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Wirritjin: The time has come


Wirritjin is an ancient prophecy that one day, a light skin, a white man, would come to this continent and there would be great pain and suffering, but over time, that pain and suffering would reach a point where the black and white would stand together and build a prosperous future together.

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 4:00 PM – Tickets on sale now!



For many reasons,the roads etc, the new INTERRENTYE WIRRITJIN healing gathering is now going to be held at

Mount Undoolya.

31Km on Ross Highway on the left, take the left track down along the fence line.

Signs will be there to guide you. (Volunteers welcome now)

(Our new site has a full bitumen road all the way to the property. Easy access back to Alice Springs, The airport. Taxis operate the area. Local waterholes and scenic views are also not far.)

This site is also part of Uncle Frank’s country. Watch his talk on Ted X > Knowing you can do anything if you want: Frank Ansell at TEDxBrisbane – YouTube

Please click on the image for more:

WARNING – Original Nations – This website may contain images of deceased people.

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation


Updated frequently with the latest information and data.



Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:


I’ve been saying it over and over. DO NOT TEST!

Imagine how frustrating this is to me! I’ve been warning people about this since 2021. You will find comprehensive information about this topic in WARpublished December 2021


Really? The Media finally catches up with me warning about DNA testing.


Dave Cullen:

Observations From My Trip to Poland


Counterspin New Zealand:

Counterspin are back to studio broadcasting after 3 months on the road on the Let’s Not Forget Tour.

Join us for “Not the 6 O’clock News” as we spin the fake media propaganda & bring you stories the mainstream won’t.

Guest line-up:

Brian Tamaki, TFARC leader, will discuss the successful motorway shut down over the weekend.

Donna Pokere-Phillips, co-leader of the Outdoors & Freedom Party, shares the real reason she believes her father suddenly died & who she holds accountable.

Mary Byrne, national coordinator for Fluoride Free NZ, joins us to discuss their upcoming Wellington event.

Mahelino Patelesio & Danny Pelasio are whistle-blowers exposing horrific treatment of the unvaccinated in Tokelau. The levels of abuse have ramped up a notch as the island officials try to stop them bringing light to this terrible situation.

Virologist & immunologist MUST watch: https://www.bitchute.com/video/btuJXs0glmla/

Episode 67: Connecting the Dots



Matt Hancock: lockdown measures were based on “stories” of asymptomatic transmission:


JP Reacts to Novak Djokovic Breaking His C0vid Va$$ine Silence:



Dr. Sam Bailey:

Baileys vs Spacebusters:



The End of Germ Theory




Dr. Simone Gold tells all before heading to prison for January 6th



Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL:

Dedicated to 47-year-old Mark R Aungst and our MAGA family. With love & tears. Do not despair. You are hope


Awaken With JP:

This week’s news includes everything from Biden shaking hands with the air again, Pelosi’s insider trading, and how they are trying to turn the US into a third world country! Here’s Lies You Can Trust…


Neil Oliver, GB News: An Evil Assault:

The elite that has taken almost all the money is now after everything else as well | Neil Oliver




Joseph Mercola, Epoch Times:

Via this genetic engineering experiment, they’ve literally injected ‘seeds of demise’ into everyday people like a cockroach spray. Based on a 2011 estimate, he believes an extra 700 million will be killed from this bioweapon – and they’ve known about the risks since 2005.


  • David Martin, Ph.D., presents evidence that COVID-19 injections are not vaccines, but bioweapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the global population
  • The spike protein that the COVID-19 shots manufacture is a known biologic agent of concern
  • Martin believes the number that may die may have been revealed back in 2011, when the World Health Organization announced their “decade of vaccination”
  • The objective for the decade of vaccination was a population reduction of 15% globally, which would be about 700 million people dead; in the U.S., this may amount to between 75 million and 100 million people dying from COVID-19 shots
  • When asked what timeframe these people may die in, Martin suggested “there’s a lot of economic reasons why people hope that it’s between now and 2028”
  • The projected illiquidity of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs by 2028 suggests the “fewer people who are recipients of these programs, the better;” Martin believes this may be why people 65 and over were targeted with COVID-19 shots first

Will 100 Million Die From the COVID Vax by 2028?


Rebel News: With so many scandals in his past, and with what seems like more mounting all the time, Raheel Raza explains why it’s time for Justin Trudeau to resign as prime minister.
FULL REPORT from Raheel Raza: https://rebelne.ws/3yYKWcp

Dear Justin Trudeau: It’s time for you to resign as prime minister


This article about a very top pathologist’s research, experience and advice could help to save your life, your loved ones’ lives, your and their quality of life.

You must understand the level of evil and its indoctrinated and paid for hordes of agents that are rained against you who pretend to have your welfare utmost. They lie, they skulk, they obfuscate, they dare not debate. They, any and all of them, have been challenged by physicians who massively outgun them credential-wise (and into infinity in their heart and humanity). Why is that, do you think?

Mercola, Epoch Times:

DMED is USA’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.
The DMED, one of the best databases in the world, shows a disturbing trend with post-COVID jabs – dramatic increases in medical visits for malignancies, neurological and autoimmune diseases, and infertility. But after being exposed, DMED was shut down and its data spikes washed clean.

Sadly, almost everyone who’s credible and trustworthy has been censored and deplatformed at this point, so finding them can be a challenge. To follow Cole’s work, be sure to bookmark his website, RColeMD.com. You can also find him on the GlobalCovidSummit.org forum.

Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects


Andrew Lawrence:

‘Monkeypox emergency!’- declares WHO.


David Icke, Ickonic:

Chris Whitty – Cult Owned Psychopath



Statin Nation | The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up


Brilliant doco. A few things related in it that accord with my own experiences, I wasn’t aware of. Such as the see-through walls (see below).

Travis Walton ~ 1975 ~~~ 2015


See-through walls. From one of my experiences. – Ellis

…Just realised that this incident, and the days when Travis was missing, occurred during Samhain season – 5th November 1975 to 11th November (Samhain climax (15° Scorpio) was 6pm on the evening of 7th November in Snowflake, Arizona; oddly this was exactly 48 hours after they had knocked off work on the 5th. The numbers (the ones I have) line-up like ducks in a shooting gallery. None a surprise for an incident like this.



5th November = 16/7

1975 = 22

5th November 1975 = 11 (33 – 5, 29, 16-22, 47)

11th November 1975 = 44 (11- 11-22, 22-22)

Travis = N/n = 44   N = 33-1, 7

Walton = N/n = 22  N = 111 & 44-4

Travis Walton = N/n 66  N 77-5


Jerm Warfare:

Lionel Nation: Who is behind the global elite?





Corbett Report: What Hath God Wrought


Simon’s Strawbale Gardening:

Reasons to garden in strawbales!

  • You do not need soil. So you can have a strawbale garden anywhere. On concrete or grass. On your drive or patio etc.
  • THERE ARE NO WEEDS. No weeding ever.
  • THERE IS NO WASTE. Its very environmentally friendly. When the strawbale is “tired” it makes wonderful compost.
  • GREAT FOR EVERYONE. Due to the height of the bales it is ideal for people with mobility issues.
  • BE THE ENVY OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. A strawbale garden looks great.

No Soil Needed


Andrew Lawrence:

Low-skilled Britain.


More to come

Please call back




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