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Not suitable for Truth Deniers


When this band played the Oxford Town Hall they nearly demolished it.


Dr. Sam Bailey:

The truth storm that will sink the Dark Harmada. There is no virus. It’s a vi-ruse:

Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory?



Yasmin Sawyer, Rebel News:

Dr William Bay speaks out against the ‘erosion’ of medical freedoms, a Brisbane doctor, has started a movement called the Queensland People’s Protest in a bid to spread awareness about the erosion of medical freedoms in the state, and the rest of Australia.

Dr William Bay has been speaking out against the mRNA technology in vaccines and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

One of his biggest concerns is that Queensland Health is shifting the attention away from the personal care of patients for the sake of wider public health messaging.

One of the biggest issues ignorance – People are not aware doctor’s no longer take a hippocratic oath,” he said.

People are not aware Parliament are trying to take away people’s medical freedoms.”

“People are not aware that we have been in a state of emergency for more than 900 days.”

Dr Bay is still practicing in North Brisbane and spoke of his personal experiences with patients under his care and said he couldn’t sit by any longer without speaking out.

Full report

Brisbane doctor BLASTS sick system:



Niall McCrae, The Conservative Woman (TCW):

A ‘PERFECT storm’ has struck Sri Lanka. A prime target of the globalists’ Great Reset project, this island off the southern tip of India has always attracted imperialists. Following the Romans, Arab merchants, the Danes, Portuguese and the British, after a few decades of independence the country invited in the Chinese government with its Belt and Road infrastructure scheme, resulting in dependence through debt.

How can a storm be ‘perfect’? A simple meaning is a combination of adversities arising simultaneously, overwhelming the victim. But the wave that swept over Sri Lanka was no accident. The contrived crises of Covid-19 and climate change created the context for a controlled explosion.

The controlled explosion that is Sri Lanka



Stew Peters:

Satanic Holidays Linked To Surge In Missing Children

Brandi Brassel from Warrior Bride Ministries is BACK on the show to talk in depth about the Satanic Ritual Abuse that thousands of children undergo each year, and how children are forced into trafficking other children for sacrifices.

This evil has been going on since ancient times…

(…and continues with parents and other adults having darkly concocted potions unleashed into children. Always the body and soul is damaged. – Ellis)

…, and it is our job to END IT once and for all!

Satanic Holidays Linked To Surge In Missing Children:

Ellis Taylor:

A comment on the above: Satanic Holidays Linked To Surge In Missing Children


Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent comments on menstrual irregularities met with serious rebuttal from gynecologists, who say COVID-19 vaccines should not have been injected into pregnant women without adequate safety testing.

“Well, the menstrual thing is something that seems to be quite transient and temporary, that’s one of the points,” Fauci said in an appearance on Fox News on July 25, upon being asked about the effect of vaccines on menstrual cycles.

“We need to study it more,” Fauci added.

Doctors Blast Fauci’s Admission That COVID Vaccines Induce Menstrual Irregularities




Katie Hopkins:

If you don’t have someone to advocate for you inside the British NHS, you don’t stand a chance.


Mercola, Childrens Health Defense:

The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy’s Food Compass, unveiled in late 2021, is another Great Reset tool designed to discourage the consumption of animal foods by falsely rating them as unhealthy, and encouraging consumption of ultra-processed foods by giving them high nutritional ratings.

Here’s Another ‘Great Reset’ Tool Designed to Wipe Out Good Food



America’s Frontline Doctors, Frontline Flash™ Daily Dose::

‘Historic Victory for Medical Freedom’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre






40km marched, and our letters are ready to be signed and sent. These days are hot and we’ll be slowing the pace down to roughly 32km per day. If we go too fast we’ll be too early for our Ferry. Civic action is needed for us to succeed. James Topp was able to have that meeting with the MP’s only because you helped ask for it! Contact the Ombudsman, contact your MP.

Who is James Topp? Why is he marching? My name is James Topp, Warrant Officer with 28 years in the Canadian Army, regular force infantry. I was placed on leave without pay from my civilian position in the RCMP and am currently in the process of being released from the Canadian Armed Forces under item 5F. As a form of peaceful protest I have marched 4293 Km on foot from the Terry Fox Statue in Vancouver to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. I will continue to march commencing on the 18th of July 2022 from Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland to the Greater Toronto Area and/or Windsor Ontario. My protest exists for the following reasons: 1. I am protesting federal government mandates: a. that require, as a condition for employment or continued employment, vaccination, testing, quarantine, and/or isolation; b. that require proof of vaccination or taking part in an attestation process; and c. that arbitrarily place employees or members on leave without pay or termination of employees should they disagree with the policy. 2. I have stepped forward to speak on behalf of those personnel employed by the federal government who have been denied access to employment and services, who have lost income and suffered from damaged relationships due to the imposition of a medical procedure; 3. I have stepped forward to speak on behalf of members of the CAF that are still suffering from the effects of the CDS directive regarding vaccination and whose objections to the policy resulted in the destruction of their careers. 4. I have also stepped forward to speak on behalf of those who have been pressured into taking part in medical procedures that they would not otherwise have accepted. James Topp.


@canadamarchesofficial #JamesTopp #CanadaMarches #cmnewfoundland

►Donate: https://www.CanadaMarches.ca

►Share & See stories of living with mandates: https://www.canadamarches.ca/stories

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#JamesTopp #CanadaMarches




Why Doesn’t Joe Look The Same? Why Doesn’t He Blink?




