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Just some of the links I’ve made notes of.



This happened to a friend of mine recently. They demanded they cease and desist. Then the specialist attempted to trick them into going on a ventilator, by saying their GP had recommended it. As he was a relative and totally aware of this murderous scam, they knew he hadn’t, and managed to get a message to him. He, immediately, rang the specialist and demanded that she take no such action, and he kept an eye of every medication and treatment they gave them. Fortunately, through the power of prayer and goodwill, though they were also told, by the specialist, “You will die!”, they astonished the staff by recovering, and they are now home, recuperating from the dire and traumatic experience of going to, and being in, a Stalag Wales hospital. Imagine being at the mercy of these demonic freaks.:

If you have relatives or friends in a care home or hospital of any kind, check they haven’t been given a blanket DNR notice.

It is now commonplace to put DNR notices on young people with learning disorders, and the majority of care homes in the UK did not respond when asked if they had put DNR notices on all their residents. DNR notices are being handed out by junior doctors and nurses. This is genocide.

They’re using Do Not Resuscitate Orders to turn Hospitals into Death Camps


This had to HURT!


The snivelling, lying, cowardly creep got a serve from others too, including the Croatian MP Mislav Kolakusic. “Romanian MEP Christian Terhes also refused to attend Trudeau’s speech to the other EU Members.”:

“You are a disgrace”: German MP calls out Trudeau to his face during intense speech (VIDEO)



You can Schwab the decks as much as he likes Trudy…but it won’t wash, with the Divine.


Russian Intelligence Leak Says China Planned Taiwan Invasion For Next Fall.

Planned? It’s now, Blue Tara believes, a racing certainty.



French Lawyer arrested for Treason after helping Reiner Fuellmich prove World Leaders have committed Crimes Against Humanity in the name of Covid-19


This is how these murderous, treasonous scum roll. Everything they can to avoid answering for their crimes. Humanity, are you going to allow this? If you do, then it’s game. The Divine takes note.


Dark Journalist X-122 (2) Secret Space Government: UFOs & Emergency Powers!


Gurcharan: “The Agenda Has Not Changed – We Are on Track for The Great Reset”




DON’T FORGET WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Still spellbound by demons:

Freedom Rally Western Australia – Hold the Line Good People


Proud of yourself, Kim Beasley?


Inside the Vatican Voices: Waiting for a Sign (Viganò) w/ Dr. Robert Moynihan


5p ….5p… you are having a laugh



Catherine Fitts and Robert Kennedy on Fauci and vaccine fraud



Chris Turner’s ‘The Last Transmission’ – James Bartley – The Reptilian Overlordship


More Thoughts on Ukraine/Russia PsyOp – and – Hacking Humans



reignitedemocracyaustralia: Already nearly 1,000 signed up to volunteer.

We’ve had a few large zoom meetings already. Not everyone could attend, so I decided to make this video so everyone understands our plan for the ‘make your vote count’ campaign.

Get involved today – https://form.jotform.com/220462270723852



Dr. Zelenko gives His Analysis of Biden, Fauci and Gates, offering his Reflections on puppets, sociopathy, narcissism and hatred of humanity.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: The Globalists’ Transhumanist Agenda.



The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 41,834 fatalities, and 3,900,241 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots. A U.S. Attorney reports that there has been a 1100% increase in military deaths following COVID vaccines, stating, “This is Genocide.” Daniel Horowitz reports at The Blaze: “Both political parties are salivating to draw our military into the Russia-Ukraine war, but neither of them seems to care about what our own leaders have done to these soldiers. It is now abundantly clear from numerous data points that the shots have caused unimaginable injury among the general population. Military doctors have come forward to show the enormity of this damage in the military, yet the military has chosen to cover it up and tamper with their own health surveillance data in order to conceal the magnitude of the injury. Meanwhile, new data presented in a Florida federal court on behalf of a Navy SEAL demonstrates that, at a minimum, more people died from the shot than from COVID.”

41,834 DEAD 3.9 Million Injured Following COVID Vaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100%



Catholic Teachers speak out after termination



Tucker Carlson: This show learned that we were suspended from Twitter last night. What was our crime? We dared to highlight two accounts that Twitter has banned, Charlie Kirk and the Babylon Bee. There was a nothing hateful about either one. Both had noted that biological sex is fixed at birth, as has been universally acknowledged by Homo sapiens for at least 300,000 years.



DeSantis Proclaims Female Swimmer Winner of Race Over Biological Male



🤬Council Tax C**ntery💰.



Counterspin New Zealand:
In this episode we counter spin recent headlines, followed by a look at how the New World Order has, under the guise of the “pandemic,” morphed into the Great Reset & where that is taking us.

World leaders are all singing from the same song sheet and on a national level, are importing international ideology from the globalists at the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab, the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is determined to implement the artificial intelligence system. This is not only with robotics but also through the mRNA gene therapy.

Pharmacist, Shane Chafin, from Revolution Media, joins us to discuss the Covid narrative and how this has been a vehicle for the Great Reset.

We touch on the current New Zealand Labour government’s involvement & also how the opposition leader, Christopher Luxon is also tied up with this ideology.



Probe International May conference details

21st and 22nd May






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