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Dr. Gary Sidley, The Daily Sceptic:

I belong to a privileged generation. Not that I was raised in affluence; far from it. Born in 1958, to a mother who worked all her life as a weaver in the textile industry and a father employed as a maintenance mechanic at the local factory, I lived on a council estate for the first decade of my life. Money was tight, holidays were basic and infrequent, and treats – in the form of confectionery – were rare, usually restricted to a Turkish Delight chocolate bar each Sunday evening. Although I never realised it until I was 62, I was, however, part of a cohort who possessed something sacrosanct, something so very precious and – deplorably – something future generations may never enjoy again: individual freedom.

All Those Responsible Must Pay a Price for Terrorising and Harming the People They Are Meant to Serve





Andrew Lawrence:

Tax hell Britain.


Katie Hopkins:

This is UNSAYABLE. Hopkins on the migrant money machine.



THE 91-room Westone Manor Hotel is situated in the heart of a middle-class housing estate in Northampton. Often used for weddings, it offers free wifi, easy access to Weston Favell Shopping Centre and schools, and parking. Former guests have included the Beatles and various F1 drivers due to the hotel’s proximity to Silverstone.

Now it is fully booked for the next eight months because it will be home to some of many thousands from Tirana, Damascus or Kinshasa who steal into our country by the day. The ‘one to two per cent’ of the entire male population of Albania – around 10,000 men – who have arrived on small boats this year alone have to be found somewhere to live, after all.

We need more of Braverman’s truth bombs on immigration



THE AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has all but disappeared from use. We need to know why, and whether troubling evidence from its trials was ignored by the regulators or withheld from the public. That is why HART, the independent Health Advisory and Recovery Team, has demanded a ‘Pfizer files’ style data release from the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Last week, we submitted an FoI request to the MHRA prepared by PJH Law requiring the release of all data submitted by AstraZeneca in their application for a licence for their Covid-19 vaccine (AZD1222/Vaxzevria), the data that the MHRA relied on before granting a conditional marketing authorisation for its use.

It’s time to open the AstraZeneca files


Psybo the trickster:



I HAVE a question for you. Would you rather live in a society with average growth but a healthy number of children, or in a society with lots and lots of growth, wealth, money and stuff and lots of foreign workers, but a dwindling number of children?

As you know, the fertility rate across the West is dwindling: it continues to fall in the UK and the US to new lows. This will impact on future growth, pensions and our life as we know it. In 2020 the UK’s birth rate fell to 1.58 children per woman, the lowest since 2002.*

But don’t worry – James Kirkup of the Times has a solution – and it’s more foreign workers. Hurray!

Children matter – it’s sad that it even has to be said


Richard D. Hall:

In August 2022 I was approached by BBC Panorama in relation to my research into the 2017 Manchester Arena attack. In the video I share my responses to a number of accusations I received.

Disaster Trolls

There’s loads I don’t agree with Richard D. Hall about – and a lot I do. So what, really, his heart is in the right place. As truth is often guarded by monsters, and deliberately hidden away in twisting mazes of bends, false light and dark corners where even angels fear to tread, to find it the authentic quester must have the courage to cause upsets. That’s how it is. In allowing truth to be deformed and buried the inevitable consequences can be terrible for every one. Everyone but the monsters.

Richard’s investigations and videos are motivated by care, concern and a deep motivation to expose crime, cruelty and deceit. It seems to me that he mostly gives his immense and accomplished output away for free.

The Darkness doesn’t understand heart, empathy, sympathy…love. These are, to It, weaknesses to be exploited. It was no accident that the main attack was launched on Halloween – see my article: Halloween is not Samhain.

The Darkness is coming after Richard, focussing on his investigation into anomalies he discovered, and were reported to him, to do with sanctioned broadcast details of the Manchester Arena attack.  This current assault by the Dark State on him (and aimed at everyone who dares to challenge its evil, or thinks about doing it), using it’s protection racket (we pay them) media favourite, the dishonouringly named, British Broadcasting Corporation (whose mix of brilliant and disgusting creative output, I haven’t allowed to assault my senses for decades). The BBC, and disappointingly, it looks like most of its human minions, are overdue in the dock for real crimes against humanity. They do the Devil’s work.

Richard? Well, I’d suggest he is doing exactly what he came here for. What the Divine assigned him to do.

The Devil (the Darkness) is doing It’s job too. The Divine is in charge of everything but It’s, the Darkness’ recruits had a choice.

The difference is, spirits the likes of Richard’s (if he keeps to his educated principles) will go forward. The massed ranks of those that can’t recognise that their conformity, ambitions and actions are delights of the Darkness, won’t. They are ‘the meek’ that Jesus wished good luck to in the earth they will be stuck in.


Richard Dolan:

Richard interviews filmmaker Darcy Weir, whose latest film is titled Secret Space UFOs: NASA’s First Missions. This treatment investigates the X-15, Mercury, and Gemini programs, specifically looking into the many encounters with UAP/UFO phenomena.

Secret Space UAP I The Richard Dolan Show



1/11/2022 = 111222



Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

In 1976 During the Oil Crisis Stanley Meyer Created a Car That Runs on Water

He got whacked, I seem to recall.


