Dick and the Tossers: A Splatt! from the past.

Maybe a few visitors will recall my articles often appearing on, or linked from, David Icke’s website. It was back in the days when David’s audiences were growing from “telephone box numbers” to bus-shelters, and on their way to theatres.

This is an article from back then. It is followed by a little comment and info piece I’ve written today.


Following the news that Canadian Human Rights lawyer, Richard Warman has issued a libel action against David Icke, I thought readers might like to hear (or be reminded of) what this man and his friends got up to in Vancouver (I think) whilst David Icke was visiting.



Richard Warman, a Canadian lawyer who in my opinion and oft related opinions of others, came over as a sorry-arsed attention seeker in a Channel 4 documentary* on David Icke, a couple of years ago, (many of whom incidentally, only watched the show to see what David Icke was up to these days.) continues his belligerent crusade against David’s right to express his opinions. This time Warman has issued a libel action against him. What the charges are specifically I don’t know, but contrary to Warman’s accusations, David Icke is NOT anti-Semitic.

During the programme, Warman, in a well-practiced maniacal cackle, drooled over his plot to censure people’s opportunity to decide for themselves what they wish to hear. With flicking tongue, and quivering fingers spidering the air, he held court over his adoring, seemingly mesmerised collaborators. He delighted in announcing that of course if anyone was to throw a cream pie at David Icke, during his book signing he couldn’t condone that.  To which one side-kick agreed, ‘Oh no, we couldn’t condone that, not someone throwing cream pies, oh no’. (Insert more maniacal cackling from Warman and his fawning mate.)

The next day lizard-hooded cowards slithered into the book signing, barged their way up some stairs and threw a pie before bounding down the stairs and out behind the skirts of the night.
It was a lousy aim but a small piece of the pie ricocheted off something else and on to David. David wiped it up with his finger and put it to his lips, ‘More sugar!’  he retorted.

Of course this was assault, but David was not the only victim that day.  People in the shop were pushed and shoved by the marauding tossers, children’s books and shop furniture were spattered with the sour goo.

…And somewhere, from out in the shadows, a familiar maniacal cackle pierced the night air.

…But don’t worry Richard. David loves you. He says so in his book.



Comment Today:

Astonishing what David Icke has had to put up with for all these years. Just one minute of his life would have today’s snivelling BBC-bred wets and wokers (and other words beginning with ‘W’, crying for their keyboard comforters and scrambling for their smelling salts every day forever – particularly after the Wogan interview – on his (highly symbolic) 39th birthday; Wogan playing the ‘charming man’, Satan.

The Dark State demon hosts had summoned the chief warlocks of the BB Seedy for this attempted immolation of David, “the son of God”, and all was Set for this public humiliation [sacrifice] of ‘one of once-theirs‘, who’d talked his way into their Inner Sanctum and then stumped their snaky designs by jumping the fence. They’d taken their slit eye of the ball. Tis all mirrors, smoke and inversion (it’s what they do) – we are also seeing, besides the “Temptation of Christ” playing out*, the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, here. Auntie for Abraham, ‘Icke’ is a name derived from Isaac. ‘David’ means beloved by the way.

The decrepit, ridden scryers could see he was destined to be trouble. Not as esoterically astute as they, the Dark State and their sponsored media chunderers, lead truther experts to believe, they didn’t count on his prime number (33), his stubborn Stars and that perhaps he really is answering the Divine’s Call. In other words he was not going to be the push over they were sure this council estate boy would be. The Taurean refused to be bullied or budged from his course.  The Divine has had his back, as S(He) always will when you are doing what you are here to do.

Soon afterward David appeared on Irish TV and was able to clarify what he’d been trying to say in that SET-Up on the BBC.


The boy’s done good.


8th October 2022


* This Channel 4 documentary was one in a series, “The Secret Rulers of the World”, by John Ronson It was first aired on 6th May 2001. (The 48th (V) anniversary of the reptile Blair’s hatching, btw).

Beset by lizards (part one)

Beset by lizards (part two)



* This is as “The Temptation of Christ”, The Darkness Invisible (now full-on bloody obvious) has always tested humankind. It’s Its job!

And as I’ve imparted from the wise, so many times…Everything, all of it, ack!-ack!-ack!, since the beginning of 2020, the Ultimate test for all of humankind, in spirit and soul. These are the End Times, and everything was, and is being revealed, Revelations, 2020 vision – the notification was there.

The threats, the temptations, lies, impersonation, idiots and plants, distraction, the derision, taunts, bullying, the reckless sacrilege of the mutilation of Divine designs (In the image of the Divine are we made!)…All of it, tests of intelligence, care, morality, discernment, faith, appreciation…of earth and world custodianship calibre for individuals and the species.

As David Icke was trying to tell you (and not just him), “You are all Children of God”.

Now…what are you going to do about it?


8th October 2022


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