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Wirritjin: The time has come


Wirritjin is an ancient prophecy that one day, a light skin, a white man, would come to this continent and there would be great pain and suffering, but over time, that pain and suffering would reach a point where the black and white would stand together and build a prosperous future together.

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 4:00 PM – Tickets on sale now!



For many reasons,the roads etc, the new INTERRENTYE WIRRITJIN healing gathering is now going to be held at

Mount Undoolya.

31Km on Ross Highway on the left, take the left track down along the fence line.

Signs will be there to guide you. (Volunteers welcome now)

(Our new site has a full bitumen road all the way to the property. Easy access back to Alice Springs, The airport. Taxis operate the area. Local waterholes and scenic views are also not far.)

This site is also part of Uncle Frank’s country. Watch his talk on Ted X > Knowing you can do anything if you want: Frank Ansell at TEDxBrisbane – YouTube

Please click on the image for more:

WARNING – Original Nations – This website may contain images of deceased people.

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation


Updated frequently with the latest information and data.



Psybo the trickster:

Jimmy Dore focusses the spotlight on Dr. John Campbell’s concern regarding excess deaths. “You are supposed to vigorously question science. That’s how science works.”

Jimmy Dore Rant #3:


The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities:

The real heavenly guides who represent Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ teach the True Teachings of Islam – a Path of Divine love, Compassion and Mercy in which our struggle is not outwardly but to take to fighting our own bad characteristics and devil within.

Response to Mr. Jordan Peterson’s Message To Muslims & An Invitation | Sufi Meditation Center:



Is a social credit system about to be implemented worldwide? Are people already divided into different classes? We have received detailed information directly from whistleblowers working on the software.

BREAKING NEWS: Social Credit System Leak Reveals Elite’s Plan | NEW Frank Jacob Interview


Rebel News:

WATCH: The fight for FREEDOM Downunder not over yet


Monica Smit, Reignite Democracy Australia:

BREAKING NEWS – police drop incitement charges!


Scorpion Media: July 2022: In this interview Professor Foster discusses the economic data and her work concerning the unscientific, unethical covid mandates implemented in Australia. In short the mandates imposed by the government over the last 2 years have been a catastrophic failure in both the economic and human cost to Australians. Professor Foster is also a co-author of the book THE GREAT COVID PANIC. See also – Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org

Interview with Professor Gigi Foster BA, PHD from the University of New South Wales, School of Economics.


Prof. Edward J Steele papers:




The Biggest Crime Ever Committed on Humanity (Covid Vaccines) – Christine Anderson (German MP) – EU Parliament – 05 July 2022 – (3 min video)


Watch the full 1hr 30min event here:




Edward Dowd is an ex BlackRock portfolio manager who nowadays spends his time researching the fall-out from the mass Covid vaccines roll-out, in particular when it comes to injuries, disabilities and death.

The US Government has Killed 500,000 Americans with the Covid Vaccines – Edward Dowd – 08 July 2022 – (30 sec video)



Neil Oliver, GB News:

‘The race for the leadership of the Conservative Party is a farce’


Awaken with JP:

We are NOT Committing Crimes!


Andrew Lawrence:

Pick your next WEF puppet.




The Counterfeit Stones: Short extracts from 8 songs, hilarious introductions with great guitars and fabulous drumming.

Extracts from The Counterfeit Stones Robin2, Bilston, Feb 2016:


The Bernician: Having received this essential anonymous post on the true nature of viruses and virology by email, I felt compelled to re-post it on this blog, given that it nails to the mast the fraudulent claims being used to justify the indefensible.

I have since been informed that it is taken from Jeff G’s book, The Age of Deception, and it is published here with the author‘s kind permission.

This post intends to go to the heart of virology and vaccination itself and what vaccination is propped up by – the entirety of virology and vaccine science is predicated on one thing—that viruses are infectious agents that cause disease.

Without this theory, vaccines would not be ‘effective’ or ‘work’ in the minds of the people.

Without the virus theory, vaccines would crumble like a house of cards.

This article will show the pseudoscience behind the theories that prop up virology and the vast problems with it.

