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Guerrilla post

Not suitable for Truth Deniers

Rolling Stones (Tis Mick Jabber):

Easily the best live performance I’ve seen but the video quality isn’t what it was once on Youtube with. Lyrics included in video description.

Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (live) HQ


Not seen this video of the same show (Rio 1998) before. Well worth a watch and listen:


Bob Moran: Nothing to see here

Rebunked with Scott Armstrong:

My guest today is Brook Jackson, former Regional Director for the Ventavia Research Group, who was tasked with conducting the clinical trials for the Pfizer covid injections. During these trials, Brook witnessed the falsification of data, the unblinding of trial participants and inadequately trained vaccinators. She has been engaged in legal action against Pfizer and has been trying to spread the word about the dangers of the most egregious and negligent forced vaccination program in human history.

Pfizer Whistleblower Brook Jackson



Wirritjin: The time has come


Wirritjin is an ancient prophecy that one day, a light skin, a white man, would come to this continent and there would be great pain and suffering, but over time, that pain and suffering would reach a point where the black and white would stand together and build a prosperous future together.

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 4:00 PM – Tickets on sale now!

Please click on the image:

WARNING – Original Nations – This website may contain images of deceased people.

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation


Albion Official: ‘Pagan Spirit’:


Greg Reese:

Dutch Farmers Ignite Worldwide Anti-Globalist Uprising:

(They have used a Bob Moran image as well. He generously grants permission for non-profit usage of his incisive comment art – which is why I always acknowledge him – Ellis):


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

You can listen to me read this essay HERE

Today, a memory came up in my Facebook notifications and it kind of blew me away and I just had to pause in my writing of Traversing the Land of Fanatics, Part Two, to share it.

Two years ago, at the time I wrote this, I had recently returned to the United States from living in Egypt.

Reflections from a REAL-LIFE KAREN





Age Of Truth TV:

LIVE = OLE DAMMEGARD ~ “Explosive Unmasking: “Dammegarding” All Flagged Fields”



Sri Lanka – Western Media Near Blackout?



Canada Marches – The Final Day – James Topp Arrival in Ottawa – Day 131


Australian National Review

Episode 132 – Is the West a Democracy or Really an Oligarchy Run by Rich Elite Billionaire Families?


Ramola D Reports:

Informative discussion with :Andrew: Devine and Wendy, a supporter of Simon Parry, a COVID Freedom Convoy activist who was unlawfully arrested by an overwhelming number of London Metropolitan Police in April 2022, accused falsely of making malicious phone calls and threats towards MPs then incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital first for 72 hours and then for six months, as well as forcibly medicated, while his lawyer has failed to act to free him and no information exists as to what the police charges really are, what they are based on, where the evidence is to support these charges if they exist, etc.

Newsbreak 153: Unlawful Psych Kidnap and Hold of UK Activist Simon Parry for No Crime


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe:

Within the realm of the paranormal, one strange corner is occupied by supposed encounters with fairies and fairy-folk. This is an area of the odd that deals with entities that skirt our understanding of the world as we know it and challenge our ability to comprehend it all. Many cultures around the world have had such accounts, and a very prominent case of a truly bizarre encounter with fairies comes to us from the country of England in the 19th century, in which some troublesome fairies managed to get into some baths and cause a whole lot of trouble.

The Bizarre Case of the Fairies in the Baths


Candida Moss, Daily Beast:

Some of the artifacts, scientists said, are one-of-a-kind objects that hint at the “fairy world” of ancient Chinese religion and thought.

Does This Major Archaeological Find Mean Fairies Should Be Taken Seriously?



Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:

The Tyranny of a Cashless Society:


The Delingpod: Clive De Carle – part 1:


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

Why Is There a Worldwide Drop in Birth Rates?



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