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Not suitable for Truth Deniers



Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News:

A landmark judgment was passed against vaccine mandates in India which has now made it illegal for anyone to discriminate between people on the basis of their vaccination status.

As a result of this decision, people who were removed from their jobs and not paid salaries due to them not being vaccinated against COVID have already started being reinstated and some have even been given compensation for the same.

India Supreme Court Rules Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates


SkidMark MaoClown for Julian Assange:

Sack Them All – Dump the Majors – Australian Election 2022

On 14 May 2022 the Freedom Community of Western Australia held a rally calling for a end to the current dictatorial government. Many of the attendees were people forced from their jobs by the current Labor party. So this election put the major parties LAST and vote the various freedom parties! Send a message that Australia needs to end the Liberal/Labor stranglehold the government imposes on the people . The crowd also called for a prisoner exchange of Mark McClown for JulianAssange. When it comes time to vote – PLEASE put the major parties last for your preferences! Vote for the Independent Freedom Parties!


Demonstrators gather in the CBD’s Nationwide today, urging Australians to “wake up”! calling for Freedom and they want ** THE UNHOLY TRINITY (Labor/Greens/Liberals) ** sacked permanently

(Shown in this video is Melbourne (on the ground) and Brisbane from the air.)

2022 MAY 14 Australia Protested Nationwide 7 days from General Elections #SackThemAll Freedom


If you want a tyrannical nightmare then vote Green, Labor or Liberal

In lightning quick time you will own nothing, be banned from travelling, be forced to have medical treatments, be regularly snap locked up, be watched 24/7, have what, when and how much you eat decided for you. You will never be able to vote again. This is all being telegraphed by the billionaire club, The Great Reset, Davos, Agenda 2030. All of them funded by the likes of the Gates Foundation, the same that bankrolls the media that is paid to lie to you and hide what is really going on. They also fund Labor, Liberal and the Greens. None of them are even remotely your friends.
They have already shown their hands and claws. If you don’t want this then you need to vote strategically. Avoid like the plague any of these parties Liberal, Labor or Green and any party or independent that preferences them.
How To Vote (strategically) cards Keep Them(ajors) Out:
Let’s stand up for the present and future of everyone we love. – Ellis


Rebel News:

Rebekah Spelman, United Australian Party (UAP) candidate for Aston, maintains that while she had nothing to do with the preferencing, she’s reminding voters that the cards are merely a suggestion.

Full story: https://rebelne.ws/3FRvXEs

Fair election coverage: http://AusDecides.com

UAP candidate ‘not happy’ with party preferencing Liberals


The Corbett Report: Another URGENT alarm call PLEASE SHARE

CBDCs: A Country-By-Country Guide


The true story of the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa Canada is told in this powerful docuseries by The Chronicle Brothers. Episode 1 covers the story of the pandemic, lockdowns, vaccinations, mandates and what led thousands of truckers to begin the long drive to Ottawa.

Trucking For Freedom Chapter One: How We Got Here


World Council For Health: Spike Protein Detox Guide

Spike Protein Detox Guide


Neil Oliver, GB News:
This pandemic treaty is the greatest power grab any of us has seen in our lifetime, says Neil Oliver


Not the Thought Police.


I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.


Probe International May conference details


21st and 22nd May





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