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An iconic songbird of the Isles in the blackbird. A delight at dawn and dusk every day is the male serenading the sun from lofty perches…but not in the past fortnight…here. They’ve vanished, male and female, from the gardens, the country lanes, the fields and woods.

Where have all the blackbirds gone?


Ramola D:

Historic Newsbreak to report the notification of the US Military, United Nations, NATO, NASA, various Governors to Cease and Desist spraying Americans and American lands with poisons and toxins identified now in the water inclusive of aluminium, barium, strontium, lithium, manganese, graphene and other metallic contaminants by the Connecticut Assembly.

Newsbreak 157 | Historic Move: US Military, UN, NATO, WHO, NSF, NASA, Ordered to Halt Aerosol Crimes by Connecticut Assembly


The Exposé:

Sent to police:

The Covid-19 vaccines have been forensically examined in the United Kingdom and a laboratory report confirms they contain graphene nanomaterials that can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system, and Graphene Oxide which can damage internal organs, destroy blood health, trigger cancer, and cause changes in gene function among a host of other ill effects.

Unfortunately, further analysis by Dr Phillipe van Welbergen has concluded that the graphene is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, destroying red blood cells and causing dangerous blood clots.

UK Lab Report discovers Graphene in the Covid-19 Vaccines; & Scientists believe the Vaccinated are transmitting it to the Unvaccinated


John Pilger:

In an address to the Trondheim World Festival in Norway, John Pilger charts the history of power propaganda and describes how it appropriates journalism in a ‘profound imperialism’ and is likely to entrap us all, if we allow it.

In the 1970s, I met one of Hitler’s leading propagandists, Leni Riefenstahl, whose epic films glorified the Nazis. We happened to be staying at the same lodge in Kenya, where she was on a photography assignment, having escaped the fate of other friends of the Fuhrer.

She told me that the ‘patriotic messages’ of her films were dependent not on ‘orders from above’ but on what she called the ‘submissive void’ of the German public.

Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie? I asked. ‘Yes, especially them,’ she said.

I think of this as I look around at the propaganda now consuming Western societies.

Of course, we are very different from Germany in the 1930s. We live in information societies. We are globalists. We have never been more aware, more in touch, better connected.

Silencing the Lambs. How Propaganda Works.


Andrew Lawrence:

Sir Keir- Still in charge.


AustraliaOne Party :



Vinny Eastwood:

Ickonic! New Zealand Alternative Media Under Attack with Vinny Eastwood & Gareth Icke – 7 September 2022



End Times Video:

Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World


On AustraliaOne Party :

For content: Australia Enslaved And The Plan For The World


‘They are using these words as a means of psychological warfare …they are using their narrative to get us to play along with them and to give up our rights.’ Legal Philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek says ‘there is no energy crisis in Europe, there is a crisis of leadership.’ Watch on TV: Virgin 604, Freesat 216, Sky 515, Freeview 236, YouView 236 Listen on DAB+ Radio


Psybo News Network #19


Ellis Taylor:

O.K. A little more on where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’:

Human beings were created FOR this world.

‘The world’ was invaded a very long time ago. (‘Invaded’ is a human point of view – not the correct term. Seemingly ‘illegal immigrants’ is better said.)

‘The world’ is not the planet.

‘The world’ is a frequency range, otherwise known as a dimension.

Planet earth exists in several dimensions, concurrently.

Where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’.


The Soapboxer:

This study is a close exploration of the radical theory that the planet Saturn was once a sun, supported by the vast collection of ancient literary sources and comparative mythology between the greatest astronomically skilled cultures in history. This theory, popularized by 20th-century scholar Velikovsky, examines a possible cosmic event that may have inspired the original institutions of sun worship, along with its rippling evolution through time, all conspicuously aligned with the Biblical accounts.

Saturn as a Sun

I wrote about Saturn being once a sun (and, more importantly) how it still is in a previous ‘earth’s’ (frequency) dimension, among other subjects, in my book, “In These Signs Conquer“.  I’m even more sure now, of Saturn’s gloomering other-dimensional manifested ‘solar’ presence, than I was back when I wrote about this informed likelihood, in 2006 . The Darkness‘s public and private ceremonies and rituals are devoted to this netherworld ‘sun’, place-held in this world, by the planet, Saturn. (Look closely at the symbolism (and, buoyed with confidence in their victory, through what they view as successful human subjugation, outright blatant revelations). It is already evident and will increase to a crescendo during the days ahead.) This now cinder-sun (in this world) is (in their otherworld) the ‘solar’ (star of their Eden [solar system]) origin of the most cognizant of recycled entities of the authentic dark cults intent on fashioning this world into a trans-dimensional facsimile (and more efficient facility) of/between their one in Saturn One’s realm and here. (Also see: Where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’.)


Strange Company:

The “Precolitsch” (or “Prikulics”) is among the more unpleasant figures in Eastern European folklore.  This being–sort of a cross between Bigfoot and a werewolf–is said to live in the Wallachian Mountains.  It is of a great size, possesses the capability to assume various forms, and is of a truly terrifying strength.  And it has no fondness for humans.

Although the Precolitsch is regarded as a mythological creature, there is at least one account claiming it made an all-too-real appearance.  This strange tale–which sounds like a horror movie cliche, but is given as literal fact–was related by Philip Macleod in the September 1913 issue of “Occult Review.”  Macleod stated that this story–which he paraphrased–originally appeared in “a German psychological publication” about sixty years earlier.  The account was written by a Hungarian doctor who heard the tale directly from the army officer directly involved with the incident.  Although this original publication apparently used the officer’s real name, Macleod, for whatever reason, gave him the pseudonym of “Muller.”

The Precolitsch; Or, When Hungarian Gypsies Say There is Trouble Ahead, Believe Them


Neil Hague:



THE ISNN (Spiritual News Network) with Kevin Moore:

The Ultimate Guide to Law of Attraction With Gary Bodley | the Teachings of Joshua | Episode 121




In 2020, aerospace entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow founded the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS). BICS’s mission includes “to communicate, facilitate, educate and organize scientific research and exploration into the survival of human consciousness (SOHC)” with a particular focus on consciousness surviving permanent bodily death. Following a successful competition in 2021 for essays providing the best evidence for SOHC, BICS is now looking to the future. In this presentation, Robert Bigelow and Colm Kelleher will reveal the details, including application process and important dates, for BICS’s new grants program for 2023, called “The Challenge”, that promises to significantly impact the future of research in the field of SOHC. Audience members attending this panel are invited to a complimentary bag lunch, for which they may make their menu selection on the conference registration form.

Robert Bigelow & Colm: Survival of Consciousness Research | BICS Challenge Grants Program 2023



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