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Give them an inch and they’ll take the whole earth and all of humanity


Tim Truth:


Macron FAKED Vax: French Politician Of 20 Years Announces Vax Wrecked Heart & Govt Fakery


Paul Craig Roberts, via Tara Blue:

Real commentary to balance the media tripe.

Fifteen cities plus smaller towns in Ukraine have had their infrastructure damaged in Russian strikes today.  The EU advisory mission in Kiev was also hit.  The best current account is on sourhfront.org — https://southfront.org/russia-starts-to-fight-for-real-overview-of-strikes-in-ukraine/ 

Overview of Russian Strikes on Ukraine


Neil Oliver – ‘…the 9 most terrifying words in the English language…’


Archaeology World:

Our perception of what certain biblical or historical characters look like is based simply on what has been written and passed down. However, just like religion, history can be very controversial as when hard evidence is missing, it all must come down to cultural beliefs.

Almost 3 billion people worship Jesus Christ around the world, so as this is such an impactful character in the lives of many, we should know what he looks like.

Within the bible or other texts from the biblical era, there isn’t much description based on the appearance of Jesus, which seems quite strange based on his importance.

Ancient Glass Plate From Spain Shows a Beardless Jesus


Archaeology World:

The image is eerily familiar: a bearded young man with flowing curly hair. After lying for nearly 2,000 years hidden in a cave in the Holy Land, the fine detail is difficult to determine. But in a certain light, it is not difficult to interpret the marks around the figure’s brow as a crown of thorns. The extraordinary picture of one of the recently discovered hoards of up to 70 lead codices – booklets – found in a cave in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee is one reason Bible historians are clamouring to get their hands on the ancient artefacts.

First-ever portrait of Jesus found in 1 of 70 ancient books?


Katie Hopkins:

In Medieval times, the only person who could speak truth to the King was the jester…


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

Nord Stream could only be the first. Will the pipelines in the North Sea be the next target? Foreign drones are now being observed close to the oil rigs. I actually saw one myself.

Is this the beginning of World War 3?


James Topp:

James Topp and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Oct 10


Awaken with JP:

Learning to be a Hypocrite in 2022


The Exposé:

The United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics “the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and its recognised national statistical institute” has quietly released substantial data on the COVID-19 vaccines.

What have they done? Government confirms COVID Vaccination INCREASES risk of Death in all Age-Groups


The Exposé:

The UK Government has quietly confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccines are killing children at an unprecedented rate. Shocking figures contained in an official report, published just hours before Boris Johnson announced his […]

Official GOV. Data confirms COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children


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Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

mRNA vaccine damage being passed on to babies through breast milk: “This is biblical. The slaughter of the first borns.”


Dr Naomi Wolf “this is Biblical. The Slaughter of the First Borns.”


Katie Hopkins:

Can I just chikky-check something with you?


Ellis Taylor:

Maybe a few visitors will recall my articles often appearing on, or linked from, David Icke’s website. It was back in the days when David’s audiences were growing from “telephone box numbers” to bus-shelters, and on their way to theatres.

This is an article from back then. It is followed by a little comment and info piece I’ve written today.


Following the news that Canadian Human Rights lawyer, Richard Warman has issued a libel action against David Icke, I thought readers might like to hear (or be reminded of) what this man and his friends got up to in Vancouver (I think) whilst David Icke was visiting.

Dick and the Tossers: A Splatt! from the past.


Daily Mail:

Vanderbilt University has suspended gender altering surgeries at its medical center amid outrage over claims the hospital ‘chemically castrates’ minors for financial gain.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center [VUMC] confirmed it was freezing all ‘gender affirmation surgery’ on underage patients pending a review of their processes, in response to calls from Tennessee lawmaker to investigate the hospital.

The center came under fire last month after conservative activist Matt Walsh released a 2018 video showing Dr Shayne Taylor – an LGBTQ specialist at the hospital – touting transgender surgeries as ‘huge money makers’ for the hospital.

Walsh also compiled a report of his own investigation into VUMC’s trans program which found the hospital ‘drugs, chemically castrates and performs double mastectomies on minors.’

Controversial Vanderbilt University Medical Center SUSPENDS transgender operations for kids – after video emerged of hospital doctor boasting about how surgeries are ‘huge money makers’


The Big Virus Hoax:

Strange new illness:


Counterspin New Zealand:

The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is being swapped out for a hearse as deaths around the world are on the rise since the introduction of the “vaccine.”

Three experts in the funeral industry, from three time zones (UK, USA, NZ) are blowing the whistle as they simultaneously witness unique, devastating similarities in the “died suddenly” booming burial industry.

John O’Looney, UK, was the first funeral director to start speaking out about what he was seeing.

In early 2022, embalmer Richard Hirschman, USA, joined John in going public and started showing the unusual clots he was finding on his table.

And now, NZs own funeral director Brenton Faithfull has started confirming what the previous two have said.

In a world first, these three come together to discuss what they are seeing.

Episode 74: Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose A Day in the Death of Life


John Pilger:

In an address to the Trondheim World Festival in Norway, John Pilger charts the history of power propaganda and describes how it appropriates journalism in a ‘profound imperialism’ and is likely to entrap us all, if we allow it.

In the 1970s, I met one of Hitler’s leading propagandists, Leni Riefenstahl, whose epic films glorified the Nazis. We happened to be staying at the same lodge in Kenya, where she was on a photography assignment, having escaped the fate of other friends of the Fuhrer.

She told me that the ‘patriotic messages’ of her films were dependent not on ‘orders from above’ but on what she called the ‘submissive void’ of the German public.

Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie? I asked. ‘Yes, especially them,’ she said.

I think of this as I look around at the propaganda now consuming Western societies.

Silencing the Lambs. How Propaganda Works.


Sky News Australia:

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says the WEF has been “upfront” about its “agenda” for the public.

“WEF founder Klaus Schwab even wrote about it in a book entitled the Great Reset – that’s where you’ll own nothing and be happy,” Mr Bernardi said.

“These same leaders celebrate movements that rely on deceit, destruction and chaos to divide society while a largely compliant media mostly report only the official interpretation of events.

He said “agents of political change” are now so emboldened they will “happily lie and seem to have no fear of being exposed”.

“They will misrepresent everything, from war to science, from economics to biology, in order to condition you to endorse what is unacceptable,” Mr Bernardi said.

“These things are being done before our very eyes, and yet, most people refuse to see.”

WEF has been ‘upfront’ about ‘Great Reset’ agenda:


The Delingpod:

James and Dick Delingpole


Corona Investigative Committee:

Dr. Jessica Rose | Session 125: An Inconvenient Truth


Psybo the trickster:

He’s Such a Good Guy!


Auditing Britain:

Love Luton


More to come



Bob Moran: Stunning & Brave

George Monbiot:

Liz Truss: The Oligarch’s Prime Minister


John Julian Stetch:

Trudeau Goes Shopping



The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/



The Exposé:

The UK Government has just published blatant propaganda that is now being promoted by mainstream media organisations such as Sky News and The Guardian.

The propaganda claims that the UK summer heatwave caused 2,800 excess deaths among the over 65’s.

But what the propaganda fails to mention is that the UK has suffered an average of 1,180 excess deaths for 22 consecutive weeks since the middle of April, with the worst week for excess deaths (2,208) actually occurring during the middle of May, two months prior to the UK recording a temperature of 40 degrees Celcius for a single day.

This is clear-cut evidence that the Government and mainstream media are cherrypicking data and trying to con you into believing that we are in a climate change crisis that is already killing thousands.

The press release has since been picked up by The Guardian and the Climate Change Propaganda channel formerly known as Sky News.


The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities:

Understanding the reality of who is pulling the strings on the positive and negative interactions in our lives and how to navigate according to the Oceans of Tawheed (Oneness).

Satan Will Always Try To Plant People Into Your Life | Sufi Meditation Center

Now rife in police forces everywhere. You may have noticed.

The Exposé:

Despite the UK government’s proposals to stop it, British citizens are still being arrested over alleged speech offences.

Police officers from the United Kingdom’s Surrey Police force arrested journalist, writer and media commentator Caroline Farrow on 3 October after she was reported for allegedly posting a “grossly offensive message.” “Nobody was threatened and no violence was incited. Insulting people online is not a criminal offence,” tweeted Farrow.

The officers seized Farrow’s electronic devices, questioned her at Guildford Police Station, and released her under investigation.

Political Policing: UK Journalist Arrested for Posting “Offensive” Message Online


Mercola, Freedom first Network:

If there’s a silver lining to any of this, it’s that people are starting to realize just how far off the rails the medical system has gone, and that we need to make radical changes.

Even doctors like Marik are waking up to realize everything they thought they knew about medicine was actually Big Pharma propaganda, and that profits, not care, is the guiding light of most hospitals.

Why Doctors Are Lying to You


Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

Good job, Biden Totalitarian Regime (BTR)!

You can now do what you do best-and let’s face it, what the US government has been doing best in foreign countries for a very long time-swoop in and save Europe from the evil Vladimir Putin and his maniacal plot to nuke everybody.

First, let’s do a little detective work. Let’s go back to the Nord Stream pipeline. I know, we’ve all moved on from there, right? It’s nuclear war on our minds now, that other stuff is old news. But if we are to find the answers, we must return to the scene of this previous crime.

Biden to the Rescue!




Without Steve Laws we would know much less about the immigration onslaught that is overwhelming the UK.
Steve has given his time, day in and day out to record what is happening on the Kent coast with boat loads of unidentified individuals arriving every day into the UK.
Our media is silent.
The public are ignorant.
Full info and decription: https://rumble.com/v1mvtbk-steve-laws-new-prime-minister-same-old-unlimited-mass-immigration.html

Steve Laws – New Prime Minister, Same Old Unlimited Mass Immigration


Stew Peters Network:

Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired! with DeAnna Lorraine! DeAnna is joined by world-renowned Weather Warfare and geo-engineering expert, Dane Wigington of GeoEngineeringwatch.org, where he talks about proof that the disastrous Hurricane Iane was geo-engineered! He’ll talk about the secrets of weather warfare, the secret spraying in the sky that’s making us sick with respiratory issues – and much more. MUST watch and share interview!

Then DeAnna is joined by Project Veritas Whistleblower Melissa McAtee, who will discuss the glowing blue vials of Pfizer vaccines she witnessed, and the new admission by the Main Stream Media and other “Health Experts” that the Vaccines are in fact editing our genes – and what they’re doing behind our backs.

Proof Hurricane IAN Geo-Engineered! Dane Wigington Exclusive Interview on Weather Warfare



Neil Oliver:

‘…how did we get from ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ in 1939 to a perpetual state of pant wetting anxiety in 2022?’

Neil Oliver – ‘…digital enslavement is coming…’


The Exposé:

Exposing the enemy:

“The WEF” Is Trending on Twitter and For All the Right Reasons


Robert Phoenix – The 11th House:

10-7-22 — Friday FAR — Ditching The Death Trap — With Howdie Mickoski


Andrew Lawrence:

Blackouts- The clown show continues.




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