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Wirritjin: The time has come


Wirritjin is an ancient prophecy that one day, a light skin, a white man, would come to this continent and there would be great pain and suffering, but over time, that pain and suffering would reach a point where the black and white would stand together and build a prosperous future together.

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 4:00 PM – Tickets on sale now!



For many reasons,the roads etc, the new INTERRENTYE WIRRITJIN healing gathering is now going to be held at

Mount Undoolya.

31Km on Ross Highway on the left, take the left track down along the fence line.

Signs will be there to guide you. (Volunteers welcome now)

(Our new site has a full bitumen road all the way to the property. Easy access back to Alice Springs, The airport. Taxis operate the area. Local waterholes and scenic views are also not far.)

This site is also part of Uncle Frank’s country. Watch his talk on Ted X > Knowing you can do anything if you want: Frank Ansell at TEDxBrisbane – YouTube

Please click on the image for more:

WARNING – Original Nations – This website may contain images of deceased people.

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation


Updated frequently with the latest information and data.



Andrew Lawrence:

Badenoch out- Tories fail their members.


Rebel News:

Christine Anderson on the Dutch Farmers’ Rebellion and Europe’s impact on the world



What does it mean to be a great doctor? In fact, what does it mean to be a doctor at all these days?

In this video I look into the life of a doctor who had a paradigm shift when they realised:

  • the mainstream’s interpretation of symptoms and disease is incorrect
  • allopathic medicine is creating and perpetuating ill health
  • surgery and expensive “treatments” are rarely required
  • there are 4 key principles you need to know to achieve your best health…

New Zealand’s Greatest Doctor



bram van splunteren: On tour in Holland with his band Lowriders, in June 2022, Andy Fairweather Low is put on the spot to produce a top 10 of his favourite guitarists/musicians. Mr. Fairweather delivers, and mentions Ry Cooder, Hank B Marvin, Blind Blake, Albert King, Keith Richards and six other guitar gods that are -in Mr. Fairweather’s words- ‘off the scale’. In this 25 minute show you’ll see exciting footage of most of them , plus a couple of songs from the show Mr. Fairweather and his Lowriders played at rockclub De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

As a guitarist Andy Fairweather Low played with some of the top rockmusicians in the world: Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Joe Cocker, Roger Waters and George Harrison a.o. He scored a string of hits in the 60’s with popband The Amen Corner, and made at least one great solo album in the 70’s (Spider Jiving).

Andy Fairweather Low’s 10 Favorite guitar players (plus tourfootage!):




Stew Peters:

The CDC is falsifying COVID vaccines to get their numbers fitting their agenda.

Dr. Jane Ruby describes last months data that have been FAKED to reclassify the death count that originally were listed as vaccinated deaths!

They can’t hide these numbers for long, but they will do anything to put these injections in EVERY arm in the world.

CDC Caught Falsifying Jab Death Data: Over 52,000 Deaths “Reclassified” To Hide Real Effect Of Jab


Dr. Jane Ruby:


‘He’s a WEF puppet’: Rebel’s Lewis Brackpool discusses the Farmer Rebellion and Dutch PM Mark Rutte


Crypto viewing, Remote viewing:

🌽Will this cause worldwide FOOD SHORTAGES? We looked at upcoming options contracts for corn on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. What we saw was very interesting and quite ominous.

🔴⚠️Will CORN TRADERS CRASH The Economy?





Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

My blog is entitled Event Horizon Chronicle for a reason. I’ve seen all of this turmoil coming from decades ago, ever since the age of three years to tell the truth, way back in 1958, when a female entity whom I spontaneously named, The Bone Lady, appeared to me and laid the “Mother of All Information Downloads” on my malleable, young mind. Fifty-two years after that I began writing this blog. Now we are entering into the Event Horizon, which will persist for an unknown number of years or maybe a few decades, before what is left of Humanity — if anyone at all? — comes out the other side, into a very different order of world affairs.

Take a look:

The Crack-Up Will Run Its Fated Course


Andrew Lawrence:

Heatwave hysteria. Climate Crisis. Tax scam.


Russell Brand:

Mass protests in Sri Lanka are happening as farmers continue to protest in the Netherlands and Germany. Is it really a coincidence that these are happening at the same time?

[PROOF] The Great Reset Is HAPPENING!


Dave Cullen:

Covid: the Trojan Horse for the Climate Change Con



Right Now Talks to Rebel News Journalist Lewis Brackpool in the Netherlands


The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities:

Spiritual Law of Attraction & Repulsion | Why Opposites Attract? | Sufi Meditation Center



Computing Forever:

Depopulation, Transhumanism and Rediscovering Humanity (With Max Igan)




Ricardo Bosi answers the public’s questions:

AustraliaOne Party – Nothing but the Truth Tuesday – 19 July 2022



Jerm Warfare:

What if our current understanding is completely wrong?

Ben Van Kerkwyk is a researcher and creator of UnchartedX, a website and YouTube channel looking into ancient mysteries, presenting new ideas about humanity’s past.

He has been travelling the world for decades, filming ancient sites and interviewing leading historians, which has taken him on a journey of suspicion surrounding established history. (The establishment must always be viewed with a sceptical eye. Just like “trusting the science” is a bad move, so is “trusting the history”.)

Is Human History Cyclical Rather Than Linear?



Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

Read the Twitter link below. I have been writing this exact thing on my blog for a long time:

Like I’ve Said Again and Again


Bonus, just found:

Larry Rulz 5:
Recorded on May 4, 2022 at the Beacon Theatre in New York, NY. The song starts at 3:21. The complete Lucius show can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ed3J…

Roger Waters surprise guest appearance with Lucius – “Mother” [Pink Floyd cover]



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