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Wirritjin: The time has come


Wirritjin is an ancient prophecy that one day, a light skin, a white man, would come to this continent and there would be great pain and suffering, but over time, that pain and suffering would reach a point where the black and white would stand together and build a prosperous future together.

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 4:00 PM – Tickets on sale now!

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WARNING – Original Nations – This website may contain images of deceased people.

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation



Precisely by the numbers 22-16 (and they just can’t get enough of that 17):

Boris Resigns. Some may celebrate but there are no real winners. Much bigger change is needed

All designed. don’t be fooled.


James Topp:

The Canadian soldier who recently led a protest march to Ottawa is now facing a court martial for having spoken out against the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements while wearing his uniform.

Court martial planned for soldier who criticized vaccine mandate, led march to Ottawa



A common sense voice among the wilderness of corporate media weeds yet again, including revealing the galloping criminality of Biden and the current administration. their treasonous lies. Injections and the rise in all cause mortality and plummeting birth rates. The 4th Estate still waves at a world drowning in evil, mediocrity, idiocy and provable nonsense.


This is hilarious…

Jim Breuer


This is even better!

The full video: https://youtu.be/bItcoUb5xsw


Psybo the trickster:

Mad With Power!!!


Dr. Leonard Coldwell

In this article, Jan Walter describes, with extensive source citations, which techniques are possible to still vaccinate the population, when people are becoming increasingly critical of vaccinations. This is only fueled by the continuing pressure for mass “vaccination” against a non-lethal disease for 99.8% of people, with a new type of “vaccine” that is actually gene therapy by means of mRNA. It seems like science fiction and is chilling, but the metohodes and techniques are available. There question is how far do we let it get?

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing




The Exposé: A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted in order to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.

UK Gov 2019 Report states all UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb is to be banned, and construction of new buildings must cease in the name of “Climate Change”



A Welsh hospital has reintroduced Covid measures including the wearing of face masks and a stop on ward visits with immediate effect. The changes are being made at Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest.

The hospital is one of four major and acute hospitals run by Hywel Dda University Health Board, along with Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen, Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli and Bronlglais Hospital in Aberystwyth.

Welsh hospital reintroduces masks and stops ward visiting due to ‘increasing prevalence of covid’



Monica Smit, Reignite Democracy Australia

Here’s the lessons I’ve learnt in the fight for freedom.

Monica writes for George Christensen’s Nation First publication


Dave Knowles – filmmaker:

Jack Hargreaves in this episode of Old Country expalins how hornbeam has been used in Wessex for over a thousand years and how ten pin bowling got its name.

Jack Hargreaves explains a use for Hornbeam


Not a stretch to see Kate in two of them…one did well, the other, not so. See what you think:

Henry VIII And His Six Wives As Never Seen Before


Atlantean Gardens

Sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge”, the Georgia Guidestones are an astronomically aligned granite monument erected in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. There seems to have been a powerful explosive set off last night at 4:00am damaging part of the controversial structure.

Georgia Guidestones Damaged by Massive Explosion


Media Bear: Rest in pieces


Media Bear:

Georgia “guidestones” explosion footage




Resistance GB:

Priti Patel Approves the Extradition of Julian Assange


The Texas Republican Party adopted a new platform declaring that the 2020 election violated the Constitution and President Biden “was not legitimately elected.”

The Texas GOP adopted the 40-page platform at its biennial convention in Houston, which concluded this weekend.

Texas GOP approves measure declaring Biden ‘was not legitimately elected’


Be it resolved by the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Langlade County:

WHEREAS In solidarity with the Republican Party of Texas and the Republican Party of Maricopa County AZ and their recent Resolutions to reject the 2020 Election;

AND WHEREAS We believe the 2020 Election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that various Secretaries of State throughout the Country and the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) illegally circumvented their State Legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple illegal ways…

Wisconsin: Langlade County Wisconsin Resolution to reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, Executive Committee of the Republican Party


Psybo the trickster:

Jimmy Dore Rant #2


Scotland’s Mountains:

The Highest Mountain in Scotland (until 1847!) | 30km in a Day


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