Comment on: Satanic Holidays Linked To Surge In Missing Children

I posted this video on my News & Features blog, Howlin’ at the Moon, including a very brief comment, today and felt more needed to be added. Hopefully it will inspire readers to investigate further and hope expose these deeply evil monsters and their crimes. – Ellis


On the excellent Published August 2, 2022


More raw than I’d like, but I’m pressed for time.


Probably most visitors to this site have long been aware of such information on these outrageous diabolical crimes.

It’s important and necessary that more people are made aware of what is going on. Much, a great deal of it, perpetrated or directed by the very entities you will find committing the current tsunami of crimes against humanity, such as the Covid fraud, the climate change fraud, the depopulation agenda, the rape and mistreatment of our companions on earth, the attempted coup against humanity as the Divinely assigned guardians of this world.


Unfortunately, many people who think they know, don’t. Brainwashed misdirection is rampant in the comments on the video. For instance, they do not see that paganism isn’t evil, nature isn’t evil. They do not clock that the Gregorian calendar isn’t a natural system or that the dating systems have variances throughout history and all over the world. That a day, naturally, begins and ends at sunset and that every form of life has its own rhythms, including individual human beings, the Circadian Rhythm. One could authentically define ‘satanism’ as anything that contradicts the rhythms, rights, roles and purposes of nature – God’s tempo, the Divine patterns of life.

As a basic principle, if one of these foundations is intentionally or thoughtlessly corrupted or ignored then it fits the definition of ‘satanism’. Inversion and misdirection are its stocks.

Earth’s ancient northern traditions (and all the others, globally), that steadfastly tuned with nature, marked the sacred seasonal climax moments (interdimensional communication gateways), as they corresponded to this planet’s place in Eden (the solar system) in Her dance through the heavens, according to Her relationship with the sun, the ‘giver of life’; that great light that represented the Divine, and its illuminating helpmeet, the moon.

Over time, and not always varying that much between cultures, for ease of comprehension and focus, other aspects of the Divine were described as ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’. The first letter of the Hebrew words beginning Genesis, “B’reishit bara Elohim” – B – even indicate to the symbolically sensitive that there was/is a partnership in this epic never-ending story of Divine Creation.

With great knowledge of the Divine’s heavenly tempo and patterns, our ancient forebears accurately calculated and recorded the portal moments in stone and inscriptions.  Accuracy, likely the difference between life and death. None of them would have recognised Julian or Gregorian calendar dates (31st October, 1st February, 1st May, 1st August,  21st March or December, or 25th December, 31st December, 1st January etc etc). Through otherworldly communication (perhaps other planets too) and perpetual observations, where they were, is how they learned how and to determine the moments. They learned to gauge the timings according to, as I wrote earlier, The Divine’s gifts of the ‘stars’, and their patterns and their rhythms.

Fortunately for us, the Divine has ensured that humanity has retained the names of these great festivals, which were infinitely more important than mere partying.

They are, in Gaelic (spelling varies), Samhain, the beginning of the year, when the sun appears to attain 15° Scorpio (usually 7th November), and the sun drifts into nurturing confinement, daylight decreases and slowly fades; Midwinter (typically beginning 21st or 22nd – and very rarely, 20th and 23rd December), the 3 ‘days’ Solstice (sun stands still). On the 3rd ‘day’ the sun begins its slow return to the north. (Big Discordancy example: Christmas Day, The Festival of the Birth of Christ, is supposedly timed for the moment the sun starts its journey back to ‘life’. Only when the sun is directly over the tropic of Capricorn on 22nd December, is Christmas Day on 25th December, conducive. – We must also consider the natural day timings, mentioned above.); Imbolc, 15° Aquarius (usually 3rd-4th February), the sun grows stronger, light is noticeably returning, Spring is awakening; Beltane 15° Taurus (usually 5th May), triumph of the light, of fertility;  Lughnasadh, 15° Leo (usually 7th August), the harvest and storing of crop and seed begin. (Adjust for your part of the world – see:


Adhering to machine Gregoran calendar dates for nature’s seasonal gateways is always discordant with human well-being.

Two examples of festive discordancy:

The great Tsunami of 2004 –  07:58:53 (UT+7) on 26th December (Also, Full Moon 26th December 10:07 PM, same day) Summer solstice was 21st December.

Cyclone Tracy, Darwin 1974


The debilitating, and dark and dangerous, strange events of Christmastide 2010, that happened to and around me that I wrote about in my article ‘The Gifts of Friends, the Kindness of Strangers”, were probably enabled by, or attempted because of, the seasonal discordancy. Winter solstice that year, began at 23:38 on 21st December (also a Full Moon 08:15 AM).


I also so wonder, if the Solstices actually set a standard, a precise 3-day window for this realm. (Needs research.). 3, as we all know, is a magic formula in this world – a world, that even Christ alerts us to, is lorded over by Satan. John 12:31; 14:30. The figure invented for the numeric frequency, 3, is formed by an upside down serpent.

We can consider the equinox dates too, 19 March or as late as 21 March, Spring in the northern regions; Autumn, 21 to 24 September.



23rd March 2020, Johnson ordered the culling with Covid lie dictates 3 days after the Spring equinox that occurred on 20th March. Many of the tyrannical measures, as do numerous elections, wars etc are launched at equinoxes and the other portal dates, such as those mentioned earlier.

Iraq War – 20 March 2003 (Spring Equinox in U.S.) – Full Moon 18th March – This was, so coincidentally, 555 days after 911. 11th September is 254th day of the year (adds to 11) and there are 111 days remaining in the year. Two 1’s and then three 1s – two towers then three, Building 7. September derives from 7th – 117. 11th September.

911 was unleashed by a 2000-2001 New Year midnight ceremony in Perth, Australia, centred around sacred monuments.


These are but a few of the earth timings that have been targeted for sinister activities. Astrological starts and finishes, cusps and timings. Other cosmic and related happenings. Tomorrow, 4th August, is a dark attracting date; possibly because of its position in the dark machine of a calendar – the 216th day. Its number secretly associates with the Precession of the Equinoxes 216 = Two (Tarot) Towers. Yes, the 911 two towers theme is intimately connected with portals and Precession too.

Saints’ feast days and locations connected to favourite saints, such as St. Mary, have been noted frequently too.

Names (meanings and values), particularly biblical, numerology, symbolism, they are always involved.

Significant scenes of crime are often (probably all) on corrupt(ed) straight energy lines.  These courses of energy have been purposefully, and sometimes ignorantly, constructed by short-circuiting authentic sacred flows. They need dismantling or healing, but only by Divinely directed and assigned practitioners.

Nature weaves.

The Divine is always in charge. Think about it.


3rd August 2022


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