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Not suitable for Truth Deniers

On Odysee


Beltane, this year, is, in the Isles, on 5th May, at 13.25 BST. Not 1st May!

The foremost reasons for human beings’ dire situation now is that they have, over the millennia, been lured and coerced into abandoning the Divine and concurrently (manifestly obviously), Nature and Her rhythms and cycles.

For those who don’t know, and a reminder (again) for fans and adherents of the illuminati-installed enduration (the calendar)  – that has been integral to disastrously ousting humanity’s timing of the Divinely gifted Natural harmonising apparatus – these special moments are not dictated by this machine; they are precisely Divinely directed by our sun and the stars. From earth’s perspective, the Cross Quarter Days – Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh – are pinpointed when the sun attains 15° Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo, in that order.


Beltane, this year, is, in the Isles, on 5th May, at 13.25 BST. Not 1st May!

Here’s an easy way to find out when the moments are for other seasons and regions:


It’s a naturally reciprocal arrangement, one that human beings need to re-member to bring this world back into balance. – Ellis


The Exposé:

The latest update to the European database of adverse drug reactions reveals there have been 4.2 million injuries reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections up to 23rd April 2022, including 43,898 deaths.



Epoch Times:

A new study found a correlation between an increase in emergency cardiovascular events among people under 40 years of age during the launch of Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine program.

Published in the Nature journal, researchers utilized data from the Israel National Emergency Medical Services between 2019 and 2021 that evaluated emergency, or EMS, calls among 16- to 39-year-olds across Israel “with potential factors including COVID-19 infection and vaccination rates.”

Study Links Increase in Emergency Heart Events With COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout


George Christensen MP:

The three issues I outlined include the vaccine mandates and other authoritarian pandemic restrictionsreligious freedom and the digital identity agenda. The other two issues that make me cranky — and no doubt make you cranky too — include the ongoing sell-out of our nation to Communist China and the lack of action against Big Tech censorship.

The Liberal National Coalition have aided and abetted state governments with vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions, they’ve done nothing about religious freedom, they’ve got digital identity laws already drafted, they haven’t taken the Port of Darwin back from Communist China yet and they’ve failed to do anything about Big Tech censorship.

AUSTRALIA These 3 issues will impact your vote -Plus two more that will have you cranky!


George Christensen MP: Why I joined One Nation:


Counter Spin Media New Zealand:

The first official “Let’s Not Forget, NZ Tour 2022” stop was held at The Barn in Taipa, Northland. 27 April 2022

Counterspin favorites Dana Lee & Carlene Hereora make guest appearances amongst a great lineup of speakers.

It was a privilege hearing all the raw & real stories about the recent protest at Wellington, including nurse Robyn McGuire, a mandated A&E nurse who worked in the Wellington med tent for 3 weeks straight almost.

The sad covid casualty stories were important to witness and the creativity & solutions people are implementing in the community is inspiring.

Music was provided by John and Friends at the Barn.

Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 2 – The Taipa Barn – Far North



Amazing Polly:

Soros, Soviets, Science and Blood – Fascinating History!


The Exposé:

Sorry for making you want to puke on a Saturday but some things have to be seen to be believed.  Here is a clip of Nicole Schwab, daughter of the notorious Klaus Schwab, talking utter b*ll*cks – inventing creepy phrases in an attempt to make their followers feel a little bit better about being psychopathic misfits.  She comes across as unhinged – if your father was Klaus Schwab the outcome could be no different, you’d inevitably turn out to be batsh*t crazy.

*Author’s note: I apologise for the language, these words are entirely my own and not those of The Exposé, but there is simply no other way of describing what you’re about to see.

“Shocks are Coming”: Nicole Schwab Wastes Everyone’s Time Discussing The Great Reset


David Icke at 70 – The Vindication


CDC can’t produce evidence for variants:

A request that cannot be answered. You cannot show evidence for a variant of something that has no evidence for its existence in the first place.


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

Remember Don Draper? He could sell you anything—and make you feel orgasmic doing it.

Because: “You feel something. That’s what sells.”

I Dream of Musk
“What you call love was invented by guys like me…to sell nylons.” — Don Draper, Mad Men

Audio version: https://khmezek.substack.com/p/i-dream-of-musk?s=w


Jon Rappoport:


You recently had emergency back surgery, and when the other pain killers didn’t work, the doctors gave you fentanyl, an opioid. You said the drug did erase the pain, but it also produced fear and anxiety—which you haven’t felt in 20 years—and temporarily took away any concern about maintaining simple order in your personal life.

So I thought I’d forward you the real facts about the Opioid Wars.

Open letter to Tucker Carlson: the real opioid story
China, Mexico, pharmaceutical companies, Obama, Congress, the DEA…


Check the Evidence:

911 Observable Evidence 2 of 4


I’m Pregnant Now.


More later


I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.



Probe International May conference details

21st and 22nd May





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