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Guerrilla post

Just some of the links I’ve made notes of.

Not suitable for Truth Deniers



We are led by the least among us – the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons. – Terence McKenna


Hold the Line! (SONG): HOLD THE LINE is a Freedom Song written and performed by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth. Dedicated to the Freedom Fighters of Western Australia. Hold the Line People and never surrender!


2022 APR 22 Aussie Cossack on InfoWars Live A barrage of Aussie Truth Bombs NOW & Great Reset



The parties are vehicles, the biggest threats to Australia are the entities that throw them and attend them. Don’t be one of them.


Vote for the Principalities?…Like Hell

Vote for the Principalities?…Like Hell


Just published, on Odysee:

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 2:


Demonic “Creature” Exits Jab Victim: 32 Year Old Bioweapon Jab Victim Coughs up Horror


Richard Sauder: Synthetics: How Many True, Organic Humans Are On Earth?



Australia confirms dozens of pilots are flying armed drone strikes from the UK



Solomon Islands MP defends Chinese military pact by comparing it to Pine Gap



Left field for those who haven’t heard of this:

Solomon Island’s Living Giants Written by Marius Boirayon:


Solomon Giants UFO Update. Including some Video Materials and Interviews from 2011 Expedition



They’ve been slowly encircling Australia and burrowing into, not just the land, but federal and state politicians for a while now. Look to the maniacs posing as premiers and other offices. Australians think the USA will save them…yeah, right.

China makes land grab in Western Australia



Jab fans, do you get it now?

“Kill Switch” Successfully Inserted Into Genetically Engineered Organisms



Resistance GB:

Police Maul Public with Dogs after Provoking Clash on 420


The Safe Space Hotline!


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:

The Complete and Utter Destruction of Ireland


DR. Sam Bailey: Recently, I have been fortunate to have connected with the inspiring Eric Coppolino, who is based in New York State. Eric has an incredible history of exposing scientific fraud and environmental pollution cover-ups. He was one of the first to start investigating the COVID-19 scam and is putting something big together to help all of us who are questioning the narrative. 😮

We talk about:

the problems with the PCR
how Eric realised there was no SARS-CoV-2 “virus”
nuclear waste contamination cover-ups
how to be a citizen scientist
COVID-19 Chronology and much more…

The COVID-19 Chronology with Eric Coppolino


John Durham Issues Trial Subpoenas to Members of Clinton Campaign, DNC



BREAKING: Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter, Learn What Will Come Next



Preview: 😭RIP Twitter💀. (Full Video on Patreon.)


The Richie Allen Show Monday April 25th 2022



Welcome to the United Free Press (UFP)



I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.



Probe International May conference details

21st and 22nd May





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