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Talking of otherworldly guitar playing – here’s Mark Knopfler:


The Exposé: The aviation industry is ignoring risks introduced via its own Covid policies. It has introduced widespread medical risk to its personnel. In a newly released video, ‘Global Aviation: Fit to Fly?’, a panel of accomplished pilots and deeply experienced doctors discuss the medical advice of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (“CASA”) and discuss its serious shortcomings.

The panel includes:

Lt. Col. Pete Chambers D.O., a heavily decorated US Special Forces Flight Surgeon who himself suffered vaccine injury.
Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD MPH, Aerospace Medical Specialist who testified to Sen. Ron Johnson regarding her experiences with vaccine-injured military patients.
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation.
Pilots Alan Dana (Training Captain Jetstar), Graham Hood (Captain, QANTAS), Glen Waters (Captain, Virgin Australia)
Panel of Experts Exposes Deadly Advice Given by Australia’s CASA Supporting Forced Vaccination of Pilots


Stop World control: Our dear friend and phenomenal world leading freedom fighter doctor Carrie Madej was involved in a plane crash, which almost killed her.

Returning from Florida, where they attended a meeting with likeminded people, the plan engine stalled. No one can figure out why this happened. They dropped like a rock. Dr. Madej nor her partner and pilot Billy – who has 20 years flying experience – can understand why this happened. It’s a miracle they are alive!

Dr. Madej is currently in a hospital , but is recovering well. She has fractured her left lower leg and five vertebrates. Billy is in worse condition with several skull, facial and back fractures. Thankfully there is no brain bleed.

Dr. Carrie Madej nearly died in devastating airplane crash


The Exposé: A reader writes that she can, at times, smell and taste chemicals after aeroplanes have been spraying in the skies above the middle of Wales.  Last Friday was particularly bad, she writes, “I was left with a burning sensation in my mouth, throat and lungs, and with a tickling cough.” She asks: will their next “scamdemic” be to label persistent coughs due to chemtrails as whooping cough?

Letter to the Editor: Chemtrails Over the Middle of Wales Cause a Persistent Cough


I can confirm that where I am in Wales is being drenched in chemtrails till it’s grey-white-out too.





22 teenagers were found mysteriously dead at a #tavern in South Africa. Some say there were killed in a stampede, others say they died due to poisoned drinks. What’s the truth? Why are authorities tight-lipped about the matter? Palki Sharma Upadhyay reports.

Gravitas: South Africa Nightclub Horror: 22 teenagers found dead

Sounds like Dark technology to me. Expect more.


Gillian Dymond, TCW: For more than seven months Gillian Dymond has been trying to get the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) to explain what it is doing to investigate the deaths and injuries occurring shortly after Covid-19 vaccination. You can read previous instalments in the saga hereherehere and here. 

Stop jabbing now – my latest plea to Dame June Raine


The Exposé: Austria drops compulsory vaccination until 31 August, GAAC writes an open letter to Australia’s Civil Aviation Authority, corporate media covers a vaccine-injury story in Canada, the European Union extends the digital Covid certificate scheme, the French are asked to wear masks again, homoeopathy is being used to successfully treat vaccine-injured people in Ireland, Israel is experiencing a “sixth wave,” USA has an outbreak of meningococcal disease among gay men and Dr. Robert Malone prepares for a Texas Senate hearing.

Covid News from Around the World


Excellent video interview. Treating vaccine injury with homeopathy

A Better Way to Health with Dr Tess Lawrie [VIDEO]:

Janey Lavelle is a registered homeopath, originally from New Zealand and now resident in Ireland. In this conversation, Janey shares how homeopathy works and its applications, including how she and other homeopaths are using it to successfully treat vaccine injured people. At a time when allopathic medicine is struggling to find effective treatment for vaccine injury, homeopathy offers exciting possibilities.

Tess Talks with Janey Lavelle: Restoring health with homeopathy


Did you know that drinking mineral-rich water is essential to your health and wellness? It’s the way nature intended it to be after all. Alkaline water full of life-giving micro and macro minerals not only makes water taste better, but is also vital to your health and well-being according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in its book, Nutrients in Drinking Water.

