killed her husband in a hit-and-run car crash in 2019, leaving her as a single mother to a 2-year-old and a six-month-old. The man who killed Nikki’s husband was first caught with multiple IDs in 2007. In 2013 he had a DUI. Then, another DUI in 2017. Then, a crash causing property damage in 2018. Then, in 2019, driving without a license.


WHF Entertainment:

The Atlantic Calls for Amnesty



Woman’s TRAGIC STORY is nothing but PROPAGANDA


The New Culture Forum:

ROD LIDDLE – LIVE IN LONDON, 29 NOV: “The Story of Woke: How The West Went Mad”. Tickets Now On Sale



Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


The Corbett Report:

via The Activation Podcast: On this episode of The Activation podcast Derrick Broze interviews returning guest James Corbett regarding his work on climate change. James has been researching the claims about climate change since 2007 and has produced dozens of reports and podcast dissecting the various claims about anthropogenic climate change. Derrick and James discuss what the climate change propagandists have right and what they have dangerously wrong. They also discuss the agenda behind the climate change movement. You are not going to want to miss this informative and empowering episode!

James Corbett Separates Climate Fact From Fiction


Topher Field:

Slow Chat with Sen Gerard Rennick


Reignite Democracy Australia:

Candidates who attended, from left to right Bernie Finn – Democratic Labor Party • Geoff Shaw – United Australia Party • Morgan Jonas – Freedom Party of Victoria • Warren Pickering – One Nation • David Limbrick – Liberal Democrats • Lee Jones – Family First Party:

VIC election – Crowd-driven Q&A


Eyes On Cinema @RealEOC:

Barney Hill interviewed in October 1964, before he had heard the tapes of his hypnosis sessions by Dr. Benjamin Simon. The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction (September 19, 1961): https://www.ufocasebook.com/Hill.html

Barney Hill talks about his UFO experience with missing time before he had heard his hypnosis tapes


The gremlin’s a ….. Get away?!




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