Amazing Polly:

Debra Birx is a pivotal member of the Medical Mafia – here are some stories you might not know about the evil scarf lady.

Birx now says she knew all along that the Covid vaccines wouldn’t work and admitted to subverting the US government (and tricking the world!) in multiple ways while on the COVID-19 Task Force.

Links and Sources & Watch on Rumble: Deborah Birx UnMasked – I Bet You Haven’t Heard These Stories About The Scarf Lady




Bob Brown is the co-founder, with the late Lt Col Wendelle C. Stevens, of the International UFO Congress, and became the largest UFO conference in the world. The congress began in Arizona in 1991.

Bob Brown begins by relating how the conference began and how Wendelle Stevens a hugely important figure in the secret world of UFO communication and coverups. Brown reveals that Stevens was set up and punished (jailed) by the Dark State.

BASES2022 Bob Brown Lifetime Achievement Interview with Colin Woolford


In 1997, at a brilliant UFO conference in Brisbane, I sat opposite Wendelle Stevens, who was there with Professor Sun Li, for the evening dinner and entertainment.  Professor Sun Li was the president of the huge Chinese UFO Research Organization (CURO). Mr Stevens could speak in Chinese (Mandarin, I think it was).

I recall describing my encounters with Colonel Stevens who then relayed what I was saying to the professor. When Mr Stevens related my description of being, on times, in a craft that, as it left the earth, seemed to catapult in bursts through what looked similar to ‘smoke’ rings, Professor Sun Li looked astonished, looked directly at me, turned back to Wendelle Stevens and spoke animatedly to him. Mr Stevens then told me that the professor had had reports of craft doing the same in China. The enormously informed Wendelle Stevens had not heard of this before. It was during this dinner conversation that I first heard of the pyramids in China.

I also had some long chats with Bob Dean, Budd Hopkins and Graham Birdsall, all three no longer with us. Other speakers and attendees there, and spoke with, were Joe Lewells, Al Bielek, Kelly Cahill, and Duncan Rhodes.

– Ellis



Truth In Plain Sight:

Truth In Plain Sight About the Bio Weapon Known as Covid-19 and the Associated “Vaccines”



Sorry this is another item that persists the viruse but it does give good info on how to tackle the spike protein bio-weapons that come in the lucky bag jabs.

Mercola, Epoch times:

How to Detox Spike Protein After COVID or Vaccine



The AJ Roberts Show 

Joining us for our second part of ‘Watch the Water’ special edition we are joined by Dr Tau Braun on the AJ Roberts Show.

Dr. Tau Braun is a clinical psychologist and counter-terrorism expert who has spent many years training people within law enforcement and the CIA and FBI.

Dr Braun offers a scientific and optimistic approach to his research and practice. As of now, Dr. Braun is currently investigating the possibility that the bio-synthetic aspects of SARS-CoV2 are a military-grade bioweapons.

He joins me on the show today to discuss some of his findings, and some very good response strategies.

Visit his website here: https://www.drtaubraun.com/

For a more in depth dive in to many issues facing humanity at the moment, please check out AJ Roberts Insiders World www.insiders-world.com.

Watch The Water Special – Unpacking the last few years and our future – with Dr Tau Braun



The FIRST apology of its kind!



Counterspin New Zealand:

Tokelauans are blowing the whistle on the house arrest they have been enduring for the past year due to being unjabbed.

In this episode we focus in on this story which should be headline news around the world.

We give the backstop of the Ardern family involvement & how the U.N agenda is rolling out in this tiny island nation.

A Tokelauan midwife joins us to discuss her shock and horror at what is happening to her people.

Liz Gunn, ex-MSM, now from Free NZ shares what she has learned from her extensive coverage of this issue & how MSM are twisting the story.

Dot Watson, a concerned Social Worker shares her concerns for the mental well-being of those locked in their homes, especially the children, whose parents are considering sending them off the island so they can be free.

The best bits of our recent interview with the Tokelau whistle-blowers will wrap the show up.

Episode 69: The Ardern Family Tyranny in Paradise – Tokelau Whistleblowers Speak Out




Amazing Polly:

Healthy young doctors are “dying suddenly” in Canada, and a US House Intelligence member sounds alarm over DNA-specific weapons.

Dead Doctors & DNA-Targeted Weapons


An extraordinary and gripping interview. An amazingly erudite lady. Brilliant!

Anthony Peake and Sarah Janes chat with clairvoyant medium and PhD student Susan Leybourne



JP Reacts to Klaus Schwab’s Plan to Block the Sun!


Andrew Lawrence:

Truss trashes Sturgeon.



Katie Hopkins:

Lucy. From Dunstable Doctors Surgery. You want a doctors appointment? You joker



Epoch Times:

The earth spun at its fastest speed on June 29, completing its shortest day and baffling scientists as to why this is happening.

The earth finished a spin 1.59 milliseconds earlier than the usual 24 hours on June 29 according to new measurements by the National Physical Laboratory in the UK. The rapid spin is in line with a trend observed in recent years. In 2020, earth registered its 28 shortest days since the 1960s when atomic clocks began to be used for accurate timekeeping. The shortest day in 2020 was recorded on July 19 when the earth completed its spin 1.47 milliseconds earlier.

Earth Spinning Faster in 2022, Scientists Baffled as Days Get Shorter

Must be global vroomin’


Katie Hopkins:

If you don’t have someone to advocate for you inside the British NHS, you don’t stand a chance.



Psybo the trickster

Ramblings of a Mad Man 8



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