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Stew Peters:

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet…we never seem to believe them. In this Stew Peters Network EXCLUSIVE, the award winning filmmakers behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.


JamesFWells, Freeman Reports:

Freeman interviews Hedley, an experienced pharmaceutical supply chain, logistics and manufacturing consultant with his own consultancy.

Hedley is a Welsh treasure. A man who knows about the processes and rules that keep us all safe when it comes to consuming pharmaceuticals.

Revealing the processes that the serial killers and government collaborators swerved.

Everything should be stopped immediately.





Wings of Pegasus:

Tonight we’re settling a debate as to whether all is what it seems with The Rubettes’ ‘Sugar Baby Love’!

Is THIS Vocal Fakery? Let’s see. The Rubettes’ ‘Sugar Baby Love’




Drink this in:

Be true to yourself; help others; make each day your masterpiece; drink deeply from good books; make friendship a fine art; build a shelter against a rainy day; pray for guidance and be thankful.

…and there’s more:

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek: John Wooden vs LeBron James


The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/




Celia Farber, The Truth Barrier:

Kanye’s quote seemed to have fallen on deaf journalistic ears.

This is what he said:

“I want to apologize. Because God has showed me by what Adidas is doing, by what the media is doing, I know how it feels to have a knee on my neck now.

“So thank you God for humbling me and letting me know how it really felt. Because how could the richest Black men ever be humbled other than to be made to not be a billionaire in front of everyone off of one comment.”

“I Know How It Feels To Have A Knee On My Neck Now”


Daily Sceptic:

Thousands of people in the U.K. have reported suffering serious adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccine Injured and Bereaved U.K. (VIBUK) is a group of individuals injured or bereaved by the Covid vaccines (with medical or coroners’ reports confirming this) campaigning for a change to the current Government vaccine damage payment scheme (VDPS) to create a bespoke COVID-19 compensation scheme that ensures the adversely affected are appropriately compensated and supported. They also want people similarly affected by the vaccines to know that help is available and for their stories to be heard and not ignored. This is Tony’s story as told by VIBUK and reprinted here. VIBUK can be found on Twitter and contacted here.


Public, in-person discussion of the Great Reset feels long overdue, distracted as we have been by lockdowns, masks, vaccines, climate and the ever-increasing difficulties of simply living an ordinary life. But do all these things need to be seen in the context of a global technocratic agenda to remove the relevance of the nation state, and to remove politics, justice, due process and individual choice?

On October 24th there was an in-person event to discuss the Great Reset organised by the Together Foundation and titled “#Together Talks: Is a ‘Great Reset’ inevitable?

Is a ‘Great Reset’ Inevitable?


Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs:

Church of England Revs Tom and Jamie are back this week to talk about Halloween, a Christian perspective on wealth and riches, Twits on Twitter featuring pro-abortion protesters closing down an SPUC seminar on Edinburgh University campus, the big story of the week as we have a new Prime Minister, Question the Rev on the greatest challenges of the Christian life and finding time for prayer, and what it’s like to work as a store manager in ASDA during Covid-tide. This and much much more as always!

The Markets Elect Our New Prime Minister – Irreverend Episode 99


What is a Libertarian?


More on the carving up of Oxford into zones you need a permit to enter and leave …It’s coming to you soon, no matter where you try to live…unless you do something about it. Can you do the mocking jay?

After the astonishing (not to me) gullibility and mass compliance with tyranny of Oxford’s town and gown they are confident they can get away with it. Read and listen to what the council is saying.


All sounds reasonable, and nice to too trusting ears, until you look a bit deeper and find this is all part of a global agenda laid out decades ago – like the covid and human-caused climate change frauds and nonsense.

Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Common Purpose, Great Reset – Davos, Bilderberg,  – no end of these conspiring un-elected organisations and “think tanks” installing their ‘people’ in councils, governments…royalty.

The rollout of 15 minute neighbourhoods in the UK


Two alien stall holders, with huge links and investments in vaccines and the agendas they roll with, who have already shown their disinforming and censorious baleful colours, conspire to hide information that damages their plans and evil intentions from humankind:

The Exposé :

The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is now taking control of the content that is promoted on YouTube through a partnership with Google.  The aim of the partnership is to “address the spread of misinformation and disinformation.”

WHO to control Health content on YouTube & censor everything disputing Official Narrative so it can manipulate Public Opinion


Richard Bruce:

Reptilian Shapeshifting EFFECT in Black Swan!



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