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Guerrilla post

Just some of the links I’ve made notes of.

Not suitable for Truth Deniers



Naomi Wolf, the Brownstone Institute:

You say it’s over…

It’s Not Over. It’s Just Begun


Former BlackRock Fund Manager Edward Dowd Reveals Wall Street Now Paying Attention to the ‘Trust the Science’ Fraud

Former BlackRock Fund Manager Edward Dowd Reveals Wall Street Now Paying Attention to the ‘Trust the Science’ Fraud


The Exposé:

The following is about the proposed new World Health Organization pandemic treaty that can potentially eradicate the national sovereignty as we know it. It is also about the banality of evil and the impact of our individual daily choices on future generations and the history of the world.

The W.H.O’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ will end Freedom as we know it and hand the ‘keys to power’ to its largest private funder, Mr Bill Gates


It’s the worm that threads together everything that blights our world.  Don’t vote for it, nor support it with your service, your silence, your turning away, or your lucre anymore.

In the Interests of the People:

Dark Australian Forces Refuse To Save The Children


In the Interests of the People:

Senator Heffernan and the 28 Men Accused of Evil


60 Minutes Australia’s expose:


Looking into the Dark Places:

Covering the subjects that I do I get to hear about so many wonderful and uplifting private life stories. How in times of someone’s greatest need angels, both heavenly and human, arrive, just at the right moment, bringing blue skies to dark prospects.

Sadly, but just as necessary to hear of, I am told the most harrowing true stories of vicious and sordid treatment by demons, both hellish and in human form. For most of these survivors it began at birth; for many they know it has been generational. What their family did to them was done to their forebears as well. On and on this sick, vile and inhuman parasitic routine will go until we don’t just read about it, say how horrible it is and then tidy it away out of our ordered little lives; we do all that we can to stop it continuing…and we can all do something.

Witness testimonies

(The password is obvious)


The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program Inc (CSAPP)  set up by the courageous, Young Australian of the Year, 1997, Dr. Reina Michaelson.


Awakening with JP:

Leftist Teachers Going After Your Children!


Amazing Polly:

Spygate Whistleblower Played Deep State Bingo and Lost


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution And The Great Reset:


Dave Knowles – filmmaker:

Jack Hargreaves Visits Stow Fair and see’s the Finest Flat Cart in England

Dave Knowles – filmmaker:

A Very Special Gypsy Flat Cart – Jack’s Country



More later


I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.


Probe International May conference details

21st and 22nd May




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