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Not suitable for Truth Deniers

odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys


Give them an inch and they’ll take the whole earth and all of humanity


Those who speak out are shouted down until they are proved right, says Neil Oliver


The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/




AOSIS (Pty) Ltd:

Writing in the peer-reviewed Journal of Insulin Resistance, one of the UK’s most eminent Consultant Cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who was one of the first to take two doses of the vaccine and promote it on @Good Morning Britain says that since the rollout of the vaccine the evidence of its effectiveness and true rates of adverse events have changed. Read part 1 of the review article: https://bit.ly/3dJuN3W Read part 2 of the review article: https://bit.ly/3dMKIhV Visit the journal at https://insulinresistance.org/index.p…

Dr. Aseem Malhotra Who Promoted Covid-19 Vaccine on Tv Calls for Its Immediate Suspension

Here’s another link, just in case the deplorable YouTube censor it.

World Council for Health:

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra will present new evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. This will include analyses that answers the question ‘is there a link between these new types of vaccines and an increase in cardiac events?’

Press Conference: Dr. Aseem Malhotra Calls for Immediate & “Complete Suspension” of All C19 Vaccines


Clean Premium, Strong, Nasty-Free Supplements.
Made in the UK : Not owned by Big Pharma.
Not in a joint venture with the Government to sell anything (Big Pharma).
A UK business that pays its taxes. Based on genuinely helping people.


Dr. Sam Bailey:

Full show notes and references 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/germ-theory/should-you-eat-bugs/

Should You Eat Bugs?


JP Reacts:

The Establishment is Terrified of Her



Hydrogen Fight Government Vs The Little Guy




..and the rest to follow.

All part of the “You will own nothing and be happy agenda” – I’ve been trying to warn you about…

‘We just can’t afford to buy’: Family-of-four say they are stuck renting after ruling out buying a new home due to soaring mortgage costs – amid fears of sharp interest rate rise that could see repayments jump by £10,000-a-year 

…they’ve just got to deliver on the “be happy” bit. It’s probably going to be mandated.

The Mail Online (M.O.) also report that Russia has shat on its own doorstep and kicked itself in the Baltics…Of course it did. F.F.O.



Neil Hague:



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