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The final summer solstice sunrise of 2022



Jbossman008 channel:

Registered Brisbane Emergency Nurse Mary Jane Stevens, relates how she and her colleagues were tricked and coerced into being wacced, how she crashed healthwise after the first injection and was close to death after the second poisonous jab she was stood over to have, how an unbelievable number of patients with serious health issues arrived in the emergency room soon after being death-stabbed, the devastation caused to young women losing their pregnancies, on and on. How she stood up to the monsters pushing and forcing this devil’s spike and did the best she could to warn patients. A very honest interview. A MUST WATCH AND SHARE – if you dare.

Carnage in the E.R. – A Nurse Speaks Out


Two things:

First, it’s not ‘your’ or ‘my’, or ‘their’ vaccine or injection. That is a massive signal of successful brainwashing of those using these ‘possessive’ terms. Refuse to accept that there is toxic shite with your name on it. To diminish and eventually negate the programming, you need to actively, vocally, correct yourself when you say these words.

Secondly, this is not an experiment, it is a completely intended violation, an agenda with several short and long-term intentions. Not in any order and several in combination. They include:

To inject technology, parasites and entities, some of which are able to transfer to other hosts through touch and the air.

To inject and attach alien and interdimensional entities including causing frequency ‘holes’ for easier attachments and possession.

Sole and interactive surveillance.

Increase psychopathy and destructive mental aberrations.

To maim physically.

To change the human genome.

To limit and prevent human procreation.

To cause disabilities in foetus that survive.

To shorten life

To kill.

To depopulate. (Eventually there will be only a few short-lived and disposable pure human beings, kept for disgusting entertainment purposes – hunting humans being a major one, which is among the real reasons why they are re-wilding the world.)

To replace

To enslave human beings along the way and those left

To repurpose human bodies and minds – including readying them for transhuman futures.

To dispirit and de-spirit.

To detach humans from their souls.



Frontline Flash™ by AFLDS.org with Dr. Peterson Pierre presents Daily Dose: ‘CA AB 2098: Based On Lies’ (Ep. 2098 – 6.20.2022). The Real Story of Good Health ~ in 120 Seconds or Less. Follow on social media @FrontlineFlash

Source: https://aflds.org/about-us/issue-briefs/issue-brief-california-assembly-bill-2098/

Frontline Flash™ Daily Dose: ‘CA AB 2098: Based On Lies’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre


Karen Hunt: In December 2019, on the day the House Democrats voted to impeach him, President Trump tweeted: “They’re not after me they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

To his critics it was just another wild and crazy, over-the-top, fearmongering, divisive, irresponsible—need I go on?—tweet.

But Trump was only reiterating what Hillary Clinton had already told the nation during her 2016 presidential campaign, when she said that Donald Trump and his “basket of deplorables” were a threat to American democracy.

They’re Not After Me, They’re After You           Audio article here
No one is standing in the gate to protect us from this growing tidal wave of hate.


Amazing Polly: I received an inside perspective on EMF Research from someone who was there.

Emf Research – Biomedical Scientist Writes in


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek: We must remember. We are here to remember. Not just the people who died from medical experimentation. We are here to remember the people today. ~ Dr. Daniel Nagase

You can listen to me read this essay Here

In Bangladesh, they call it “the People’s Medicine.”

In the United States, they call it horse paste.

The People’s Medicine vs Merck’s Billion $ Pill



The Exposé: A reader writes to warn people about, what he/she believes is, the imminent removal of fiat currency: “fiat currency is to be removed as a medium of payment in January 2023, at the latest … When fiat currency is removed, all bank accounts will be zeroed … While several countries are doing what is necessary for the people … none of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland is, as yet, doing so.”

Letter to the Editor: The Truth About Fiat Currency


For justice sake, they’ll be stepping out of office and straight into jail, and that festering creep Andrews to follow:

Australia news live updates: Victoria’s deputy premier James Merlino and other senior ministers to retire before election


The Guardian: Figures provided to the Guardian show the costs of the prosecutions has almost doubled in two years, leaving taxpayers with an exorbitant legal bill well before the cases have reached trial.

By March, the government had spent $4.42m on the external legal costs associated with the prosecutions of Witness K and Collaery, whose actions helped expose Australia’s bugging of Timor-Leste during commercial negotiations over access to resources in the Timor Sea.

Coalition government spent $6m prosecuting Bernard Collaery and three other whistleblowers

Why do Australians (all of them tax cows) have to foot the bill for the corrupt antics of vile government jerks and jokers who hate being found out? These worthless specimens who prosecute so called whistleblowers for exposing them and their scum mates should have their personal ill-gotten swags bled dry – and then some. ..for a start. Every politician must be made to fullfil their commitments and be made personally accountable for their lies. Their promises and oaths are contracts made. It is no small thing to betray the trust of the Australian people.


The ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ is a SCAM

Laura Pidcock EXPOSES the Lie


James Topp

Conversation with Elected Representatives who have agreed to meet with James Topp and the Canada Marches Team


Prehistoric Britain: The trilogy that rewrites the history of not only Britain but the world.


John Stetch

Trudeau Does Stand-Up Comedy




More to come

Please call back

I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.




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