The Deception of Virology & Vaccines | Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious


Mark Steyn – Victims of the Vax Special


“If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Malcolm X

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

Without a doubt, the most inspirational change that has happened to me since the lie of COVID took over our lives has been my ever-strengthening commitment to uncover the truth. The people reading this who agree with my words will keep on reading. Those who take offense to “uncover the truth,” knowing it means that I doubt the state-sanctioned “experts,” will stop reading. They will immediately label me with two other words that have now become part of everyday vocabulary: “conspiracy theorist.”

Traversing the Land of Fanatics, Part II


Sky News Australia:

There is a ‘deafening media silence’ on global protests


Will you let your children go hungry?
We are already experiencing the destructive consequences of the WEF Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the form of inflation caused by attacking the energy industry with carbon tax, cancelled pipelines, coal plants shutdown and other harmful policies that already are making it hard for families to feed their children.

Nitrogen, a crucial element for life, farming and food production is the next catastrophe to happen and it will definately cause some families to starve to death, with the majority struggling at best. Remember how fast toilet paper ran out with their ill-conceived policies? Now imagine that empty shelf is food and there is none.

We need to act now! If not us, then who? If now, then when? Will you wait for the food failure or will you act now to prevent Canada from Sri Lanka’s fate after those policies where forced on the people? Will you rise up and stand for farmers?

We Stand with Farmers – No Farmers, No Food


Epoch Times:

As of early July 2022, 66 percent of the world’s population has been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccines. As more people are getting vaccinated, reports on adverse events and even side effects continue to emerge. Not only injuries on vital organs have been reported, but also psychiatric disorders have been reported as well. As off today, there are a total of 10 pieces of medical literature that have reported cases of newly developed mental illness after the patients were inoculated with the COVID-19 jabs.

New Psychiatric Disorders Appeared in Healthy Individuals Following Vaccination


Edmonton’s Jamie Salé became world-renowned when she won Olympic Gold as a figure skater in 2002.

Today she’s earning a reputation as a woman speaking out for freedom who’s highly sceptical of mainstream media, especially its narrative around COVID.

She’s now partnering on a project with hockey legend Theo Fleury, and freedom advocates Tamara Lich and Joseph Bourgault. They’re teaming up to start something called Canadians for Truth, Freedom and Justice.

INTERVIEW: Olympic champion Jamie Salé on COVID censorship, working with Theo Fleury and more


Epoch Times: The cause of death of Ivana Trump, the mother of three of former President Donald Trump’s adult children, has been determined by the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME).

The OCME on Friday said Ivana Trump died after an accidental fall that resulted in blunt impact injuries to the torso, Fox News reported.

Ivana Trump’s Cause of Death Revealed


It’s TIME for a GLOBAL event that CAN’T be ignored!

No more protests – just demonstrations. We appeal to the lion and loving hearts of humanity, not to the lost causes of irredeemable souls of once and never were. – Ellis


Jim Breuer’s Breuniverse Podcast Clip:

“WILL NOT WORK WITH MEN…except William Ferrell”:




Kevin Moore, The International Spiritual News Network:

Chris Mathieu is the Host of Forbidden Knowledge News which provide Extraordinary interviews and presentations with amazing guests. Exploring our hidden reality.

Captain Mark Richards: True Story of Murder & Disinformation in the UFO Community | Podcast #805


Brilliant Bird Buddies

Little Mallards & More


Wash YOUR Clothes ANYWHERE! Doing Laundry on the Road


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

10 things your should do to prepare for hard times, recession, depression and SHTF. Preparedness matters.


Mary’s Nest

Learn about the Top 10 Foods to Stock up on Now for Your Prepper Pantry before they go up in price or go out of stock because of a food shortage! In our Four Corners Pantry, we stock both perishable and non-perishable foods for food storage. But in our Prepper Pantry, we stock only non-perishable goods for long-term food storage and preparedness.

As prices are rising and various foods are going out of stock, what should we be buying now? Specifically, I focus on what we need to stock up on NOW for our Prepper Pantry, including our Survival Pantry or Emergency Pantry. You may have certain foods in your pantry, but do you have these specific foods which store the best?

Top 10 Foods to Stock Up On Now for Your Prepper Pantry


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