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Just some of the links I’ve made notes of.

Not suitable for Truth Deniers



For those who’ve asked:

The Esta? The cusp of Aries – Taurus: AriESTAurus – 16th April – 22nd April


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever: A Conversation with Max Igan (The Crowhouse)


This’ll take you 3 mins!
This newsletter’s a quick read. The big issue: digital identity!

Firstly, if you open this email before 5pm today (Saturday, 23 April) and you’re in Brisbane, then you might be interested in attending a forum where I will be speaking on my decision to run for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party and the issues I think matter in this election. Details can be found at the following link:

Presentations by Federal Senate candidates


Also, would you, did you, vote for this?: The coming digital ID agenda


Australia, the world…you vote for the pushed parties, such as Labour, Labor, Liberal, Green, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, you vote for this:


He, they, are telling you…listen…they are not human. They do not want creative, free thinking, imaginative, changeable, colourful, human beings. They do not want any humans, or other creatures, except those bred for their disgusting appetites and entertainment purposes. Other than those short lived few, they want nothing that lives in this world that is not them, they want machines.

You also volunteer for your own and those, and that, which you supposedly love’s extermination when you tie on a mask, take part in injection programmes, watch and read corporate media, snitch on independent human beings, do any of this S&M evil and obvious nonsense these maniacs have goaded and terrified you into doing.

Do not be tricked into believing the Dark Side’s demonisation of anyone that wants to be selective about immigration into your country. It is blatantly obvious, for instance, that the plan is to flood Australia with millions of people forced from their own countries by the wars and weather control instigated for the theft of land and other ‘resources‘, and the designated terra forming (to suit the saurs) that comes along with it.

All electoral systems are rigged, entirely anti-human. It all needs to stop and change. Huge financial funding of any politician or party must be immediately arrested and past incidents investigated, and action taken – only individuals donating small amounts permitted. Corruption, nep otism, profiteering rooted out. Every election promise must be treated as a contract. Every honest and heart-centred independent and new party needs to come together. All this splintering will not achieve system change in favour of humanity and the earth they have been Divinely assigned to be custodians of. Humans dancing with the devil, conforming to the above ‘man-dates‘ (end times), resign that privilege. – Ellis


Fiona Martin gets Aussie Cossack arrested despite his legitimate invite to attend event


BREAKING: Plan To Replace World Constitutions WHO Pandemic Treaty for Force Vaccination


MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World? – “Best Documentary Ever!”

Here’s a real surprise (not): VANGUARD shapeshifts into V Draguna or V A Dragun.  Vanguard are a reptilian front.

The above image was created by filmmaker, Chris Turner, for a documentary about my experiences. It is based upon a strange missing time experience I had near Sandringham that I have recounted several times, including here:

AMMACH2013 Ellis Taylor Lecture


AustraliaOne Party – Join us in Canberra this ANZAC day


Reignite Democracy Australia:

Print your OWN How-to-vote-cards


How To Vote Responsibly


One Nation Australia: https://www.youtube.com/c/PaulineHansonsPleaseExplain


Can I Vote In Pen? Can The Unvaxxed Vote? Pauline Answers Your Questions


Strong and Free Canada.org: Our Children Deserve Education, Not Indoctrination | Karen Klassen & Norma Jean Maxwell



When is MRNA Not Really MRNA? Dr. Malone Explains Why He’s Not Responsible for Shots


Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News: 7,500% Increase in Recorded Cases of Cancer Following COVID-19 Vaccines



Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News: Are You on the Right Path in Life? There May Not be Much Time Left to Decide



Ellis Taylor: Whitland Abbey Healed:

Whitland Abbey healed


Elon vs Twitter’s Board – WORLD WAR 3


Maybe more later


I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.



Probe International May conference details

21st and 22nd May





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