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Just some of the links I’ve made notes of.

Not suitable for Truth Deniers



James Bartley, Chris Turner Vortexes, Reptilians and Cryptids 1/2


The Canadian government trampled on fundamental human rights with its COVID restrictions, then overreached on dealing with the Freedom Convoy and must now answer to numerous lawsuits, including one by a former premier, says a well-respected constitutional lawyer.

Speaking on Montreal lawyer Viva Frei’s Youtube channel on March 25, Keith Wilson noted that the mischief charges against his client and convoy leader Tamara Lich, will not be successful. She counselled truckers to move in order to comply with police demands, not to block emergency lanes, he said.

TRUCKERS WERE RIGHT: Freedom Convoy protest was legal, judge says, and Ottawa is now being sued


It’s here and you don’t even know it !

(Arsebook link replaced with Rumble vid):


Viktor Orban is an Autocrat – Globalists Say!!

It is a strange feeling to see the conservative values of ordinary human beings being defended by states to our east. But they have a long experience of the type of evil the globalist parasites represent, and they are clear about the threat. Orban has had the Soros goblin sitting on his shoulder far a long time, and well knows what is afoot. Go Hungary!!

During Victory Speech Hungarian Prime Minister Orban Warns Citizens of Western Alliance About Zelenskyy Role Advancing New World Order

Viktor Orban is an Autocrat – Globalists Say!!


Clearfield Doctrine UNDERSTAND

This was taken down By U Tube, Vimeo, FB This is to Help you Understand that With The SA Elections coming up and then Federal THE MOB YOU THINK ARE GOVERNMENT are not

This was done in May 2021 It is to help you walk away from their hold on your mind of what you THINK you must do


Ask for Prosecutions. Talk Does Nothing With Sociopaths.

Ask for Prosecutions. Talk Does Nothing With Sociopaths.

Common Law, Natural Law, God’s Law is legitimate, superior to all others, and completely correct. Whether it succeeds in this Principality of the Liar though depends upon having the people’s unswaying determination to go by it. Mass non-compliance and/or a population willing to take up arms to defend and enforce it. You may have noticed that violence and threats of it are the indubitably preferred options of the Darkness-installed governments for their entirely unlawful – ungodly – proclamations and statutes etc, grafting a bought and sold out State apparatus – police, security services, army, so-called judiciary, prosecutors etc etc, as well as flickering out soul that deliberately summons it up.

Laws MUST be just, be fair, to have authenticity. The Divine watches. The Divine knows.


COVID Vaccines Don’t Prevent Transmission, Severe Illness or Deaths, Data Show



Dr. Sam Bailey: Tobacco Mosaic “Virus” – The beginning & end of virology



Our solar system has a mysterious new object! Trans-Neptunian body takes nearly 300 years to travel around the sun – and could help in the search for Planet Nine, astronomers say



Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek: The Reluctant Revolutionary

An Iranian Student’s Harrowing Adventures in Middle America During the Islamic Revolution and What It Means Today



Light is Invisible .. Until It Hits Something


The Schwab WEF Plan for You

Klaus Schwab lays out the anti-human plans (now sprinting for the line) for the ‘Elite’ and the little people (those that will be left – and not for long).

Speaking to the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, a country well down the road in their obedience to the agenda.



Culling the herd: eugenics, depopulation and the extermination of lower classes

Culling the Herd: Eugenics, Depopulation & the Extermination of Lower Classes


Evidence of infant-murder in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing

Evidence of infant-murder in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing


Alex Jones Responds To Sandy Hook Lawsuit Deposition



Persecuted for Jesus’ Name Sake: Canadian Pastor Targeted as the Church Compromises with Evil


Two Qantas group pilots sacked for serious misconduct


Steve Hughes and Aidan Killian

Comedians VS Globalists


Free From Australia and Living In…




Probe International May conference details

21st and 22nd May




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