A good man in Ugly Australia:


Freeman interviews South Australian, Senator Alex Antic, one of Australia’s few freedom fighters against lockdowns, vaccine mandates and discrimination based on medical status.

Freeman interviews Senator Alex Antic:


Turning Point Australia (Great presentation in the video) exposes the electoral crookery the major parties have been up to and no doubt intend again.

Please read and watch all of this. and pass along to every Aussie you know.

Nation First looks at the campaign to unseat the Andrews Government and restore freedom to Victoria

With the Victorian State election (Australia) approaching rapidly, Nation First today presents an informative opinion piece from pro-freedom political action group Turning Point Australia.

It must be remembered that Victoria’s Andrews Labor government was probably the worst government in Australia for trampling on people’s civil rights and freedom during the so-called pandemic.

Under the reign of Daniel Andrews, Victoria became the most locked down city in the world, ‘vaccine’ discrimination was deployed so hard that you had to be jabbed in order to work in most industries, and when people protested in streets against the regime’s draconian ‘pandemic’ policies they were fired upon by police with harmful projectiles.

Turning Point Australia Declares War on Daniel Andrews ⚔

Andrews already declared war on Victorians and Australians with its psychopathic, sadistic mendacity towards everyone of them, unleashing brutish armed, orcs in uniform and black cladding as his its standover thugs and vicious enforcers against unarmed men, women and children doing nothing wrong. Every decent human being in the world would like to see the disgusting Andrews in that sack – along with the rest of the maniacs that have terrorised Australians and humanity. We need a bigger sack!




Just how important it is that we do keep publishing it was underlined for me by the Times yesterday. In one of the most ignorant, prejudiced and libellous pieces of reporting I have read in that organ since the start of the Covid – and the Times has form – headlined ‘Antivaxers applaud Tory MP Christopher Chope as he questions safety of Covid vaccines’, their ‘political reporter’, George Grylls, belatedly ‘reporting’ on the Westminster Hall Vaccine Safety debate eight days ago, which I am pretty sure he did not attend, pulled out all the stops. His purpose was simple: it was not to report (that would have involved going into the data and interviewing those who petitioned for and spoke in the debate) but to smear with the purpose of demonising and invalidating anyone who has the temerity to question the safety or effectiveness of the novel technology Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. Petitioners were smeared ‘anti-vaxxers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’; Sir Christopher Chope and fellow Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen were accused of making false claims (on the say-so of nameless ‘fact-checkers’) and Oracle Films, documentary makers of Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion,  of being an ‘anti-vax conspiracy’ group.

Does the Times really think this counts as political reporting?

Vaccine injuries latest – you won’t read all about it in the Times


Dr. Sam Bailey:

Jim West is a legendary researcher and author, although he tends to keep a low profile. You may have seen his work, but not known where it was from. He has uncovered a massive amount of evidence to support his hypothesis that persistent pesticides caused The Great Polio Epidemic, post-WWII.

Much of his research has led to the same conclusion that viruses are being used as a cover story for the real causes of disease. Jim ties together science, psychology and spirituality and I could listen to him all day.

With no political or career conflicts of interest, he is able to critique the professional medical establishment in areas of scientific truth that most people are too afraid to go near.

Show notes & Video & Audio: Jim West: The Toxicology Taboo


The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/


Daily Sceptic:
Scientists continue to flock to sign the World Climate Declaration that states there is no climate emergency. Over 200 people have signed the World Climate Declaration (WCD) over the last few weeks, including 20 university professors. A number of the professors and other academics signing the declaration are experts in pure science fields such as chemistry and physics. Over 300 scientists and professionals have signed the WCD since August 18th, when the Daily Sceptic highlighted the project and interest soared across social media. The total signatories, led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize winner Professor Ivar Giaever, now number over 1,400.

It would not be an exaggeration to note that the recent publicity given to the WCD has struck terror into the ranks of the established and largely pseudoscientific climate community, whose gravy train of ‘settled’ science is fuelled by almost unlimited amounts of money and provides the political narrative for the command-and-control Net Zero agenda. Fact checks and social media personal attacks have been launched, but the scale of scientific scepticism is becoming increasingly difficult to deny. Nearly 300 professors alone have now signed the declaration.

“There is no Climate Emergency”: Hundreds More Sign the World Climate Declaration, Including 20 Professors


John Waters Unchained:

‘Hate speech’ laws are not simply censorship. Their deeper purpose is to terminate equality under the law, so the normative indigenous members of a nation are made to feel like an alien underclass.

‘Hate Speech’ laws: Welcome to Stasi Ireland!


Clyde Do Something:

After 2 plus years of imposing their will on everyone and using the heavy hand of the state, Brown Professor Emily Oster says now is the time to just forget about it. Fat Chance!

“Let’s Declare A PANDEMIC AMNESTY” – Unapologetic Professor Demands Forgiveness



Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


My latest article:

Halloween is not Samhain


T&H – Inspiration & Motivation:

An eye-opening and moving speech from musician and Beatles band member George Harrison (1943 – 2001) on truth, life, change and consciousness. Let’s remember the messages he had to share with the world.

This Video Will Leave You Speechless – George Harrison’s Search For A Higher Truth



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