It’s especially important to add minerals to Reverse Osmosis (RO), distilled, and even some purified bottled waters, because they are often stripped of minerals and may even be acidic as I discussed in this recent post, “Are You Unknowingly Drinking ‘Dead’ Water Void of Essential MInerals?” But you may also want to find a way to filter and enrich plain tap water as well.


7 Easy Ways to Enliven Your Drinking Water with Minerals for Better Health

7 Easy Ways to Enliven Your Drinking Water with Minerals for Better Health


James Topp response to Mr. Jagmeet Singh comments to the meeting on 22nd of June.


The Delingpod: Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.— Jerry is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation. He has held the positions of 2nd Lt. Arizona Civil Air Patrol and Assistant Scout Master. His formal academic training comprises a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Georgia, and two years of study in a Ph.D. Psychology program.



Total demolition of the VIRUS GERM theory

Many videos have been published giving evidence of the non existence of viruses – a myth told to us by virologists. This video is the most compelling one!

This video is the zenith of the scientific arguments that prove without doubt, the invalidity of the greatest deceitful lie of all – that viruses cause disease.

That lie is the goose that lays the golden eggs for Big Pharma and the Rockefeller Foundation, not to mention the uniquely evil one – Bill Gates and his rotten Bill and Melinda gates Foundation.

Game, set, and… if there are any humans left in the judiciary and police forces…Arrest the bastards!


Mark MossGovernments Hidden Gas Hike Is Coming!

Oil and gas prices are soaring, but the TRUE reason for the rapidly rising prices is being missed by EVERYONE!

In this video I will break all of that down as well as :

🔥What’s really causing prices to sky rocket
🔥Explain how corn and ethanol effects the price you pay at the pump for gas
🔥Highlight how these terrible policy decisions from Biden will worsen our already dire energy crisis.
🔥Explain why Biden and the administration continue to shoot the US economy in the foot.



Tariq Tahir, The Sun: FIGHTER jets chased mysterious bright objects – some of them 300ft wide and travelling at 11,500 mph – in Brazil’s epic ‘Night of the UFOs’.

Five bewildered pilots testified to seeing 21 objects appear and disappear, while hundreds of troops on the ground also witnessed them – and air force chiefs admitted “there is no explanation”.

CLASH IN THE SKIES Inside chilling ‘Night of the UFOs’ where fighter jets chased mystery ‘11,500mph craft’ spotted by hundreds of troops


An oldie, once on YouTube, now on my Odysee channel:



Winston Smith, The Exposé: The academic in me wants to start with a survey of all the alien conspiracy theories out there… but that would be an enormous undertaking and you wouldn’t read it anyway. So, let’s skip that bit – you probably know a handful of people who have devoted a lifetime to their particular conspiracy theory and have managed to commercialise the enterprise along the way. What I’ll attempt to do is sketch out a perspective and hopefully stimulate some conversation.

Alien Deception: We’ve Been Primed for Aliens


From March 2001 Ellis C. Taylor archives (On Wayback Machine – A word of caution The Wayback address bar (not your browser bar) has been known to be jockeyed. Up to you, but probably best avoided.):

Ellis C. Taylor: My life has been liberally peppered with unusual experiences. I intend to use this site to document them in the hope that my evidence will assist in the further understanding of life’s mysteries.

There are many people all over the world who claim to be alien abductees. Whether all of these people are and whether that is in fact the case is still open to question. However evidence is mounting that indeed something extraordinary is happening to countless people.

Alien Seduction?


From the April 2001 David Icke archives (On Wayback Machine):

Ellis C. Taylor: A friend has just rung to relay some information that she garnered from the current affairs programme, Cutting Edge.

You may already be aware of this but I wasn’t.

The world’s tallest structure is going to be built in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed like an immense phallic stepped -pyramid it will dwarf the Sears building by 51 metres at 494 metres. The base is absolutely enormous. There will be 103 (13) stories and completion is expected in 2004.

The South American Connection


More to come

Please call back

I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.




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